FRANKiE4 Spring Summer Launch

A few Saturday’s ago, I headed to Brisbane to shoot some pics with a lovely bunch of Brisbane based bloggers for the FRANKiE4 Spring/Summer launch.

FRANKiE4 Spring Summer Launch

My day started so well.

I was on time.

Feeling very relaxed in fact, and super excited to see my baby girl, who I don’t see enough of now she is doing her baby-lawyer thing.

I had a leisurely breakfast with Jonny, followed by a relaxing shower (no panic or major drama in sight).

My plan was to pick up Beckie and her gorgeous gal pal Sophie AKA @twocorporategirls from their place, then head across town to the shoot.

Picking the girls up meant I could leave the logistics (the where and when bit) to them, the city girls who know Brisbane like the back of their hand.

Why is it that when you have plans something ALWAYS goes wrong?

My car is clever, the on board computer let’s me know when there is a problem…thankfully these problems are few and far between. BUT when the clever computer does flash up an issue, you can guarantee it’s always when:

  1. I am on my own – Jonny is NEVER in the car (ok well he was once – but for the sake of my story telling 😉 )
  2. I have a deadline.

Said deadline was picking up the girls AND arriving at FRANKiE4 HQ in time for our pre-booked make-up session.

Not sure if you know this, but in group situations I can be shy. My confidence seems to evaporate into thin air and I feel a slight panic set in. So turning up with the girls seemed the perfect solution to control my anxiety.

Anyway, I had driven for about 20 minutes on the highway, when the computer went PING.

It said I had lost tyre pressure and needed to find a safe place to stop – EEERRRRM NO – I’M IN A RUSH!

I was in the middle of nowhere (another slight exaggeration – but it felt like I was 😉 ).

Luckily my tyres are ‘run-flat’ – can’t say I totally understand what this means. The only thing I know is I need to:

  1. Call Jonny
  2. Pray that a service station wasn’t too far away!

Now, before I go any further its important I make another confession:

I LOVE cars.

I LOVE driving them.

But I have no desire to know ‘how they tick’…and that my friends, includes putting air in the tyres.

Pathetic? YES.

Do I care? NO.

I was also wearing my new WHITE Bohemian Traders drop crotch pants! – so go figure!

What a man Jonny is.

He and Lulabelle (yes, she hates to be left out) came to my rescue.

All of the tyres needed air, but one was very low. He efficiently fixed the problem (without any grumbling I might add) re set the computer and sent me on my way.

This delay and the volume of traffic meant there was no way I could pick the girls up…which caused another issue, I had no idea where I was going…Note to shelf. PAY MORE ATTENTION BEVERLEY

The address was nicely tucked away in my emails.

Beckie gave me the address which I attempted to enter into the GPS – sometimes my fancy on board computer likes to show off  – for some strange reason it wouldn’t let me enter the exact address, instead it seemed to be offering me every other bloody address in Indooroopilly, except the one I wanted. Grrrrrr!

In the end the girls decided to text me a google map that I could accept and follow – but then this decided to take me to their place first – which was the opposite side of town.

I was having a dicky fit!

After another wasted 25 minutes. The on board GPS miraculously woke up and started behaving itself, like it should have done in the first place and accepted the address.

I think  the planets were either working against me OR looking after me. I’ll go with the latter.

Anyway, as luck would have it, I arrived at FRANKiE4 to find Beckie and Sophie just parking up, plus my lovely style partner for the day (Rachel from Redcliffe Style) had just arrived too…so maybe I wasn’t that late after all 😉

So lets talk FRANKiE4 SS16/17

FRANKiE4 Spring Summer Launch The highlight of my day (besides hugging my baby girl of course) was actually meeting Caroline McCulloch, FRANKiE4 founder and designer (middle of the pic, standing between Rachel and Nikki).

What a beautiful soul – yes Caroline I’m talking about you.

She is not only talented and determined, she is also gorgeous with a wonderful aura, that felt so genuine.

I liked her from Hello.

Sometimes you meet people who leave an impression on you. Caroline was that person for me.

She was even nicer than I’d already imagined her to be.

Don’t you just love those kind of people?

So much positivity and warmth – a complete gem of a human.

I feel sure our paths will cross again.

FRANKiE4 Spring Summer Launch

BELiNDA in light tan $229.95

FRANKiE4 Spring Summer Launch

PENNi $209.95

Shoes seem to be front and centre for me at the moment.

I’ve also talked in this post about 2 pairs of shoes and one pair of sneakers that I adore AND that are kinder to my feet.

Shoes that still look stylish, but don’t leave me with painful blisters or dumbness like I’ve cut off my circulation!

Now I’m lucky enough to already own a few of pairs of FRANKie4 shoes – the comfort factor is beyond incredible…I know it’s no longer boot weather but remember to put a pair of these FRANKiE4 boots on your list for A/W 16/17 (I was treated to a sneaky peek by Caroline – I’m sworn to secrecy but I will just say: FABULOUS – start saving your pennies). 

Imagine walking on a cushion of air  – no exaggeration, this is what they feel like. Even the heels…more about them in a second.

Both BELiNDA and PENNi would be the perfect addition to any SS Wardrobe.

I like the velcro front because you can easily adjust them  to suit your feet – which is a bonus.

Also wedges have always been a huge favourite of mine. They tend to offer more stability than a heel, plus anything that gives me added height I will adore with reckless abandon.

I totally get that wearing a heel is not for everyone. Heels may not be your thing, but for me finding out that Caroline had designed a heel as part of this collection made my heart beat just that bit faster.

NiKKi the FRANKiE4 heel is D I V I N E.

I could not contain my excitement when I tried they shoe on.

Initially, I opted for the black (you may have seen my bloggy mate Karen from Style Loving  on Instagram giving her black NiKKi’s a huge workout – she LOVES hers) but when I got mine home, I decided to wait for the Latte to arrive. My nude shoe collection is growing for a reason: they slim down my cankles and make my legs look slimmer!

So be rest assured the minute my NiKKi heels arrive, they will be on my tootsies within a millisecond!

Here’s the video that was shot on the day:

If you are ever in the Brisbane area and you want to give your feet some TLC, do make the trip to the store. I just know the F4 team will go out of their way to make your feet feel fabulous.

Are you a FRANKiE4 girl? Got a favourite? Are you eyeing off the heels?








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  • Kathryn

    You poor thing Bev! I would have been a mess, and wanting to turn around and come home. I love my little car – as long as it behaves itself. Can’t read maps and rely on Siri to tell me where to go. Love the shoes though, thinking of buying the LiBBi, and absolutely love the pic of you with angel wings! What a great background 🙂

    • I was so close to just turning around going home and opening a bottle of wine Kathryn BUT more than anything I really wanted to see Beckie. She has been clocking up some horrendous hours as a baby lawyer, so our opportunities to catch up are not so often, now she is a full time adult 😉 😉
      The LiBBi are fabulous Kathryn – to be honest all of the FRANKiE’s are great though, plenty of choice depending on what floats your boat! Can’t begin to tell you how comfy the heel is…you now I wear my heels (comfort or not) but the NiKKi heel is like walking on air! Love that lots of shoe brands are now pulling out the stops in the style and comfort stakes! xxx

  • You didn’t show any sign of being flustered Gorgeous and cars are a necessary evil, I leave the mechanics to hubby lol. I was so tempted by the nude Nikki’s but I may wait in hope the another favourite colour maybe released

    • Thanks beautiful, I’m glad my frustrations didn’t show…it was one just one of those days, when I wasn’t ‘feeling’ it!
      So excited for my NiKKi’s to arrive – I know they will be permanently glued to my feet – we can live in hope for more colours 😉 xxx

  • Maudie – Chic Styling – @istyl

    Bev, after such a hectic trip you still look good. Love your photos, you’re a natural. Miss seeing you in heels?. My Ellie’s are still my favourite?

    • Thanks so much darling, I honestly felt like turning round and driving home! You know those days when you just can’t make it happen? Well it was one of those for me. And yes, I always feel weird without my heels 😉
      You rock your ELLiE’s by the way xxx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Sounds like a bad day turned good Bev ,love the photos and love the Nikki heels,can’t wait to see them on you Bev ?

    • Lisa whenever I spend time with my girl my heart always sings, so you’re so right – it was a bad day that definitely turned good. It was fun and the NiKKi heels just amazing – cannot wait for mine to arrive! Mwah xxx

  • Sarah

    Can’t wait for my black Nikki sandals to arrive. I have the Belinda in tan from last year (plus a couple of other Frankie 4 sandals) so opted for black. Also love the Ellie sneakers – just got a silver pair which I am wearing heaps!

    • Sarah you will LOVE them so much. It was such a hard decision to send the black back and wait for the Latte…patience is not one of my strong points! xxx

  • Glad you like my signature shoe Bev! Can’t wait to see them on you.

    • I ADORE it! Super excited for it to arrive now…I’m guessing it will be glued to my tootsies! xx