Diamond Hair Styler and my Thick Wiry Hair

Do you consider your hair to be part of your outfit?

I do.

We all have those days when your whole outfit seems to work. You have no idea how it’s happened. You honestly believe you’ve not done nothing differently. But your hair, make-up, outfit, shoes and accessories just work together perfectly.

It’s on days like this when I feel I could rule the world.

On the other hand, a dodgy hair day or dry as a dogs bone skin that makes my make-up misbehave itself, can send me right off kilter. I won’t go as far as to say it will ruin my day, BUT it can change how I feel about myself, by knocking my confidence level.

On these days I find myself checking the mirror every 5 minutes hoping a miracle has happened and reversed whatever is wrong...if only a had a genie in a bottle

Superficial? Maybe.

Honest. Absolutely.

So you can probably imagine my dismay when my beloved GHD Eclipse straighteners (yes beloved because Beckie bought them for me as a Mother’s Day present, which is why I love them so) gave up the ghost one morning a few weeks ago, when I was late *ahem* rushing to work 😉

Arrrrgggghhhhhh…don’t you just hate those days when something breaks. AND why oh why does it have to be on a day when you’re already running late?

Fast forward 10 mins and I’m walking (alright, slight unsophisticated jog) from the car park checking my emails (as you do when you’re so bloody time poor) trying not to make a complete ass of myself by falling flat on my face, when I noticed an email had popped into my inbox from Irresistible Me (a New York Based company) offering for me to try one of their Diamond Hair Styler (flat irons).

My frizzy haired frown, quickly turned upside down 🙂


The planets were all aligned and working in my favour.

My instant response: YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

I could not wait for it to arrive (surprisingly quick delivery from the USA)…even if just to give my bingo wings arms a rest from having to blow dry my thick mop of hair to look half-decent. Normally I’m the super lazy ass that rough dries her hair, which proceeds to look like a mop, then relies on the straightener to work a miracle.

Joking aside, how I treat my hair is super important to me.

I buy lots of products (often far too many) but sometimes no matter how good the products are, they cannot reverse the damage caused by colouring and applying heat on a daily basis.

Yes products can help immensely…I have recently rekindled my love of Kevin Murphy products, in particular I’m loving Maxi Wash which has worked wonders for my psoriasis scalp Hydrate-Me. Masque trust me when I say your hair feels totally loved up after using this wonderful masque and Young Again Shimmer Shine brilliant for adding shine and lustre to dry colour treated hair.

Diamond Hair Styler and my Thick Wiry Hair

Diamond Hair Styler from Irresistible Me USD $104 (on sale) normally $149 See below for outfit details.

Anyway as usual I digress…

So let’s talk about why I love the Diamond Styler

Biggest feature is the temperature control.

I want flexibility in the heat I apply to my hair. Sometimes our hair feels extra fragile and in need of TLC – having the benefit of temperature control works a treat for those days.

Most days I tend to use the iron set at 180 degrees – which seems a good heat setting for my hair.

I have also used it at its hottest when I wanted my curls to last for a few hours.

It glides easily through my thick wiry hair with minimal tugging.

I also love that you can hold the tip of the Diamond Straightener without causing the tips of your fingers to blister!

Would I recommend it?

Without hesitation.

Especially if price is an issue (special deal on at the moment). In my opinion this one works as good as its expensive rivals.

A quick note on the GHD Eclipse

If you have been unlucky enough to have owned a GHD Eclipse, I truly feel your pain. I have had two and they have both broken. The second one has been replaced by the Platinum. BUT I must just add, even though it’s super frustrating when your straightener packs up. GHD have been quick and very efficient to sort out the issue for me on both occasions. No questions asked.

Sometimes sh*te happens, I’m ok with that, as long as the customer service dept backs up these faults and acts quickly.

So far I’m not really using my new GHD platinum though…instead I’m still smitten with my Diamond Straightener!

Before I go what would a Wednesday be without an outfit post?

Diamond Hair Styler and my Thick Wiry Hair

7/8 Memory Stretch Jeans (Dark Wash) $59.95 (wearing size 10) | Heidi Chambray Top* $50.00 Blue Sage Clothing (wearing 12) | Heels Spendless ‘Trix’ | Necklace ‘Stace’ Feather and Oak


This post features items sent to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy. This post also includes affiliate links, which in a nutshell means, if you click-through to purchase I may earn a small commission, but you don’t pay any extra!


Tell me girls, do you rely on a straightener? Which brand? Do you use it to curl your hair too?

Share your favourite styling products too…you already know I will dash out and buy them!




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  • I’ve only just got the hang of curling with a straightening iron so now love to use it for both!

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    Well I’m just doing a catch-up on your blog & you know of my recent GHD troubles (I’m so disappointed in my very expensive Platinum irons giving up but GHD are replacing them under warranty, so fingers crossed they last). I do know I need a back-up for occasions such as these, so it’s nice to hear more about the irons on offer out there x

  • I don’t straighten my hair but I do like a little curl with the straighteing irons. I’m mostly a wash and see what happens kinda hair girl. haha. x

  • Annette Butterworth

    I LOVE my Cloud Nine hair straightener. It is made by the original GHD company when they came up with better technology (at least that’s what I’ve heard). I have never had a problem with it and can’t even think about another brand. The cord is long and flexible with a swivel connection so it’s easy to curl and go from one side of your head to the other. It heats up in seconds and comes with a heat proof cover so you can put it away before it’s even cooled down. I never owned a GHD but have used friends and always found that the plates stuck on my hair rather than sliding over the strands. The plates of the Cloud Nine are mineral coated too which is amazing. Clearly I LOVE IT!! haha!

    • How fabulous is the Cloud Nine Annette? Beckie has one and she adores it too! This Diamond one is scarily similar with the temp control and diamond technology in the plate which makes it glide easily through the hair with tugging.
      You are right about GHD back story, the original guy that started GHD then moved over to Cloud Nine – hence the perfection. I have the Cloud Nine Micro Wand which is fabulous but I struggle to use it! xxx

  • I’ve had my GHD for about 8 yrs and it’s still working. But if I ever need a new one maybe this would be a great option. I also have thick and for me quite coarse hair so I need a iron that gets really hot for it to actually work.

    • Like you Karen I still have an old Gold Wide Plate GHD that is still going strong. It’s my backup when everything else fails. I’m loving this Diamond one though, the temp control is amazing and perfect for our hair type that is strong and uncooperative! PS You are nailing the curls at the moment Lady I have major hair envy most days 😉 xx

  • Olivia

    My GHD Eclipse died this week! I couldn’t believe it because it was only 12 months old and I rely on it everyday for my unruly hair! The customer service team were great though and are sending me the Platinum one so we’ll see how that one goes. Might have to try the Diamond Styler though! Do you have to use a power or voltage adaptor for it?

    • The Eclipe has caused GHD no end of problems Olivia. I had two before they sent me the new Platinum (I’m remaining cautious though, because one of my friends Platinum has just given up the ghost after a few months of use). The Diamond is similar to the Cloud Nine – I love the temp control and as it’s dual voltage Jonny just changed the plug for me and Hey Presto it worked like a dream…great price too! xxx

  • Suzie

    Yes I have a ghd straightener and thought I wouldn’t need it whilst on holidays. I was planning to have clean fresh natural bouncy hair without my straightener. I DIDN’T. I’ll never leave home without it ever again ?

    • This has just made me giggle Suzie…I often have those daft ideas too – which I regret 5 milliseconds after I arrive at my destination! You looked utterly fabulous in all of your pics though and in my eyes there wasn’t a hair out of place xx

  • Jacqueline Mitrovits

    I’ve had to hide my GHD from the daughter as my hairdresser said she was using it too much and damaging her hair!! Btw love the OTS blue top. Just bought strapless bra & now trying to find perfect OTS – bit of a struggle!

    • Using a straightener everyday is really damaging to the hair, that’s why I’m loving this one with the temp control. Make sure she is using a great heat protector for the days she does straighten her hair too.
      I’m still as obsessed with OTS this season Jacqueline – I find them so flattering! Good luck with your search xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Ooh yes I have an GHD straightener and a backup Remington silk straightener that I bought when the GHD packed it in one day..but magically started working again!
    I keep saying I’m going to embrace my curls but don’t,I might one day hopefully?
    You look beautiful as always lovely Bev and so glad you have 2 straightening irons Xx

    • Oh darling how lucky are you that your GHD came back to life! My first GHD Eclipse that broke went after a few short months (it still looked brand new). It was then replaced with another Eclipse and that’s the one that has just been replaced by the Platinum (such drama, but good customer service). I’m loving this Diamond one so much though, I’m not even reaching for the Platinum! Thanks for the love gorgeous girl. Missing seeing you on IG xxx

  • I have a GHD straightener that I absolutely love! I’ve had it for quite a long time and luckily it’s still going strong! Hopefully I haven’t jinxed myself by writing that! I’m not coordinated enough to use the GHD to curl my hair however and have a separate curling wand for that!

    • Ingrid my original GHD wide plate Gold straighteners are still going strong too. GHD have had so many problems with the Eclipse (they look a lot more fancy than the originals, but that’s where it stops). The Diamond Styler certainly rivals the more expensive Cloud Nine (which is fabulous, I’ve used Beckie’s) but the price on this one is so keen its hard to pass by! Ps I’m in awe that you can use a curling wand. I have the Cloud Nine Micro curling wand and I struggle to use it! xx

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Bev, thanks for the info on the straighteners. Always good to know as I have similarly thick hair to yours. As the product is from the USA do you have to use a power adaptor to allow for the American plug style?

    • Elizabeth the straighteners are dual voltage. Jonny just changed the plug over for me and hey presto they work like a dream on my thick wiry hair! The Cloud Nine straighteners also have multiple temp setting but cost heaps more. These also produce a great curl! xxx

      • Elizabeth

        Hi Bev, thanks for getting back to me. I have an old GHD from 2008 still going strong but as soon as it gives up,the ghost I will need an alternative. My hairdresser says that I was lucky to get one of the earlier GHD’s as they were much better than ones made more recently.