Rule Breakers Club Style Challenge

I was scrolling through Instagram on Monday when the words ‘rule breaker’ leaped out on me.

Yep, the naughty girl in me jumped straight to attention 😉

At 53 there is nothing I like more than slaying a few style rules.

Fashion rules are meant to be broken well challenged right?

Rule Breakers Club is the brainchild of the ever so lovely Jo from iCurvy Her first prompt was to make stripes the challenge of the day.

Stripes are a girls best friend. Stat.

My wardrobe is full to the brim with them.

I refuse to differentiate, I wear both horizontal and vertical.

And I wear them on my widest part: Butt and thighs.

Oh yes I do, and they work for ME.

Rule Breakers Club Style Challenge

Sebastion Shirt and Black Distressed Skinny Jean both Bohemian Traders

I adore that Jo has made rule breaking a thing.

We all can get so caught up in the right and wrong, when if comes to fashion. We all fall into the trap of saying I would never wear that.

The soul reason Jo is doing this 7 day style challenge is to break the myth that one rule applies to everyone.

And for that I applaud her.

Well played Jo.

Joining in the fun is super easy.

Just check out the prompt of the day.

Today’s style challenge is the scary one for me: Leggings as pants – urghhh, this one blows my mind.

My brain cannot cope with walking behind one more gal who has decided that her leggings are pants.

Worn like this, they leave nothing to the imagination. Frankly, you might as well walk around in your opaque tights.

Cheap just won’t cut the mustard when it comes to leggings (you all know I love a good bargain, but cheap leggings are a complete NO. NEVER. NOT IN A MILLION YEARS).

Look in the mirror – if you can see you knicker line, then so can I.

Same goes for cellulite (which I have by the truckload by the way) – let’s delicately disguise it, and not have it on show.

Wear thin leggings under a dress by all means, or simply wear them to bed, just don’t make me walk behind you when you wear then in public 😉

No, this is one fashion boundary that I kind of agree with.


Jo’s prompt got me thinking.

Interpretation is key to every fashion rule.

Don’t make yourself a muse.

Instead, adapt and keep your style dignity firmly in tact.

Ponte pants (Ms. leggings grown up Sister) are your fashion friend.

These from Table Eight at Rockmans are my top pick of the season.

Not only do they feel incredible, they also look incredible when worn back with a shirt or log jumper.


The answer lies in how you wear them.

Cover your bits and you’ll nail ponte pants with heaps of style.

Same goes for jeggings – like ponte pants, they are comfort factor 100!

The fabrication is heavier, offering more support on the butt and thighs.

Rule Breakers Club Style Challenge

Stella Wax Jean* $79.00 (Wearing 11, could have gone 10) | Katarina Top in Cherry* $59.00 (wearing M/L) both Frankie and Co | Elementa Bootie $299.00 Mimco

Stella Wax Jean

Beckie had these jeans sent to her from Frankie & Co and she couldn’t stop talking about them.

She said I needed a pair, honestly at the time I was more than a tad reluctant. They are super stretchy and sometimes this can work against girls who carry their junk in their trunk. I imagined my cellulite being on full display for the world to see.

Reality? They are super comfortable and so flattering. They are lightweight though, to me these fall more into the jegging category.

Sizing: You all know I’m a true 12, the lovely Frankie girls sent me size 11 (which when I first pulled them out of the mail bag looked way too small) but they went on like a dream. I’m guessing the 10 would have worked too!

Katarina Top

Available in 3 colours Cherry, Black or Grey.

Confession: Once again I eating my words.

For so long I have avoided anything that fell into the red (ish) category. I’ve programmed myself into not even noticing red/plum/rust/burgundy for so long. The fabulous thing about being a fashion blogger though, is that brands don’t know my aversion to this hue.

They see me and decide what they think will work for ME

When things arrive in my P O Box (after the initial shock of the colour) I realise that I need to step out of my comfort zone by breaking my own RULES.

Don’t you just love the neckline? I know amazing, it saves you investing in a separate choker!

Elementa Booties

Before I dash off, can we just focus on my new booties for a second?

Yes, they are expensive BUT just look at them.

It was love from the moment they landed in store at Mimco…


What fashion restrictions do you put on yourself?  Are you a rule breaker?


This post features items sent to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy. This post also includes affiliate links, which in a nutshell means, if you click-through to purchase, I may earn a small commission. But don’t worry you won’t pay any extra!



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