Long Live The Dreamer

Sometimes a dress comes along that stands the test of time.

A dress that compliments the female form and makes the wearer feel flirty and fabulous.

Hello Dreamer Dress – yep I’m talking about you and all your lace cuteness.

This gorgeous little frock started its life as a short-sleeved babe.

I remember the first time I laid eyes on its beauty – it was instant Love.Heart.Eyes.

Long Live The Dreamer

Pic taken in December 2014 as I headed out for a surprise Anniversary dinner with Jonny.

What was there not to love?

At the time, this little black beauty made my little heart flutter; so much so, that two years later it still hangs in my wardrobe.

Much-loved and with no signs of departure on the horizon.

It’s pretty and oh so feminine, but can easily be toughened up with a biker jacket and boots.

The lace flutter sleeve is simply perfect for a delicate hit of confidence over the top of the arm too.

Wear yours over a coordinating slip (for a touch of extra length and modesty on a windy day – knicker flashing is never a good thing, at any age 😉 )

The original dreamer also came in a fabulous Cobalt Blue (which I adored) or dash online now and grab one in Khaki, Pink, Blue and Cream

Before long, Bohemian Traders designer extraordinaire (gosh I love this girl), Emily Berlach had designed the winter dreamer – just as gorgeous, but with the addition of a delightful long sleeve, finished with delicate button detailing and a slightly heavier weight in fabric.

Instant winner.

Winter Dreamer available in:

Black | Navy | Plum and the limited edition RUST (which I’m wearing below). Long Live The Dreamer

Dreamer Dress in Rust* (I’m wearing S) $149.00 | Mimco Sling Back Boots (sale try DFO) | Opaque tights Country Road

How to wear your dreamer:

  • Original: Barefoot beach babe style: throw the dreamer over your bikini for lunch poolside. You get coverage and style in one big hit.
  • Original/Winter: Layer up with a slip (extra confidence boost if the lace shows more flesh than you are comfortable with) plus it adds warmth on a cool day.
  • Original/Winter:  Toughen up the lace with leather. Slap on some fake tan, add your favourite ankle boots for a huge hit of tough-girl pretty.
  • Original/Winter: Add a belt (think leopard or metallic) it will define the waist (or wear higher on the empire line – either way works like a dream).
  • Original/Winter: Opaque tights. That is all. They just work…they also make my legs look half-decent (yes, I’m tough on my old pins – they are my nemesis).
  • Original/Winter: Wear your dreamer over skinny denim. Light dark or white. BAM who would have thought it could look so good?


I never hide the fact that I am a true pear. I carry excess weight below my waistline.

Mostly, I wear a size 12/M – but there will always be exceptions.

My wardrobe has sizes S/10 through to L/14

I look at the item (yes, I know its frustrating but I’m lucky enough to be able to gauge my size 99.9% of the time without ever trying on) but sometimes a spanner is thrown into the mix and an item just doesn’t fit or look good.

It’s at this point I make a decision:

  • Is it me?
  • Do I like it enough to send it/take it back and change the size?

If you don’t LOVE IT, let it go!

One thing is for sure though, I’m never afraid of what size the label reads.

I’ve been in fashion long enough to know that size labels simply don’t matter.

They can be inconsistent.

Get the fit right (not matter what the label says) and you will feel incredible.

For a few years I had the absolute pleasure of dressing brides.

When girls arrived at my boutique, before they even looked at a dress I spent time talking to them. They all thought they knew their ‘true’ size. Some were absolutely devastated when they couldn’t fit into a wedding dress that they thought should fit them. High-Street has its own sizing. Couture is completely different. My sole aim at every appointment had nothing to do with the size of my clients bodies. Instead it was to give lovely brides to be, the confidence to wear a dress that fitted and flattered their beautiful bodies, so they looked and felt a million dollars on their wedding day – without a care to what number the label said. 

Note: if they opted to have their wedding dress ‘made to measure’ no size label was ever attached.

I feel the same way today about my 52-year-old body (this time next week I will be 53 and proud of it).

Who cares what the label says?

Not me!

If someone cares to judge me for the size label I wear – I would prefer not to have them in my life.

Simple as that.

My perfect size in the dreamer dress is S  – as I said, I am a true size 12/M with ample ass and thigh luggage.

But I also have the dress in M too, which still works a treat!

My recommendation (for most shapes) is to size down.

Whatever you do, don’t leave this beautiful creation hidden away for ‘best’.

Pull it out, wear it to death and get creative – after all, beauty isn’t meant to be hidden.


Do you have dreamer hanging in your wardrobe? Summer or winter version?


Items marked * were gifted to me in accordance with my disclosure policy


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  • Kim Prentice

    I have been dreaming about these dresses & after reading this is just have to do it & buy one…thanks for the advice!

  • That colour looks gorgeous on your Bev! I’ve been mixing up my dresses with tights this season, I miss not wearing them on the daily!

    • Thanks you so much Em. I forgot how much I love wearing opaques, not only are the warm and comfy but they make my legs look slimmer too! Always a winner. xx

  • I need this Winter Dreamer in my lifetime!!! I love it in the navy.

    • You truly do Ingrid, it will see you from beach to cocktails and everything in between! xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I have the summer dreamer dress in cream and I adore it! my sister has it in cobalt and it looks stunning on her.
    I love the winter one too and you look beautiful in it Bev ?
    I also don’t think sizes in garments mean anything if you look good in something,then just wear it Xx

    • I have lusted over both the cream and cobalt blue in the dreamer Lisa. So glad you and your sister have my favourite colours!
      When I hear someone get caught up on the size label it makes me feel sad, its so much better to have your clothes look fabulous than all strayed on and too tight (unfortunately seen this too many times at CR)
      Thanks for the love my gorgeous friend xxx

  • The Dreamer dress is always stunning and long sleeve version is a great addition. And you said reds weren’t for you – this just looks stunning. On a side note loving your hair at the moment, had wondered about changing the fringe but love it. xxx

    • I love the dreamer Karen, it just works on so many levels…flowing or belted.
      Still think you own the colour red and all of its individual hue’s. BT needed the limited edition rust photographed asap – of course, so I was happy to oblige 😉
      Thanks darling, my hair is still very much a work in progress. I still keep asking everyone ‘do you think I should get my fringe cut back in’ 😉 For the moment though, I’m growing it a bit longer to have the choice of weather to curl it or not. xxx

  • merilyn

    you look lovely bev!
    I am short to the waist yet a size 10 usually!
    but if a shirt or jacket is nipped in at the wrong place I look fat! … so I have to be really careful where things sit!
    thigh luggage! I had to laugh at that! … never heard that before!
    I always say if it’s not perfect camouflage it!
    we can only work wit what we have and choose what suits the body type I think!
    much love m:)X

    • Oh M darling thank you so much!
      I can just picture you being so classic in your style. Jeans, tee or shirt with a jacket and a scarf – and of course, looking darn delightful.
      My nemesis is my bottom half – I have more than enough extra baggage loitering around which means I am the master of disguise!
      Have a fabulous weekend xx