It’s been an eventful week

The last seven days have been eventful to say the least in the Iris May Style household.

Most of you probably know by now that Jonny went into hospital last Wednesday for a double hernia operation – I know. Ouch. And then Ouch again (well he did have two hernia’s).

This operation was also the first time Jonny had ever had a general anaesthetic, and let me tell you, he wasn’t looking forward to it.

Up until this point he was extremely proud of his ‘I’ve never been in hospital/had an operation record’ 

The surgeon operating on Jonny already knew that one of the hernia’s were really bad, but during surgery she found the second one to be equally as nasty – no wonder the poor bloke is sore.

Thank goodness for morphine I say 😉

This stuff helped immensely to numb the pain over the first few days when Jonny got home…it also helped that he had the perfect nurse looking after him of course *Ahem cough, cough* ME!

Having Jonny poorly has made me realise just how lucky I am.

Jonny and I are a partnership.

We share the household responsibilities – ok I’ll admit, Jonny is amazing and does the lions share around the house.

So with Jonny out of action (he can’t lift anything heavier than 5kgs for the next 5 weeks) it means I am chief cook and bottle washer…oh and puppy dog ‘Princess Lulabelle’ walker…and ironing lady (one household chore I NEVER do) and did I mention BIN LADY? Confession: I had to ask Jonny what the coloured lids on the bins were for!

Plus everything else Saint Jonathan does around the house.

I AM EXHAUSTED – and I still have jobs stacking up!

And that is before Beckie moves house again this weekend.

Talk about bad timing.

She only moved into the new apartment in March (don’t ask, it’s a long story).

Anyway, it’s all worked out perfectly (except for the fact that Jonny is out of action of course).

On the bright side, she is moving into a delightful place with Sophie (the other half of Two Corporate Girls).

I am so happy for them.

Can you imagine the fun those gorgeous girls will have together?

To say they are excited is an understatement.

Of course, I’ll keep you posted on the TCG shenanigans.

In normal circumstances, removals would of course be the answer (but nothing is ever normal in our household). The girls are moving to the apartment block, right next door to the one where Beckie is n now.

So I’m hoping when we arrive in Brisbane for the move, they have talked a few mates with muscles into helping.


Multicolour Stripe OTS Blouse*$20.99 (US) Wearing L  She In | Distressed Skinnes* $129 (Wearing 30) Bohemian Traders | Tatiana Pumps Nine West

As  you probably can imagine blogging hasn’t really been on my mind much this week.

Rather than over think today’s post, I just thought a quick catch-up with you all would be much better.

After all, sh*t happens to us all and sometimes the important stuff needs to take priority.

So these are a couple of new pieces that have landed in my P O Box over the last week or so and because I just can’t resist trying new things on, I grabbed the tripod (as my lensman is out of action) and snapped a quick couple of pics to show you.

I adore that the top has bell sleeves with a flattering hi-low hem. The fact that it’s cotton and stripes just seals the deal for me.


It It

Grey Rolled Cuff Split Maxi $17.99 (US) She In | Boxy Denim Jacket $179.00  Wearing M Bohemain Traders | Necklace: Feather and Oak* | Lace-up Sneakers Next Official

And who doesn’t love a lazy-girl tee dress?

Especially one that has a v-neck and POCKETS

This one works so well with sneakers and a casual jacket or mix it up with ankle boots and (p)leather jacket and scarf.

On a cold day layer up with a bamboo slip dress underneath. Or even knot the hemline for a different look.

Oh and just to give you one last giggle.

It’s been 8 weeks since I’ve been re-blonded (I’m thinking of starting a new trend with the BADGER look 😉 ) Beckie and I normally meet up for some Mumma Daughter time at Blow in Brisbane, but our hair schedules got out of whack. So to get us back together at the salon, I put my appointment back a couple of weeks to align with her schedule.

Our appointments are this Saturday…yes the day Beckie is moving house!

Guess who has to cancel?

Expect the Badger look to live on just that little bit longer!

So how are you? What’s been happening in your lives?



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  • Hope the move goes well and Jonny gets back up and about ASAP! It’s exhausting doing all the house stuff isn’t it? I try to avoid it as much as possible.

  • Sorry to hear about your week lovely. I hope he Jonny recovers swiftly and smoothly!
    You look amazing btw, keep smiling 🙂 XX

  • Oh bugger. What a week! On the up side, you look AMAZING!

  • Wendy Chambers

    Sounds like way too much on your plates this week. Hope your loving husband is recovering well now and the move goes smoothly. Through it all you look as gorgeous as always. Take care of yourself too. X

  • merilyn

    oh poor jonny! sorry to hear that he’s had a major hernia op bev!
    yes you will have to play nurse hun! a thing I am not that good at! … although improving!;))
    jonny sounds like an absolute sweetie and I hope he is recuperating beautifully!
    look out at the water and relax a vous!
    and bev you look gorgeous in all of those outfits!
    you can call in a “little man” if things get on top of you hun!
    much love m:)X

    • Oh M, Jonny has been so poorly this week bless him. He honestly though he would be fine and dandy the next day!!!! I think he is quite enjoying all of the pampering…I just don’t want him to get too comfortable with it 😉 😉
      The water makes me feel so peaceful and surprisingly I’m really enjoying my early moring and evening walks with Princess Lulabelle!
      Much love gorgeous xxx

  • Here’s hoping that Jonny has a speedy recovery free from any complications! And that Beckie has loads of friends with muscles to help with her move!

    • Thanks so much Ingrid – Jonny has finally turned a corner…now just another 5 weeks before he can lift anything. So happy Beckie is only moving next door! xxx

  • Jacqueline Mitrovits

    Ok you win!! I won’t complain about the rain stalling our renovations (Sydney!) and still living in three rooms with two teenagers, a spoilt Spoodle (Charlie – who thinks he’s human) and a husband working crazy hours. At least we are all healthy!!!

    • Oh Jacqueline you poor love – you have every right to have complain. I can only imagine how frustrating the weather must be, holding up your renovations. Living in three rooms must be hellish.
      I think Charlie and Lulabelle sound like soul mates by the way 😉 😉 Mwah xx

  • You really have had a busy week with a busy weekend planned. Not only do we love similar clothes we also have amazing husbands that look after us very well. Mind you I have to laugh that you didn’t know bin lid colours. Tell Saint Jonathan to enjoy the unexpected break but hope for your sake Bev he heals quickly.
    Love both these looks – I have grey shirt maxi dress I will have to pull it out again soon.
    Good luck with Beckies move on the weekend fingers crossed they are finished when you get there xxx

    • Do you know Karen when I was writing the post and thought about everything that Jonny does, you came into my mind. I can tell your lovely hubby is just like Jonny. You seem to have a fabulous relationship too – we’re both so lucky!
      Saint Jonathan nearly chocked when I asked him about the bin lid colours 😉 😉 😉 – he had to hold his stomach as he was laughing so hard!
      Can’t lie I’m not looking forward to Beckie’s move, with her working such horrendous hours as a baby lawyer, I know she won’t be ready when we get there! Big love xxx

  • Ugh Bev. It all happens at once, doesn’t it! I’m on a blog break at present cos life is just getting in the way so I totally understand it. Glad to hear hubby is making a recovery though. You don’t realise how good you’ve got it til something uprooting happens. Looking beautiful as usual! Good luck, I’ll be thinking of you. X

    • Em, I honestly believe blog breaks are so healthy for the soul. We often put so much pressure on ourselves to blog. It takes a huge amount of time and sometimes you have to focus on the here and now.
      Jonny has finally turned a corner thank goodness, he has been through the mill. Beckie is not at all ready for the move 😉 so I’m expecting chaos! Thanks for the love beautiful and look forward to seeing you back on the blog soon xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    You have been a busy girl Bev doing all the chores and looking after your patient and being the chief princess dog walker!
    Terrible timing of Beckie moving at least it isn’t far,I understand the weight limit I still can only carry 5kg since my spinal fusion but there are ways around it,just patience and do more trips?I hope johhnny is feeling a lot better soon and you look stunning in your beautiful top and dress.
    I have had the flu as you know and I never get sick ,so I was most annoyed to get it,I’m just waiting for my daughter to have her baby now and hopefully she can hold her in until her father gets home from a work trip to PNG,next week would be lovely I CANNOT wait to snuggle her ❤️??

    • Sometimes life throws you curve balls don’t you think Lisa? This is definitely that time for us. I’m truly not a morning person, so having to get up and walk the little princess has helped to focus me. Once I’m on the walk I love it!
      The flu really can knock you off your feet Lisa – it sounds like you have had a rough old time too. I hope you’re starting to feel a touch better now darling.
      I can’t tell you how excited I am for you about meeting your Grand Daughter – it will be joyous! I can only imagine how you will all be feeling. Fingers crossed she waits for Daddy to arrive xxx Lots of love