How to wear Rose Quartz in Winter

How to Wear Rose Quartz in Winter

Let’s just put it out there before I type another word (not that I need to of course) I ADORE black.

But I know YOU already know this.

Black is my fashion armour.

I turn to black when I’m in a rush, or when I think I have nothing to wear – I know, a bloody joke right? But it happens, often!

The right black outfit can make me feel a million bucks.

It also offers the optical illusion that my ample butt and thighs…are well, not so ample 😉

My wardrobe is and always will be full of black gems (not the stone type) that I simply can not live without.

Yep. When I am wearing black, I feel super confident, with a blazé don’t give a hoot attitude.

But a girl has to mix up her wardrobe a bit, right?

Especially as I don’t believe black should just be reserved for winter.

I want to wear it all year round – like my pastels.

So ladies, I’m reserving my fashion right and throwing caution to the wind (without fear of retribution of course, because you beauties are delightful) and talking Rose Quartz (Pantone 13-1520) the pastel of choice from the fashionable peeps in the know.

How to Wear Rose Quartz in Winter

Boho Magnolia Dream Cape* $49.00 Lee Lou Anne | Boho Dusty Pink Drape Top* $49.00 Lee Lou Anne | Distressed Skinny Jean* $129.00 Bohemian Traders | Trix Heels* $59.99 Spendless Shoes

I love working with local businesses and the girls from Lee Lou Anne are no exception.

They have a keen eye for selecting the right threads and always seem to have something that makes my lil ole heart skip a beat…do you remember this fabulous grey hooded cardigan? Still very much on my LOVE list, along with its gorgeous sister in the khaki

Genius that they have tapped into the new colour kid on the block.

Rose Quartz is a warm and gentle pink that can easily be worn by both blondes and brunettes.

It’s essence is soft and neutral – which means classic me, has fallen in love with the new hue.

How to wear Rose Quartz in Winter

Drape Top

This gets several big ticks from me:

  • Shape – the draping is so complimentary and can hide a multitude of my sins.
  • Flow – movement (and not tight-fitting) is ultra feminine and such a confidence builder around the tummy and butt area.
  • Sleeves – my arms are far from perfect which makes this relaxed sleeve a dream to wear.
  • Tuck – if you have a smaller waist (or want to give the illusion of having one) this top works equally well half-tucked (see the kimono image).

Also available in Classic Navy and Black


Delicate floral fabulousness, which had my pulse racing at Hello.

  • Layer – wear over your favourite long sleeve tees (black/grey or white) plus black skinny jeans/drop crotch pants and ankle boots.
  • Dinner – adding a pop of subtle colour to your LBD for a dinner with someone special. Killer heels and a glass of champagne compulsory!
  • Belt – if you’re a petite girl, try belting your kimono for waist definition. (Sonia Styling is the master of this with her gorgeous figure).
  • Leather – toughen up your floral with leather or pleather pants or skirt (adds extra warmth in the winter months too).

Rose Quartz

When seasonal on trend colours arrive, I like to at least offer a nod to them. Yes, I may drool for a short while, but I always know they will be gone as quickly as they arrived. I’ll never splurge huge amounts of cash on a seasonal colour, even if I really love it (yes, Mimco Claret Uptown Hip Bag I’m talking about you, even though you are now on sale at $249 instead of $399 I still can’t bring you home) I just know that in a few short months you will sit on my shelf, never to be used again.

BUT, Rose Quartz is somehow different, its delicate pastel hue means it will not shout out or clash with my other neutral pieces. It sits well with navy, black, white and grey.

Yes beauties the loveliness of Rose Quartz has lured me in. It’s fresh, fabulous and delicate.

Style Tip:

If you struggle with a particular colour, start with a scarf or avoid wearing the colour too close to your face – you’ll be surprised what a difference this makes. Or wear the colour on your nails. Shoes and bags count too (as long as the bag doesn’t cost an arm and a leg – yes, I’m talking about you again Mimco bag).


What I love most about the kimono and Drape top combination is how seamlessly they sit together.  The kimono has a true vintage feel, the subtleness of the colour work in unison. I already know they are both pieces I will reach for all year round.

Yes, even in winter.

QLD winters can be very chilly, but nothing lifts my spirits more than a hint of colour over a black or dark denim, especially if said colour gives me the warm and fuzzies.


Do you keep your eyes peeled for the latest release of Pantone colours? Is there any Rose Quartz in your life?


Items marked * were gifted to me in accordance with my disclosure policy.


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