What’s Next?

If you had mooched through my wardrobe when I lived in the UK, you would have found plenty of clothes from NEXT.

NEXT is one of the biggest High Street clothing labels in the UK.

It’s like a one stop shop – offering style for the whole family.

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So you can probably gather, I jumped at the opportunity to work with them here in Australia so I could let you beauties know, just why I loved them so.

Every town/city has a NEXT store in the UK, but their online presence is really what I tended to tap into.

Because I had faith and trust in the brand, most of my shopping was done online or through their directory.

Here is a bit of background on NEXT…

NEXT launched in 1982. Today there are 500 stores throughout the UK and Eire, with another 200 stores in more than 30 countries.

NEXT Directory took the market by storm in 1988 offering mail order shopping from its glossy directory.

1999 saw the launch of online shopping, which now serves customers in 50 countries outside the UK with a dedicated Australian website: next.com.au


Although starting our new life in Australia was super exciting, the one thing I struggled with, was finding my go-to stores for clothes shopping.

For several months I felt lost on the fashion front. I had no idea where to shop.

When I did find stores I loved, I shocked to find out that didn’t offer different leg lengths in pants/trousers.

This is a huge thing for most women. The amount of times I have heard people say ‘if only these pants were longer/shorter I would buy them’.

Missed opportunities is what I call it.

You see, lots of brands offer this service in the UK – which makes shopping so delightfully easy.

I’m quite tall 5’8″ with a long inside leg. My biggest pet hate, is pants looking too short.

Beckie by comparison is the opposite, she is 5’4″ and it drives her batty that the legs on her pants are always too long.

Finding pants that fit and flatter different your butt and thighs is the first obstacle, when you do you feel like you’ve struck gold – you then realise that although said pants look fabulous without shoes on, they will look hideously like they have fallen out with your ankles, when you add your favourite heels.

NEXT offer several different leg lengths:

  • Petite: 27.5″
  • Regular: 29″
  • Long: 31″
  • Ex Long: 33″
  • Tall: 35″

Note: not every item is offered in all lengths, but most are.

Another thing NEXT has always nailed, is suiting/corporate wear.

Since Beckie and Sophie have started Two Corporate Girls on Instagram, I have lusted over office wear more than ever before.

Which got me thinking that suiting/smart jacket and pants, is not just for the office.

It can easily be adapted into our everyday style.

Just by mixing and matching some simple wardrobe basics.

These are the pieces I chose.

Finding a black jacket that can work well with denim is a wardrobe must have.

It’s the piece that can get you out of trouble in a heartbeat, when you have a ‘I have nothing to wear’ moment.

The cloth needs to be luxurious without being too heavy/bulky (both the jacket and trousers are 98% wool with 2% elastane).

Finding the perfect pants can be tough.

I prefer wide or slim leg. Knowing the shape to suit your figure, also stops you trying on pointless pairs and feeling frustrated.


As a rule of thumb, if you compare the shape to skinny jeans (which suit most figures) looking for a tighter fitting tailored style is a good place to start.

Now, I have always LOVED my shirts. This one is no exception, it’s a little cracker.

The colour is so fresh and crisp. It works well with the suit (please don’t hide away from wearing black and blue together) but would also look just as good with denim of any colour.

White jeans…if I can get them to look half decent on my ass and thighs, then we are on to a winner girls.

These are super comfortable, high-waisted (no muffin top) and have hidden support to offer a bit of lift in all the places 😉


Heels – these have excellent cushioning in the sole (comfort first), and a metallic cylinder heel that I just couldn’t resist. The nude, black and metallic colour palette makes them flexible enough to wear with just about any colour.

Sneakers…this is me stepping right out of my comfort zone, but I was pleasantly surprised with these. I might just have found my new weekend look!

Before I go I just want to discuss the sizing.

I aired on the side of caution when placing my order with Next. I sized up in everything, as some charts (not the one on NEXT) suggest that an Australian 12 is a UK 14.


All of the pieces are on the large side,I could easily have worn my normal size 12…for some strange reason I also opted for a size bigger in the heels – what is wrong with me? The only time I ever do this is with boots!!!

My advice: do the opposite to me and order your normal Australian size 😉



One last thing: if you spend over $35 (super easy) then delivery is free!

All of the items marked * in this post have been gifted to me in accordance with my disclosure policy








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  • You’re just so elegant. Adore you in these outfits. I get slack and only visit on Instagram, I’m trying hard to remedy that. Haha.

  • Maz

    Next = BEST kids clothing EVER! I have not purchased much from them myself as their ladies range has not appealed to me as much as their children’s clothing, but my two young sons are completely dressed by Next. I am totally smitten by their use of applique on children’s tops and jeans. I find their catalogues are out of sync with the Aussies seasons though, and availability of sizes online is a bit hit and miss. Still, I do appreciate orders arriving from the UK within only a few days (take note rotten Australian Post!)

  • Poppy

    I have bought a few things on line from NEXT. Unfortunately, I was swayed by their sizing chart even though I knew it was too big having shopped at ASOS, Dorothy Perkins, M&S, etc. I have given up with NEXT. Also by the time I receive the catalogue, nothing I want is still available, really frustrating. And I hate their website! All that scroll along the bottom, well, it was last time I looked. It’s a shame because their clothing and shoes are great.

    You look fabulous in their clothes.

    • NEXT do have some fabulous pieces Poppy. I can understand your frustration about the catalogue, but I’m more of an online shopper here in Australia and have to admit I’ve never had an issue with the layout of the website. I did however, wait with baited breath for the release of the new Directory back in the UK, there was always something so special about flicking through the Directory (although I did place my order quickly to ensure I wasn’t disappointed). Thanks so much xx

  • So slick hun! You look sassy as! I always fell fancy in a beautifully cut jacket.

    • Thanks gorgeous Em – I agree with you, adding a jacket makes all the difference! xx

  • I found NEXT a few years back when I was looking for cute kids clothes (which they have) and then meandered over to the womens section. Still an online fav.

    • So so good for kids clothes Robyna! Affordable stylish clothes for all the family in one place always gets my vote xx

  • I loved all these outfits and I must check out NEXT

    • NEXT is a fab place to do great online shopping Chantelle – the leg lengths really sell if for me though! xx

  • Jenni from styling curvy

    Goodness Bev you are the poster girl for smokin hot!!

    • Oh Jenni you’re a love – my hair was in desperate need of a wash…but my jet lagged brain couldn’t pluck up the energy! xxx

  • merilyn

    you are looking svelte bev!
    I really like next clothing, I have a few pieces and shoes!;)
    I like their styling and fit!
    It’s really great when a company offers what one is looking for!
    … right length in pants, shirts etc
    hope you are recovering! love m:)X

    • Oh M thank you so much…the jet lag and heavy heart are holding me back a touch (more bad news on my Dad’s health yesterday unfortunately) but I’m sure I’ll bounce back once things settle down.
      Next really are leading the way with the choice of leg lengths, they recognise that we are all so different – which is totally refreshing! And yes, they are bang on style wise too! Lots of love xxx

  • You are just so gorgeous Bev. Love all these looks and thank you for telling me a bit more information about NEXT. It’s funny, when I went to London 6 years ago, I HATED the clothes shopping and felt lost. I think it was because we went in November and all the really thick, knitwear was coming out due to winter, but I knew I was going home to Summer and Brisbane rarely gets cold enough for a thick knit like I saw in most of the shops like H&M, Warehouse and some of the others whose names escape me. Anyway, I love ASOS for maternity and only discovered NEXT after I popped little Phoebe out. I have a few friends that swear by the kids clothes for their kids. x

    • Oh Bec you’re so lovely, thank you.
      It’s so hard to get into clothes shopping in a new country. Everything feels alien, especially when the seasons are all wrong.
      Next clothes are truly fabulous for the money. Now you can order things for the correct season, they are even better. The leg length issue has always appealed to me being tall. I want choice and superior fit, so I was really delighted to be working with them.
      Kids clothes are fabulous too, great design and quality for the money xxx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I have a few Next clothing buys Bev I think form eBay or online but that is really good to know about the quality and the sizing,love all your outfits Bev I just got white sneakers too but I got converse form my son for Mothers Day!
    I agree that Australia should have different length pants I’m 5ft 3 but my daughter is 5ft 10 so we have the opposite problem to you and your girl (both my children are tall) Great post gorgeous I will take a look online Xx

    • Oh Lisa you trendy girl with your converse. What a fabulous Mother’s Day pressie from your boy – I would have been delighted! Offering different leg lengths is something that should happen from all labels. Even if its only 3 lengths: Short/Regular/Long – it would make such a difference don’t you think?
      Thanks for the love darling xxx

  • With your title – What’s Next I thought you were going to share some major change in your life. Thank goodness it was just fabulous clothes!! I love those white jeans especially with the blue shirt and I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I loce5it with the white sneakers.

    • Do you think I should change the title? It was the best my jet-lagged brain could come up with 😉 😉
      You would LOVE these jeans Karen – I never though I would say, this but the definitely rival the Seed ones!
      Also, still can’t believe I opted for white sneakers – shocked myself I did! xxx

      • No definitely not – its very catchy, it got me racing over to your blog to read. I always read but this had me at racing at grand prix speed ?. I did wonder if they rivalled the Seed ones – I’m looking for white sneakers so these maybe an option, what are shipping times like?

        • Thanks darling xx
          You have just reminded me (I blame brain fog) the shipping is great about 5 days and its free over $35 (I’ll add this to the blog post now) – the sneakers are true to size as well. I had my normal size 39 and they fit perfectly xx