It’s a Wrap Giveaway

Wrap dresses have been a constant in my fashion arsenal for as long as I can remember.

They fit and flatter in all the right places (see tips below).

Skim over lumps and bumps and make me feel super feminine to boot.

Not sure if you remember this one I posted on Instagram a few months back, but it introduced me to the MahaShe label – I have been smitten kitten ever since.

Quality cotton plus classic styling from a local label, is something that truly appeals to me.

Classic Wrap


Amelia Wrap Dress* in Afro Green MahaShe $98.00 | Shoe: Pulse* in Tan Suede $199 Freya and Sabine |

Maudie (istyl) on Instagram has been championing the cause of shopping local on her feed.

I love that she is showcasing just what style the local Sunshine Coast stores have to offer.

Do you to shop at the small independent stores? If so, please give a shout-out to your favourite local store in the comments.

Maudie openly admits she likes to ‘try before she buys’ I on the other-hand, am more of an impulsive risk taker. If I see something I love online, it will magically appear in my shopping cart before my very eyes…at that point it would be rude not to seal the deal don’t you think?  😉

Faux Wrap


Lexi Dress* Bundi Navy MahaShe $98 | Shoes: Pulse* Tan Suede Freya and Sabine | Tote: Hampton Nappa Leather Tote $299

When it comes to buying a wrap dress there are a few things to consider, one of the most important is body shape:

  • We all know I’m a classic pear, with ample junk in my trunk! The style of wrap dresses that suits my shape best is the classic tie yourself ‘Amelia’ wrap dress. Often having a fuller A-line skirt, is excellent for balancing out my lower half with my shoulders. It also creates the illusion of a slimmer waist plus the option of tying in an area that is most complimentary seals the deal. Length wise I prefer midi or maxi.
  • If you have cracking pins, then the faux wrap will work wonders for you (as long as the fabric is weighty enough, think quality jersey with a some stretch). The fixed pleating and draping around the waist offers shape without bulk  – which is crucial. Go for a dress that sits on or just above the knee. You can then add some fabulous heels to add elongation to your silhouette and maximise those fabulous pins…just know I will be a tad envious if I see you  😉
  • Hour-glass beauties work the wrap V-neckline to perfection – accentuate your tiny waist and stand out from the crowd by wearing the classic tie style. If you are worried about too much cleavage add a slip dress underneath for extra security in the boob area. The perfect length is just below the knee.
  • If you have a fabulous Petite/Athletic little bod, you can still rock a wrap dress. The faux wrap will probably work best for you though, just see how the cleaver draping offers light and shade to your shape. Wear a good push-up bra and you’re good to go.

Pattern or plain?


Lexi* Dress in Black MahaShe $98.00 | The Muse Shootie* $299.00 Mimco |

As a lass with ample boobs and ass curves I prefer patterned, unless of course its black.

Plain could probably work for me if I was prepared to walk round in shapewear (of which I’m not – special occasions YES, just not every bloody day).

Another trick to feeling more confident in a brighter coloured plain dress is by adding a scarf.


Lexi* Dress in Light Blue MahaShe $98.00 | Navy Animal Print Scarf with Suede Tassels* $59.99 Pink Deer The Muse Shootie Mimco $299.00

Add leggings or opaque tight to shorter length dresses in the winter months.

Long boots or heeled ankle boots also offer an alternative look.

MahaShe sell both online and locally throughout SE QLD and the tip of NSW at local markets.

It’s Giveaway time.

Over on Instagram I’m giving one lucky Iris May Style reader the chance to win the Amelia or Lexi wrap dress in your preferred colour from MahaShe.

Would I find a wrap dress in your wardrobe? 


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  • Wraps rock on you! Thanks so much for linking up with me on the Life and Style Link Up. xo

  • You would def find a wrap dress in my wardrobe. It’s polka dot print! And that reminds me I haven’t worn it in a while so time to get it out again!

  • Love a good wrap dress! You describe the shapes and styles perfectly! I’m off to share this to my facebook buddies.

  • Maudie – Chic Styling – @istyl

    Thanks for the mention Bev and thanks for introducing me to another beautiful local label. You are so right that a wrap dress is the one style that suits every bodyshape. It is such a feminine style too? You have styled all these looks to perfection?

    • It was a pleasure darling and thank you. I love that you are championing local businesses. Sometimes its easy to forget the small guys, when the big brands shout so loud.
      Now, you all ready know I have a major #girlcrush with everything you wear right? A wrap dress would be no exception! xxx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    You look gorgeous in them all Bev and I agree for my shape the faux wrap works best on my petite/boyish frame I think the Lexi would work best on me,love the navy and the black!
    You Bev rock every single one ?????

    • Oh thanks my darling friend xxx
      I was actually thinking of you when I was writing Lisa, you have a great little bod that looks fabulous in any frock! xx

  • Ingrid – fabulous and fun life

    I’m currently hunting for a new dress! I’ll definitely be considering a wrap dress. I think a classic patterned one would suit me best.

    • Dresses always float my fashion boat Ingrid – I think its the lazy girl in me! xxx

  • I have a couple of old wrap dresses, but I could definitely do with an update!! I might need to check out your competition I think

    • Hope you’ve entered the giveaway Leanne – these MahaShe dresses are super flattering and delightfully comfy to boot! xxx

  • Yes there is certainly wrap dresses in mine.

  • Kirsty

    Love a wrap dress! and you always make everything look fantastic!

    • Oh Kirsty thank you so much – I must just repay that lovely compliment though, YOU always look divine! xxx

  • Niki Taylor

    I love wrap dresses. Not only are they the perfect fit for my shape but it doesn’t matter if you are having a great day or a ‘fat day’ they never make you feel lumped into the fabric and constricted.

  • Suzie

    Yes!! I love a wrap dress. With a slim hourglass shape they are perfect for me and actually give me a much needed cleavage to boot. Perfection bev!

    • Suzie I love that you are a classic girl, it makes shopping so much easier when you’re not trend driven. Wrap dresses would look divine on your fabulous figure…I love that they offer a little bit of magic on the bust for everyone that wears them too! xxx

  • Gabrielle

    You most certainly would find a wrap dress in my wardrobe. Umm, that would be “wardrobes.” Also, it would be “wrap dresses.” And as for local and wonderful, Sacha Drake is the bees knees. And I do t know of anyone else who truly designs for bodies of every shape and size, midgets to Amazons.
    You look great, of course. Have yet to see you looking anything but! Xx

    • I am so glad to hear your clothing falls into the ‘plural’ category darling 😉 Girl after my own heart!
      Sacha is a star – anyone that can design a dress that looks good on anyone, deserves that accolade in my book. Thanks for the love gorgeous xxx