The hospital visit plus the silk shirt edit

By the time this post drops in to your inbox (that’s if you subscribe to IMS of course – *hint hint*) I will be lying in a hospital bed as a day patient, waiting for a procedure.

Please don’t be alarmed my procedure is purely precautionary.

Anyway, as I started writing this post, the thought popped into my mind about whether it was worth mentioning/sharing, or whether I should just keep it to myself.

But then I thought about how supportive this online community is.

In the end, I decided sod it – I’m going to share what’s going on in my life with YOU, my second family.

Some of you I have already met. Some I will hopefully meet in the future, some we may never meet at all but, all you guys stop by my blog and read my ramblings on a regular basis and it really does melt my heart.

It got me thinking about just how extremely lucky I am.

Since arriving in Australia 4 and a half years ago I haven’t had cause to step foot inside a hospital – thank goodness. 

Yes, after my bang on the head at Country Road, I’ve had CT scans and MRI but nothing that required actually being in hospital.

So tomorrow will be my hospital début.

I’m having a Colonoscopy (I promise not to go into any further details…except to say, the laxatives the hospital provides are exceptionally effective 😉 )

Ok, so maybe I’m over sharing a tad too much (even though I used the word promise in the last sentence) but I can either giggle at this ‘deep cleanse’ I’m rapidly experiencing ( yes I’m being all fancy nouveaux and ‘cleansing’. I can however assure you that the last thing my bowel needs at the moment is the addition of a colonic irrigation to add to the mix. No siree – all I needed was two litres of Moviprep (this stuff certainly lives up to its name) or I can stress myself out about the what if’s.

I’ve decided to go with ‘my cup is half full’ and at this precise moment it actually is… because as I type this I still have another litre of Moviprep to drink at 01:30 am 😉

Oh and just so you know, I’ve fake tanned…brown butts look way better than lily-white ones right? 😉 😉 😉

The Hospital Visit, plus the Silk Shirt Edit

Even though this is not the flattering pic, my little Lulabelle wanted to be in on the action – how could I refuse?

Anyway, a few weeks ago the girls Beckie and Sophie AKA Two Corporate Girls introduced me to a Company called Living Silk (the girls have worked with this brand on a couple of occasions). On a side note, how well are they doing? Super proud of them both.

As the name suggests, silk is a big part of this brands’ arsenal.

I headed straight online to check them out – silk still happens to run fiercely through my veins – that’s what owning a bridal boutique for 3.5 years does for you!

So I obviously jumped at the opportunity to collaborate.

My philosophy with fashion has always been the same – I want pieces that work hard in my wardrobe.

Pieces that stand the test of time.

Yes of course, I will jump at the high fashion pieces that bring fun and trend to my choices, but I also like to have pieces that are classic and timeless.

I already have a quite a few white shirts in my wardrobe, so this one will fit nicely into the mix.

The Hospital Visit, plus the Silk Shirt Edit

Classic Wrap Shirt in Ivory* $279.00 (I’m wearing L 12/14) Living Silk | Regular Length Dark Indigo Jeans (Wearing size 12) $29.99 Rockmans | The Muse Shootie $299.00 Mimco

More than anything I wanted to show how this piece is not just reserved for Mum’s of Brides and special occasions.

Think corporate/casual wear:

  • wear with a classic pencil skirt (if your office has a more laid back approach, go for leather or pleather – ankle boots would also cut the mustard).
  • wrap tops are also a match made in heaven with wide leg pants.
  • cigarello pants also look all kinds of awesome, either with a killer ballet flat or fabulous heel.
  • Or why not denim?

This piece is so versatile and will be a wardrobe staple for years to come.


The Hospital Visit, plus the Silk Shirt Edit

I love that every piece of silk is unique, never perfect.

The crispness, plus the gentle rustle sound it makes when you move – gets me every single time.

If I came for a sticky peek around your place, would I find silk in your wardrobe? 




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  • I hope it all went well Bev! Of course you would think about tanning the butt. haha. xo

    • Thanks so much Bron, testing again in 5 years, so I’m delighted! I can also highly recommend butt tanning for a hit of confidence 😉 😉 xxx

  • Kirsty

    Hope everything went well! thinking of you. xx

    • Thanks darling, thankfully I got the all clear and no re-test for 5 years! Super delighted xxx

  • Narelle

    Thinking of you, I hope all is well. Love your writing style. Take care x

    • Thanks so much Narelle, delighted to report I got the all clear! I don’t have to go back for 5 years 🙂 xx

  • Best of luck and thank you for sharing . I believe it is important that people talk about health checks to raise awareness. Gorgeous silk shirt x

    • Aww thanks darling…I seriously thought long and hard before I shared, in the end I’m delighted I did. I lost my my to cancer (not bowel) so raising awareness is so important.
      I’m a little bit in love with the shirt too xxx

  • Jenni from styling curvy

    9 surgeries and I never thought to self tan but I did wear mascara to every single surgery. A girls gotta look good ? Glad to see you being proactive with your health Bev, here’s to excellent results X

    • Jenni it’s the very first time I’ve ever thought of fake tanning. Like you I’ve had a tonne of general anaesthetics and just wished I had done it every single time…it made me feel just that little bit better!
      Happy to report everything is fine and dandy, next check up booked for 5 years xxx

  • Petra

    I love how you tanned your bum!!! I would’ve too – and had a pedicure, and waxing of course. I’ve been able to witness first-hand, as an observer, while I was working for a Gastroenterologist, a colonoscopy – so I know what goes on. It was very interesting. I pray the results are great for you – have a great weekend xo

    • Petra I was preparing myself for taking the yukky solution and realised exactly what would make me feel ten times better – a tanned bum! I dashed straight upstairs and viola – Loving Tan is the bees knees on the confidence stakes! Although I have no recollection of the procedure I was given amazing colour pics of my bowel, which I’m glad to report is all clear of anything nasty xxx

  • All the best with your procedure today. Hopefully you’ll receive the all clear quickly afterwards.

    You looking stunning as always in that silk shirt. What a versatile shirt!

    • Thanks so much Ingrid – super delighted that I’m all clear and won’t need to be checked for the next five years!
      I’m more than a little bit in love with this shirt, so versatile for any occasion. xx

  • Lauren @SAHM I am

    Good luck for today! I had one four weeks ago after some alarming symptoms, and thankfully got the all clear. As someone who has lost two close friends age 30 and 28 to bowel cancer, I am a strong advocate for getting things checked out!

    • Thanks you so much Lauren. I firmly sit in the prevention is better than cure camp. These things are never nice but, it’s so important to get checked. I do hope you are feeling lots better now xxx

  • Mel Searched_and_Sourced

    Lovely article. Precautionary colonoscopy is highly recommended in our age group. My mother died of Bowel cancer 16 years ago. Her precautionary check up never happened. I’ve had 2 since. Thanks for sharing something so very important for all to read and take heed. Wishing you wellness Bev. Lots of love. Mel from searched and sourced ?

    • Oh Mel thanks so much. So sorry to hear that this dreadful disease took away your Mumma. The reason for me having to have one ASAP is my Dad is unfortunately suffering the same fate at the moment. Deep down I was convinced there was something wrong with me too (I’m very similar to my Dad in so many ways) so yesterday’s results were so gratefully received. xxx

  • Louise lewis

    Good luck Bev, thinking of you ?

    • Thanks so much Louise xx Given the all clear for the next five years – I’m delighted! xx

  • Barbara Wisniewski

    You look fabulous Bev. Hope all goes well today.

  • Sharon

    I love this look Bev, so classic and beautiful…just like you. Wishing you the best for today darling, my friend had that recently and all went well. She did mention that the prep was “highly effective” ? Hugs to you my lovely xxx

    • Highly effective is an understatement – seriously that stuff is so strong, it could move a heard of elephants 😉 😉 Thank goodness I got the all clear for five years – it will take me that long to pluck up the courage to drink it again!!!
      Thanks for the love beautiful girl xxx

  • merilyn

    you look stunning bev! … and soo cute lulabelle!
    hope it all goes well for you today!X
    much love m:)X

    • Thanks darling M – Lulabelle is definitely the star of the show!
      So happy the procedure is all over and I have the all clear – can;t say the preparation was pleasant!
      Much love right back at ya xxx

  • You look stunning, as always Bev. Good luck today, I hope all goes well. If anyone can rock a hospital gown, it’s you! ??

    • Thanks so much gorgeous girl. Thank goodness I got the all clear!
      The hospital gown was quite fancy…thankfully they have now devised ones that don’t flash half of your bottom…another reason I faked tanned mine! 😉 😉 xxx

  • Lesley McGovern

    You look stunning. I love the shirt. Good luck today Bev, been there also a few years ago. The prep is worse than the procedure. ?

    • Thank you so much Lesley, you’re so right. The prep is awful, I was actully gagging at 1:30 am when I was drinking the second litre!
      Anything silk always puts a huge grin on my face, it feels classic and feminine xxx

  • Charli cascarino

    You make going to hospital glamorous ! Hope it all goes well for you , much better to get these things sorted..,,,,

    • Awww thanks so much Charlie. Thankfully I got the all clear for the next five years! xx

  • Poppy

    The prep is worse than the colonoscopy! Always lose 2 kilos which is a bonus. Hope the test goes well and everything is normal.

    I have one silk shirt from Trenery but it has a funny yellow line across the back. I don’t know what it is but it’s not coming out. Any suggestions?

    • Thank you so much Poppy – you are so right. The prep is by far the worse bit…thank goodness I got the all clear for 5 years, which will hopefully give me enough time to pluck up the courage to drink that god awful stuff again 😉
      Back in England if any of my silk wedding dresses had marks on I would get a barely wet piece of white fabric and run it over a bar of Vanish (for the life of me I can’t remember what the Australian version of this is called – you buy if from the isle that the washing powder/softy is in Coles) and gently rub the stain in circular motions. The problem with silk is if the cloth is too wet it will stain. I do handwash all of my silk though, even if it says dry clean only. xxx

  • Suzie

    Love silk!! Love the luxe feeling and look it gives everything but especially leather and denim. Just gorgeous. Good luck today Xx

    • Oh Suzie your description is music to my ears…Silk, leather and denim are pure perfection together!
      Thanks for the love gorgeous xxx

  • jess

    You look gorgeous as usual! All the best for your procedure, it sounds uncomfortable ?
    On a fashion note, i have a few silk shirts, dresses and shirt dresses in my wardrobe! I’m a bit of a sucker for beautiful fabrics, though I’m not wearing them much at the moment because young kids sticky fingers/snot/mess are not the best match for my lovely things! Lol one day…

    • Oh Jess I have just giggled out loud about the snot/mess – you are so right, your gorgeous silk pieces need to stay well away for the time being!
      The procedure went really well thank you…the preparation though was on another level…thank goodness I have the all clear for the next five years – I think it will take me that long to pluck up the courage to drink the stuff again 😉 xxx

  • Snap we are both talking about Living Silk today thankfully only one of us is actually wearing a beautiful shift dress with built in ventilation ?
    That stuff you have to drink is really just yucky but effective and just think people pay good money to have that sort of cleansing, it just has a fancy name to it! Good luck with the procedure today.

    • Thanks so much lovely. The worse part by far, was the preparation – disgusting doesn’t even come close. Although once in my hospital bed I didn’t feel a thing thanks to kick ass drugs and the fabulous team looking after me.
      Wearing silk always puts a smile on my dial and I know this gorgeous shirt will stay with me for years to come – it’s a pure classic. xxx

  • Kathryn

    Oh dear, the ‘prep’ as they call it. Makes me throw up, it’s disgusting. Hoping it all goes well for you. I’m always desperate for a cup of tea afterwards! That shirt is lovely, even the word ‘silk’ sounds luxe! Take care x

    • Thanks so much Kathryn. Not quite sure how I managed that second litre of prep, especially as it was at 1:30 am (I only put my head down at 12:30am after the first round). Delighted with the outcome though!
      Always been a silk lover, there is something so very feminine about the fabric, it actually reminds me of gorgeous Princess Diana on her wedding day. xxx

  • Good luck today Bev. Thst shirt is beautiful on you. I don’t think I own anything with silk yet but hopefully one day.

    • Thanks so much Chantelle, so happy to report I had the all clear, which makes me very happy!
      When you do get the opportunity to wear something silk, I’m sure you will fall in love. It is amazing fabric that truly does stand the test of time!. xxx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I will be thinking of you my friend moviprep is disgusting,I was horribly sick when I took that stiff on my last colonoscopy and never finished the last one I vomited it up.I do hope you have a wonderful outcome from your test Bev and enjoy those sandwiches afterwords?
    You look stunning in your white silk shirt babes and Lulabelle looks pretty too,you could not leave her out of the pic,big hugs beautiful,feel better soon ???

    • Oh Lisa I am not a bit surprised you chucked up the Moviprep – it is disgusting! Not sure how I managed the second litre (especially as it was 1:30am). On a positive though, that meant I was first on the list for theatre. Everyone at the hospital was delightful, I never felt a thing (anaesthetic is marvellous stuff, don’t you think). Yesterday I was just so tired from lake of sleep that I dosed on and off most of the day. So happy with the result though. My poor Dad has bowel cancer (on top of all of his other ailments) so it was a matter of emergency that I was checked ASAP.
      On a lighter note, the shirt is divine. Wearing it made me feel fabulous…even if I did have to run to the loo every 10 minutes 😉 😉 xxx

      • Lisa Mckenzie

        I’m so sorry to hear that your Daddy has bowel cancer my friend, isn’t cancer a horrible thing! I hope he isn’t suffering and I’m sending you love and hugs it must be so hard to be so far away from him at this time Xx

        • Thanks darling xx Yes, its so hard being on the other side of the world when he is so poorly. I see him once a week on skype though, which is amazing and something we both look forward to. He’s also very much ‘old school’ so he always has a smile on his face plus a joke to tell me – he is amazing xxx