The hospital visit plus the silk shirt edit

By the time this post drops in to your inbox (that’s if you subscribe to IMS of course – *hint hint*) I will be lying in a hospital bed as a day patient, waiting for a procedure.

Please don’t be alarmed my procedure is purely precautionary.

Anyway, as I started writing this post, the thought popped into my mind about whether it was worth mentioning/sharing, or whether I should just keep it to myself.

But then I thought about how supportive this online community is.

In the end, I decided sod it – I’m going to share what’s going on in my life with YOU, my second family.

Some of you I have already met. Some I will hopefully meet in the future, some we may never meet at all but, all you guys stop by my blog and read my ramblings on a regular basis and it really does melt my heart.

It got me thinking about just how extremely lucky I am.

Since arriving in Australia 4 and a half years ago I haven’t had cause to step foot inside a hospital – thank goodness. 

Yes, after my bang on the head at Country Road, I’ve had CT scans and MRI but nothing that required actually being in hospital.

So tomorrow will be my hospital début.

I’m having a Colonoscopy (I promise not to go into any further details…except to say, the laxatives the hospital provides are exceptionally effective 😉 )

Ok, so maybe I’m over sharing a tad too much (even though I used the word promise in the last sentence) but I can either giggle at this ‘deep cleanse’ I’m rapidly experiencing ( yes I’m being all fancy nouveaux and ‘cleansing’. I can however assure you that the last thing my bowel needs at the moment is the addition of a colonic irrigation to add to the mix. No siree – all I needed was two litres of Moviprep (this stuff certainly lives up to its name) or I can stress myself out about the what if’s.

I’ve decided to go with ‘my cup is half full’ and at this precise moment it actually is… because as I type this I still have another litre of Moviprep to drink at 01:30 am 😉

Oh and just so you know, I’ve fake tanned…brown butts look way better than lily-white ones right? 😉 😉 😉

The Hospital Visit, plus the Silk Shirt Edit

Even though this is not the flattering pic, my little Lulabelle wanted to be in on the action – how could I refuse?

Anyway, a few weeks ago the girls Beckie and Sophie AKA Two Corporate Girls introduced me to a Company called Living Silk (the girls have worked with this brand on a couple of occasions). On a side note, how well are they doing? Super proud of them both.

As the name suggests, silk is a big part of this brands’ arsenal.

I headed straight online to check them out – silk still happens to run fiercely through my veins – that’s what owning a bridal boutique for 3.5 years does for you!

So I obviously jumped at the opportunity to collaborate.

My philosophy with fashion has always been the same – I want pieces that work hard in my wardrobe.

Pieces that stand the test of time.

Yes of course, I will jump at the high fashion pieces that bring fun and trend to my choices, but I also like to have pieces that are classic and timeless.

I already have a quite a few white shirts in my wardrobe, so this one will fit nicely into the mix.

The Hospital Visit, plus the Silk Shirt Edit

Classic Wrap Shirt in Ivory* $279.00 (I’m wearing L 12/14) Living Silk | Regular Length Dark Indigo Jeans (Wearing size 12) $29.99 Rockmans | The Muse Shootie $299.00 Mimco

More than anything I wanted to show how this piece is not just reserved for Mum’s of Brides and special occasions.

Think corporate/casual wear:

  • wear with a classic pencil skirt (if your office has a more laid back approach, go for leather or pleather – ankle boots would also cut the mustard).
  • wrap tops are also a match made in heaven with wide leg pants.
  • cigarello pants also look all kinds of awesome, either with a killer ballet flat or fabulous heel.
  • Or why not denim?

This piece is so versatile and will be a wardrobe staple for years to come.


The Hospital Visit, plus the Silk Shirt Edit

I love that every piece of silk is unique, never perfect.

The crispness, plus the gentle rustle sound it makes when you move – gets me every single time.

If I came for a sticky peek around your place, would I find silk in your wardrobe? 




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