Sentimental Me: Family First.

I feel like lots has changed in my life this couple of weeks.

First there was the emergency hospital procedure.

Then mother of all eye infections decided to sneak up on me in the wee hours of Friday morning,

Not much wakes me from my slumber, but this nasty little beast managed to defy the odds.

Something I thought was just a simple eye infection, ended up with another (emergency) visit to a specialist on Friday afternoon.

Not sure if I’ve told you, but I’m a contact lens wearer.

Contact lenses are amazing – when they behave that is!

The magical little piece of plastic you pop into your eye and forget about, has been my saving grace in the vanity department, for so many years.

I loathe wearing my specs on a regular basis.

But last Friday morning, it seems said plastic decided it was time to play silly buggers and dry out while I was sleeping.

Note: I wear the type of lenses you sleep in.

In my comatose state I must have rubbed my eyes, which meant the dry contact lens scratched the surface of my eye leaving several grazes, which then quickly became infected – not a pleasant experience I can tell you, and one I would choose not to repeat.

The quick thinking of my GP made all the difference.

Without her excellent diagnosis (and persistence in finding a specialist willing to see me on the Friday before a bank holiday weekend) I may have ended up in hospital.

I’m happy to report my eye is healing really well, with the help of some kick-ass antibiotics and cortisone.

On Saturday I had arranged to meet up with some of the gorgeous women of #everydaystyle – but as soon as this happened, I just knew I had to cancel.

Drops were going in my eye every two hours, it was bloodshot, uncomfortable and I couldn’t wear make-up.

It was a big no-no.

Anyway, part of the fun of meeting up with everyone is dressing up and feeling fabulous.

I can assure you I did not feel fabulous.

Instead, I still headed to Brisbane (sans make-up and water streaming from my eyes) to get my blonde refreshed and a quick catch-up with my baby girl.

As it turned out, it was exactly what I needed to do…she needed some Mumma time. When I don’t feel right I need to have her around me.

It’s like the universe made me stop, change my plans and see Beckie – because seeing each other made us both feel better.

We spent quality time together, playing twins.

Her looking all beautiful, me feeling like a wreck in my prescription sunnies and no make-up.

But it was just what the doctor ordered for both of us.

Sentimental Me: Family First

Sequin Top in Navy Cream* $129.95 (Beckie wearing S Bev Wearing M) Adrift Clothing | Beckie: Jeans ‘Jamie’ from Top Shop  | Bev: Jeans Bohemian Traders Indigo Skinny* $129.00 |

Now, stripes are a must-have for any stylish girls. They are certainly a no-brainer for me.

I LOVE anything stripey, and completely ignore the mere suggestion that horizontal stripes make you wider.

This gorgeous top from Adrift  is more than a bit special though, the cream part of the stripe is filled with tiny sequins.

A genius combination if you ask me.

The sequins are subtle, yet sophisticated.

It also has a great length sleeve and the perfect curved hem.

Wear paired with denim of any colour for a stylish classic look that will have you feeling a millions bucks.

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Sentimental Me; Family First

The next time I see my beautiful Beckie, will be on Mother’s Day (read below).

By then I will have been to the other side of the world and back in just 10 short days.

Since we have lived in Australia, I religiously Skype my Dad and my Sister every Saturday night.

It’s the time when we sit down as a family and the thousands of miles separating us, just seems to disappear.

My Dad loves our skype time…even more so if Beckie is home.

I think he saves his weekly supply of jokes for Saturdays. Even when he’s having a bad day, he always has a smile on his face.

Honestly, he is an incredible man.

He has always been my hero, but especially so, since my Mumma died in 1999.

Looking back, I never thought he would survive without her.

He is strong, even when he is hurting.

But he has been poorly for a while now.

He has lots of medical issues; most are life threatening, but due to severe breathing difficulties he suffers, he is not well enough to survive surgery.

So on Thursday I will board a flight back to England.

I’ve had the call that everyone dreads.

Yes it’s time for me to go home and see my hero.

It has got to the stage where I need to go.

I cannot wait a second longer.

Up until this point, my Dad hasn’t wanted me to go.

But now he is not protesting, which tells me so much.

The unspoken words sometimes have the most impact don’t you agree?

He has finally admitted he is not well and he needs to see me, just as much as I need to see him.








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