Must Have A/W Cardigan

On Monday morning a gorgeous lady came into Mimco looking for a new handbag (yep, I know she was definitely in the right place 😉 ).

We got talking (she was delightful and I would just like to add, she also looked fabulous).

What I love most about meeting new people is the getting to know you stage.

I like to say ‘hi, how are you’ and then let customers have a wander around first (I can’t stand being over powered by sales assistants, it makes me want to run for the hills). I’ll then check back in with them to see how they are getting on, or if they need my help.

She liked a couple of bags. One was a tote.

Have I told you how lovestruck I am with totes at the moment?

Adore them.

Must admit I’ve been a bit slow on the up-take. But now I’ve come around, I’m in BIG TIME.

I really wanted her to have the tote bag, it really suited her. What I didn’t want to do though was convince her to buy it, just because I love them.

It turns out that she loved it more anyway – making Bev a very happy gal.

Anyway, would you believe said gorgeous lady already knew who I was – this fact alone still shocks the life out of me. It’s like when I’m at work I forget that I have an online presence. Stupid I know, but true.

We of course started talking about who she followed online.

She found me through Nikki (Styling You) – ‘thanks darling, I owe you a champers’.

We also nattered about the lovely Jenni from Styling Curvy.

Jen has a such great writing style that I truly admire. Her genuineness and honesty never fails to touch my heart.

Both myself and said gorgeous lady also talked about how stylish Jenni is too.

I often think ‘Wow’ when Jenni posts her first pic of the day…mostly because at that point I’m normally dashing around the house (late for work) like a headless chicken still in my pj’s and resembling Worzel Gummidge  (if you don’t know who Worzel is click the link – he truly is my morning twin) while Jen of course looks like a goddess.

It also got me thinking about just how special these online connections are. We naturally gravitate to people because we identify something in them that feels good. It maybe style, honestly, laughter or compassion, but whatever that special something is makes me extremely grateful.

Just think, I may never have struck up a conversation IRL with the lovely lady IRL, our paths may never have crossed – food for thought eh?

Righto, time for a touch of fashion…

Sometimes I’m known for getting a little over excited when it comes to fashion.

Before we go any further, I need to establish if you’re surprised? (answer nicely in comments below) 😉

I liken these style epiphanies of mine to light bulb moments.

Moments of complete clarity.

Moments when my adrenaline kicks in, letting me know to trust my gutt instinct and nail the prize.

The prize in question is this fabulous cardigan.

It had my name all over it.

From the moment I laid my eyes on it, I just knew.

Must Have A/W Cardigan

Jules Longline Cardigan in Grey* (wearing size 12) $55.00 | Betty Basics Ink/Silver Stripe Jade Pant* $39.95 (wearing size 12) both pieces from Lee Lou Anne | Singlet (oldie from Witchery) | The Muse Shootie $299.00 Mimco  | Jewellery  Uberkate

Jules cardigan also available in Khaki (might need to grab this colour too) and Black

Becky and Missy AKA Lee Lou Anne contacted me to see if there was anything I liked on their website.

For the love of god…how could I turn down this cardi? Especially when worn with a drop crotch pant?

Panic did set in temporarily because the girls didn’t know if they could source more – thankfully they have – so major meltdown averted 😉

This new wardrobe addition blends in beautifully alongside my current tunic and long cardi obsession.

Elongating and slimming, with a hit of sexy off-duty vibe.

The hood is a big nod to sport-luxe in a delicate lady like way.

I truly can’t wait for a windy day so it can billow behind me adding a touch of drama.

Worn simply with a singlet/tee and jeans it works a treat.

Or change the jeans for drop crotch pants.

Heels, ankle boots or sneakers and you’re good to go.

This one is a MUST for any A/W wardrobe – my advice: run don’t walk lovelies at $55 it won’t last long!

Pssssssst before I go….just checking you’ve entered the comp on Instagram to win an Extra Small Uber Circle from UberKate? A special sentimental treat for Mumma’s day.

Would I find  a long cardigan in your A/W wardrobe? 


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  • Looking fabulous lady! Such a great price too!

    • Oh and the being “recognised” thing is equally freaky and fun. It’s kinda like friends you haven’t met yet. I kinda forget that people actually read me! Haha!

  • Oooh I really like this one Bev, it’s trendy yet looks so comfy. I love a good cardy in autumn and winter – they’re perfect for Perth too since it’s never freezing! Gorgeous story about the lady recognising you. Love it when it happens (as surreal as it is haha)!

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Can’t agree more about meeting gorgeous women on Ig Bev,I count some of my online friends true friends even though we have not met in real life… Yet!
    I love a long cardi,though it has to be very slim fitting for me to look good in one otherwise I look like I’m wearing a dressing gown.You look beautiful Bev j love the grey it’s so chic ??

    • It’s so true darling. Women supporting each other through love and kindness in a virtual way is incredible. I believe life long friendships take many forms, we are so lucky to be in this position. I know there are still people that don’t understand how we can build close relationships with people we have never met – but I treasure the connections I have made…although I must say, it would be wonderful to meet you IRL one day though xxxx

  • Petra

    I found you through Styling You too! This cardigan is one that I’m going to buy for this winter – I had pictured it in my mind so it’s nice to see who stocks it. It would be really cool to get to know people IRL who follow your blog – if I lived up that way, I’d pop in to see you to say hi and also look at Mimco’s bags heehee! Kind of feels like stalking but it’s not really – just us girls who connect online and love finding ways to feel good about ourselves. Have a great week Bev.

    • Oh Petra I would love you to pop in and say Hi. The camaraderie within the online community is so special. Women with the same taste and interests are building relationships and supporting each other in a virtual way – it’s incredible!
      Can’t emphasise enough how much I love this cardi – the khaki has to find it’s way into my wardrobe too! xxx

  • Jenni from styling curvy

    One of my favourite things about online is the connections, meeting people in real life is the best.

    • It truly is Jenni – the best part is you don’t have to go through the awkward ‘getting to know you phase’ as they already know everything about our lives! xx

  • merilyn

    love that outfit on you bev!
    also love grey anything and long line is tres elegante!
    can just imagine you in the mornings then hun!
    I don’t think you would look anything like worzel gommidge though! ;))
    enjoy your day lovely! love m:)X

    • I’m with you M, anything grey and longline always gets my vote!
      Promise I do resemble a scarecrow when I get out of bed 😉 😉
      Have a great day gorgeous xx

  • Kristie

    Yes! Thanks to you Bev I bought your fave longline one on spesh from Woolovers when you raved about it on Insta. Can’t wait for more of our cold Melbs weather here, down by the seaside, to wear it

    • Oh Kristie that Woolovers cardigan got a real good workout from me last winter – I loved it xx

  • Love the grey long line cardi – would it surprise you to know that I already have a Sussan’s one in my wardrobe from last season. (No I didn’t think so – we both do love the classic pieces). Love it with those droppies was only crushing on them last night on instagram, maybe I need to add them too!

    • Petra

      Haha love how you call them “droppies”!

    • No Karen it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest because you have AMAZING style 😉
      The hood and the pockets had me at Hello – the rest is history. The droppies are amazing (they are another pj moment on the comfort stakes too). I’m sure the black will somehow find their way to me along with the khaki hooded cardi! xx

  • I’ll take you up on that champers 🙂 x