How to look after ageing skin

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I don’t EVER hide the fact that I’m 52.


No point really.

After-all, I am actually 52 😉

In fact, I often volunteer how old I am when I’m nattering to people I hardly know.

The sole reason I do this is because it gives me a severe case of the giggles when I hear people trying delicately to avoid divulging their age – I simply don’t understand it. Plus it makes me think they are older than they look!

You are what you are and that includes the number of years you have been on this planet

Embrace it I say.

Just like one of my favourite fashion bloggers is Dorrie Jacobson from Senior Style Bible – she is in her 80’s.


Yes, you read right, octogenarian and fashion blogger in the same sentence.

She is incredible.

You should definitely follow Dorrie, because her pictures inspire me daily, proving style is timeless.

Yes, Dorrie is a retired playboy bunny and make-up artist, who always looks a million bucks.

She still wears her heals too – this fact alone, makes me love her even more.

Dorrie is also one of the reasons I happily share my age.

Getting old is a pure privilege SO you might as well do it in style.

Style is something Dorrie oozes by the bucket load.

Anyway, my skin plays a huge part in how I feel about myself. Which means I’m prepared to put effort when it comes to looking after it.

I often get lovely comments about my skin, which always shocks me.

Because like most of us, when we look in the mirror, I only focus on the bit’s that I don’t like.

I would describe my skin as ‘dry as parchment paper’.

It’s super sensitive, extremely reactive and very needy.

Skin that shows every line, wrinkle and crevice.

My skin craves moisture 24/7 – stat.

Although I’m very happy with how my skin is behaving at the moment, I’m not one to pass by the opportunity to try new products.

Especially if the price tag is reasonable.

So after receiving a few requests from you gorgeous souls for  products that delivers the goods, but don’t break the bank, I decided that Skin Doctors was the perfect solution for trial.

What I loved about  Skin Doctors cosmeceutical range is it’s affordable, easily accessible and extremely effective.

But first, what is cosmeceutical?

Cosmeceutical is a hybrid resulting from Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical.

In short, cosmeceuticals deliver active changes to the skin, backed up by clinical evidence. Cosmeceutical products when applied topically penetrate deeper into the skin. In comparison, a cosmetic product will still offer results, albeit temporary. Cosmeceutical step-up by delivering higher concentrations of active ingredients. Think AHA’s Antioxidants, Hyaluronic Acid, Lactic Acid, Retinal plus concentrated deliverance of Vitamins A,B, C and E – all the things I LOVE!

I have trialled 4 products from the range:

pH Balancing Cleanser $24.95 

I can’t stress enough how important finding the right cleanser is.

It’s the first step in delivering the specifics of what your skin needs.

Before trialling Skin Doctors I was sceptical as to whether I would find another cleaner that could match up to my holy grail of cleansers. The one I’ve used for a while is a two-in-one product full of lactic acid (to strip away those pesky dead skin cells) leaving my skin squeaky clean and ready for anything.

What I LOVED most about this cleanser was its creamy texture, it did the job without leaving my skin feeling dried out. Full of alpha hydroxyl acid (which like my all time favourite cleanser) also breaks down the build up of dead skin cells. But it’s the softening avocado oil that leaves your skin feeling silky, radiant and ready for maximum absorption of the products that follow.

Overall, I likey this product A LOT – so much so, that I definitely will be buying it again.

I also think it will be perfect for Beckie’s skin.

How to look after ageing skin

How to look after ageing skin

Supermoist Face $44.95

As I said above, the biggest problem area for my skin is dryness. Yes, my skin is ageing but lack of moisture is my main concern.

I need heavy-duty products that deliver a continual moisture stream throughout the day to combat me looking like a wrinkled old prune after just a few short hours in air conditioning.

I also need my moisturiser to behave well, by playing nicely under my foundation.

Yes I ask a lot from my products.

The key to success with Supermoist is the active ingredient Resurrection Plant (found in the deserts of South Africa). This plant manages to stay alive (although it looks dead) in prolong periods of drought, the resurrection takes place as soon as the rain water flows. This coupled with Tamarind (immune simulator) and vitamin E (super antioxidant) offer a magical combination in the moisture department.

Supermoist is the perfect summer product for me and my dryness. In the winter months though, I would probably need to add a serum to maintain a dewy glow.

Superfacelift $59.95

You all know that I’m a sucker for any product that can work hard on my wrinkles, right?

In clinical trials Superfacelift was proven to reduce forehead wrinkles by 86% and crows feet by 63% in 8 weeks. At the moment I’m sitting between weeks 2 and 3, so probably a little soon to be able to report back, but the texture and feel of this product is light and non reactive. I’m also prepared to go the distance especially if it can help with my sagging skin with a bit of tightening and firming.

I apply this after my cleansing routine, followed by the Supermoist before I apply my primer.

Superfacelift has a good dose of Retinal (vitamin A ) producing the goods in the anti-ageing dept. it also works a treat on UV damage and promotes cell renewal.

Vitamin E also holds its own in this cream by also improving oxidative changes caused by UV.

Lactic Acid (one of my favourites along with Hyaluronic Acid) both like attracting (and keeping) hydration levels stable by increasing the water-holding layer of the corneum. Thus plumping fine lines and pesky wrinkles.

Airbrush Face $39.95

Ahhhhh – just the word Airbrush is music to my ears.

How does this work?

Argatensyl offers immediate tightening of the skin (it reminds me of a short-term version of Botox). While the skin is tighter it will crease less, over time this product is working on reprogramming the skin to decrease the appearance of wrinkle depth.

This is backed up by Sepimat SB – which is a light diffusing active which helps to camouflage wrinkles and other skin imperfections.

I rely heavily on this type of product in my beauty arsenal.

The is nothing as powerful as great light diffusing bounce back.

Overall, I’m guessing my deep wrinkles might be a step too far for this product, however I believe these products are perfect for younger skin in offering a quick fix for an extra boost of daily confidence.

Never forget…

  • Drink plenty of water – our skin craves this.
  • Always wear a minimum of SPF50 on your face and décolletage.
  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat.
  • And never go to bed with your make-up still on…unless of course, you are as drunk as a skunk after having the time of your life 😉 😉


Have you tried any Skin Doctors products? What’s you skin type? Can’t live without product?






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