10 steps to buying the perfect jeans

Have I told you beauties I’m working full-time again (ok, so its only for the next four weeks, but it still 5 days a week!).

Thank goodness the days are consecutive I say.

I know – what is wrong with me?

And more to the point, why do I always bloody say yes?

Seriously, it took me all of a millisecond to settle myself nicely into my part-time roster at Mimco.

But then again I suppose I did agree to ‘stepping-up’ to cover holidays if/when the need arose… I also suffer dreadfully with a severe case of YESEYitis  which roughly translates to a disease to please  – Come on, tell me I’m not alone? 

So for the next four weeks, my life will flip a very unsophisticated 360 and I’ll revert back to running around like a headless chicken.

If you’re new around these parts, up until last November I worked full-time as a Manager for Country Road. 

My life consisted of blogging most lunch breaks, followed by many late nights burning the midnight oil, while frantically chasing my blogging tail.

So in order for my life to not be a complete train wreck completely fall apart in the next four weeks, I’m trying to be more organised (very difficult for me – I mean who knows what I’ll feel like wearing or blogging about next week 😉 )

But even so, I’ve torn off my spontaneity plaster and even stacked up a few images – I know who even am I?

Anyway, my style personality is built around the classics, which means stripes and denim are always on high-rotation in my wardrobe.

Nail these two items and you’ll never be short of anything to wear again – I promise!

Because with these key pieces covered, the wardrobe possibilities are endless.

10 Steps to Buying the Perfect Jeans

Blue Lapel Vertical Blouse* USD $18.49 SheIn.com | Indigo Skinny Jean* $129 Bohemian Traders | Caviette Fold Over Clutch* $149.00 (Pony/Gold) Nikki Williams | Hayley Necklace from Feather + Oak* | Bracelets all Mimco (on sale now) | Heels: Last Season Windsor Smith

This outfit is me to a T.

Even though I’m a curvy girl, a jeans and shirt always makes me feel good and super confident.

It’s the kind of outfit I would wear almost anywhere.

It would look as good with a ballet flat, loafer or kicks (depending on your style).

Crucial basics to add the mix for A/W

  • Jacket: Linen, Pleather or Leather.
  • Ankle Boots: Flat or Heeled.
  • Scarves: Add your own personal twist.
  • Cardigan: I prefer long length.
  • Tote Bag (I’m currently lusting after that one) for day. Clutch for night.

How to shop for the perfect jeans:

  1. Set aside enough time for shopping. Finding the perfect jeans takes time, which means (unfortunately) you will have to try on lots. If you only have ten minutes to spare, don’t even bother – rushing just won’t produce the goods. You’ll end up either feeling crap about your figure OR buying ill fitting jeans that never see the light of day.
  2. Go alone. Finding the right denim should not be done on a girls shopping day, or with the kidlets in tow, remember you are on a mission to find style and comfort. You need time to observe your butt and thighs, plus only you know if something is comfortable.
  3. Do your research/plan ahead. Start by looking online, also checkout where your favourite bloggers buy their denim from. Make notes on your phone of exactly what shape you are looking for: Skinny (flattering on just about everyone), Straight leg, Bootleg, Wide leg or 70’s flare.
  4. Colour/Wash. Light, dark, black, white or coloured. For thigh and butt confidence, darker shades always win the day.
  5. Sizing. Don’t get hung-up on the size label. Buy the size that fits. Take the size you think you are, plus one either side to the change room.
  6. Be confident with your shape. Don’t let anyone convince you to buy something you’re not happy with. Look in the mirror and ask yourself  ‘do they fit and flatter?’. I’m a true ‘pear’ so I already know before I put one leg in a pair of jeans that my ample ass and thighs need to be disguised BUT, I still make sure they are snug to start with over that area. That way, when they relax (which they will) they won’t add too much extra bulk.
  7. Waist/stretch. Read the labels before you try on. Some jeans contain a lot of stretch (personally I don’t like this, when they ease off and go baggy, it offers little to no support for my generous thighs). Mid or high-rise is the most flattering. Low rise only works on lean figures (I’m yet to see a muffin top that looks attractive).
  8. Undies. Seamless full knickers work best for me in fact, I always opt for nude under denim – not sure why.
  9. Buy online. Now this is not for everyone (although it does work for me). I also prefer to try on items at home where I have everything at my finger tips. Check out a brands retun policy, if it doesn’t scare you – jump riight in – what’s the worst that can happen?
  10. Budget. My denim robe’ contains budget through to designer brands and everything in between. There are so many choices available. If you find the perfect threads at Target – celebrate your triumph and tell your mates *ahem, cough cough* that’s me…I have a denim addiction

Most of all keep an open mind.



The lovely folk at Rockmans recently sent me a gift voucher to try their denim.

All of my favourite bloggers have shouted about the Biker Jean so a grabbed a pair, plus a pair of the regular  Indigo Jean and dashed to the changing room. Guess what? I ended up having to take both (I just couldn’t choose).

The Bikers are very much a jegging (super comfy) that’s been made to look like a jean. The regular jeans have fabulous tummy support that I just couldn’t leave on the shelf – yep, it was that good.


How’s your denim wardrobe? Care to help a fellow sister by sharing which brand of  jeans you swear buy?








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  • TraceyHolmes

    I’m short & have to work like crazy to not look stocky. I have to buy premium denim for my size 10/11, curvy pear shaped body & 50 year old arse. I have owned Seven for all Mankind/True Religion/Paige/Hudson and current fave Current Elliot.
    And I’m yet to find a change room other than in dear old David Jones that actually has a rear mirror so I can see said arse.
    A friend of mine who was a fan ‘Seven for all mankind’ told me to try on a pair – she said I would never look back, & price per wear was about 10 cents. I resisted since at the time I favoured cheap n cheerful brands like Sportsgirl.
    Well, the bloody cow was right. It’s worth every cent. Premium denim lifts and hugs and NEVER loses its shape even after several wears, now I’m hooked. And poor.
    Love your blog & posts Bev. You are a red hot spunk

    • Tracey, I have loved reading every single word of this – it’s made me giggle so much!
      Love Seven for all Mankind – have you tried Nobody Denim? They are the bees knees too.
      I totally agree with you though, buying the best you can afford is always the way to go. Jeans that fit and flatter my ample ass and thighs put a big cheesy grin on my face…even if that means I can’t afford to eat for a week – although in saying that, I must find the money to eat, as I’ve just invested in mortgage worthy denim with enough fabric to cover my ample booty!
      Thanks for the love (and laughs) gorgeous xxx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Bev those jeans look amazing on you ??my favourite jeans used to be Katies but now their sizing has changed and the 8 is too big?But I still have 2 pairs that fit,I also like NyDJs and I have a pair of Rockmans jeggings from a couple of years ago that I didn’t wear last year for some reason,but I’ll take a look at the new Rockmans ones.I also have a pair of Targays boyfriend jeans ,that I love so I’m not loyal to one brand.Great post Bev,make sure you take care of yourself working full time and try and get to bed at a reasonable time,I hope it goes quick for you lovely ??

    • Thanks so much beautiful xx
      Try the new Rockmans jeans Lisa (they have a deal on at the moment). Full price they’re $49.95 but I think it’s two for $60. They are so comfy. Fit really well and I was my normal size 12, so hopefully they won’t be too big for you. I don’t own a pair of Target jeans, so maybe I need to change that.
      Your advice on getting to bed early is just what I need to hear…I’m such a nigh owl xxx

  • Kelly

    So this could be the winner of the longest comment ever but I have done my best to keep it short and sweet. Perhaps not so successfully! Good luck with the FT gig for the next little bit. I have become a massive fan of Shein after seeing you in that gorgeous maxi – I knew you weren’t one to wear rubbish quality clothes so I felt more comfortable shopping there! That shirt has been on my wishlist and probably about to be added to cart. Jeans – oh how I love thee. I would wear jeans every single day of my life if I didn’t live in humid bloody Brisbane however they are on at every available opportunity, I work in an environment where business casual is the dress standard but I have yet to be able to convince myself jeans are possible. I am perhaps thinking black jeans with a jacket may be possible and will probably give it a go in winter (if winter ever comes!). In terms of brands – I am all over the place. Though I have to say my fav distressed boyfriend jeans (after trying on 20+ pairs) are from Cotton On which shocked me no end. And finally – I completely agree with all your advice but particularly point 1 and 2.

    • Kelly thank you so much for writing such a fabulous comment xx
      So happy you are loving Shein! How amazing are the choices for the price? The quality is good AND it means you can experiment with the latest trends without breaking the piggy bank. Winner! The shirt is all kinds of fabulous too, goes perfectly with denim but also looks fabulous paired back with pants for the office. I would recommend sizing down (slightly roomy) if you wanted a more tailored look.
      I can possibly count the pairs of jeans I own – I would be too embarrassed to say it out loud. But like you I don’t care how much they cost as long as they look and feel fab! Might just have to check out Cotton On for a pair of BF jeans – something I struggle to nail! Mwah xx

  • Petra

    I used to be a “yes” person too, until I realised one day that I didn’t have to do that anymore, it was like I woke up one morning and thought stuff it, I’m going to be a “let me get back to you” person!!! And I’m so much happier!!! That outfit looks very good on you Bev – I have always, always, had denim in my wardrobe – mainly in the form of skirts – either short pencil-thin, straight and long, or cute and 4-gored. Denim can take you from casual to dressy, with the right tops and accessories – as a matter of fact I’m sitting here wearing my long straight denim skirt with 2 differently layered tops in black – so there you go! While I don’t envy you taking on 5 days a week for a few weeks, the money will be good, and I’m sure you’re time will fly! Have a great weekend! xo

    • Petra I truly believe that most of us have been bitten by the ‘disease to please’ bug at some point in our lives. But taking the time to stop and think, before gushing out a big fat YES, when you really mean NO is always the best option.
      The problem with me is I don’t always practice what I preach…when friends ask me for advice on how to handle situations, I always recommend they sleep on it, before giving an answer. But then 10 seconds later, I get asked to do something and say yes without thinking through the consequences!!!!
      Your love of denim skirts must rival my love of jeans. True love forever! xxx

  • Gabrielle

    You look gorgeous as always. As for saying “no” I think you can give yourself a pass on this one. Short term, manageable, pre agreed. BUT…. The inability to say no is a female affliction. I struggle with it, and feel the world will end if I say no. Here’s a tip that has helped me enormously.
    “So Bev, could you please volunteer to chair weekly meetings of the Mums of Beautiful Lawyers Society?”
    (Bev panics, knows she is going to agree, fights desperately to button lips, considers assaulting the nice woman in front of her for asking her to take on ANOTHER thing, desperately searches brain for acceptable excuse…)
    “Gee, thanks for thinking of me. Let me get back to you on that.”
    (Bev goes home, has a glass of wine, talks to Jonny, realizes if she takes on one more thing her head will explode, but has time now to formulate a charming “no.”)
    Calm and rational Bev tells nice woman “thank you, but I’m not able to take this on.” Resists strenuously the desire to provide an excuse, because we are grown up now and don’t have to provide an excuse. Because we know in our hearts that nice people asking you to do stuff will take an excuse as an invitation to debate with you and before you know it, you’ve agreed and given in.
    Bev struts away feeling empowered.
    Summary: delay and don’t provide excuses!

    • Kelly

      Wow! What a freaking fabulous way to handle things. Love it!!

    • Oh darling you always offer the best advice. Reading this has just made my day…the best part NO EXCUSE. I’m always so afraid of hurting peoples feelings (such a softy) that I agree to anything and then want to chop my own head off with a machete! And thinking of a plausible excuse, well I use far too much brain power on this part (because I struggle to tell fibs) I find myself being honest in the end (after wasting two days worrying). Hellish.
      My new mantra…’Can I get back to you?’ Can I get back to you?’ 😉 😉 – that was me practising!

  • merilyn

    you crack me up bev! … delightful!
    great advice thanks hun! … you’ve covered it well!
    i’d never go shopping with anyone else when buying jeans!
    I love jeans and I have a lot!!! … budget to luxe! … across the board jeans are such a personal love or hate for me! … they must fit and feel good on and look right otherwise, I shouldn’t buy them because, i’ll never wear them!!!
    “does my bum look big in these?” … no I don’t have one of those, however some jeans make one look like they do!!!
    oh yes and striped shirts, well we might have a few of those too! lol m:)X
    good luck with working fulltime lovely!
    you might have to practice saying NO!!!

    • Thanks so much darling M xx
      It’s so weird but I actually prefer shopping on my own (always have) although I must admit, Jonny is a great shopping companion (so patient). But jeans and friends combo seriously don’t mix for me. I want time to wiggle my butt into jeans, I also hate feeling rushed so I never relax if I have someone with me.
      And yes…I do need to practice the art of saying NO xxx

  • Jacqueline Mitrovits

    Thanks for the great post. I have to say, buying jeans & swimmers are the hardest things to buy – or maybe its just me. I recently bought a pair of jeans form the bird keepers range at Birdsnest & they are perfect in every way. Cannot recommend them highly enough. Jeans are such a wardrobe staple you need a few pairs particularly as weather gets cooler. Thx again Bev x

    • Oh thanks so much Jacqueline xx
      Love the sound of your jeans from Bird Keepers…I will keep them in mind to try (although, I think poor Jonny might just divorce me if he see another pair of jeans arrived at IMS HQ).
      You’re so right, cooler weather and denim form the basis of my A/W style. xxx

  • I hope your full time doesn’t get you down because we would hate to lose your beautiful smile.
    I am a total Gabriella Frattini jeans addict (I may have 4 pairs) but I also like the Gordon Smith Miracle Jeans – every girl needs a miracle right – and just bought a fab citrus coloured pair
    Jeans are definitely my autumn winter uniform, I just love them.
    I have a hankering for white denim next ?

    • Jan, today is day 5 for me…working everyday has taken some adjusting but at the moment it’s going ok – 1 week down 3 to go!
      I’ve never tried Gabriella Frattini jeans, but I love that you have found denim that works perfectly for you. Once you nail this step, shopping your wardrobe is easy! Get the white denim – paired with neutral is my favourite xx

  • Hope these next 4 weeks fly by! I have huge love affair with denim one that started from a very early age and there have been very few miss steps along the way but I have learnt that there are some styles that don’t work for me. I have discovered that fitted jeans do not make you look fat they actually have the opposite effect – maybe its the lycra effort of sucking everything in.
    As you know I have completely fallen in love with Bohemian Traders denim they are just beautiful but for a lower price point you can not go past Rockmans (I can’t I have 3 pairs in my wardrobe ? )

    • Karen, I’m pretty sure you and I are related from another life. I would be more than happy to step into your wardrobe knowing I would be wearing all of the things I love (although I might have to let the hems down slightly 😉 ) Just like you, my love-affair with denim started in the womb 😉
      Totally agree with your two choices – yet to wear my Rockmans denim, but I fell instantly in love when I tried them on xx