Sentimental Me: Me and My Twin

When it came to booking this trip away, the one thing Jonny and I wanted more than anything, was to spend quality time with Beckie.

We never seem to get enough ‘us’ time with our precious city girl.

When she does come home to the coast, its often only for a flying visit, before she dashes back to Brisbane.

Her weekends are booked-out weeks in advance.

She is my little social butterfly – that loves to be out and about.

She has lots of lovely friends.

She gets invited to the best events in Brisbane….I’m always asking if I can be her plus one 😉

She is a BUSY bee.

How she will juggle a career when its thrown into the mix?

On Monday 14 March (yes, this Monday coming eeeek) she will start her Law career.

The first day of her full-time gig.

The day she becomes a fully fledged adult.

She will be a corporate girl (if you don’t already follow @twocorporategirls on Instagram I urge you to take a look).

Even though Beckie has been living (very successfully) away from home for a few years already – starting full-time work, feels VERY real for us all.

Yep. This is the BIG gig we have been planning since Beckie she was 16.

I can remember the first moment I suggested that Beckie studied Law at University (we were still living in England at the time, Australia was still very much in the on/off category) – her response was  instant ‘I will NEVER study Law, I’m just not bright enough’.

One of Beckie’s qualities, is not believing she is smart with a good brain – which for me is totally endearing, because it means she never flaunts her smartness.

Deep down I honestly believe she is still genuinely shocked that she got offered this amazing Law role. I on the other hand, never doubted her for a second, I always knew that she was capable.

The way Beckie describes herself is as a ‘slow learner’.

Which is kind of hilarious, but true.

I liken this ‘slow’ pace of hers completely down to being a premature baby (Beckie was born at 28 weeks, nearly 24 years ago) – you can read her birth story here.

Back then, Beckie needed time.

Time to grow. Her tiny body needed to catch-up.

Time to develop at her own pace.

And that’s what she still does today.

She hates people throwing too much information at her at once, she is the type of person that just needs time to organise herself at her own unique pace.

But that doesn’t mean you can under estimate her.

At times I think she is capable of lulling those around her into a false sense of security with her blonde-ness.

Yes, sometimes she even shocks me.

She is blessed with great wit and humour, which often means she throws in the perfect-one-liner, when everyone least expects it.

The cracking ice-breaker that puts everyone at their ease at the same time as making everyone fall in love with her.

I’d call her the quiet achiever.

The type that avoids having the spotlight on them.

But while she is observing, I know she will be building strong relationships and cementing the path to her future.

One thing is for sure, when she starts to feel comfortable – she flourishes.

Sentimental Me: Me and My Twin

Anyway, as I had my girl at my finger tips, I convinced her to be my style twin.

It was the perfect opportunity for some stylish Mumma and daughter fun.

Thank goodness she is now part of @twocorporategirls. It has made her super relaxed in front of the camera.

So in true Bev style, we hunted down a fabulous wall and borrowed a couple of stools from the apartment 😉

Now even though Beckie likes off-the-shoulder, I’m still in the process of trying to convince her to love off-the-shoulder as much as I do.

I’m a true believer that OTS can work for most (as long as you have the perfect strapless bra – or if you’re lazy like me, just push the straps of your normal bra down your arm.

Note: if the OTS has a double layer, I tend to just use a stick-on bust cup – they work like a dream for me (Beckie is using them in the pic’s).

We’re both wearing the Adele top $55.00 from Blue Sage Clothing.

Beckie is wearing the S (it’s slightly big on her, an XS would work better) I’m wearing the M.

My jeans are Bohemian Traders

Beckie’s are Top Shop

A lovely lightweight cotton top, that goes with absolutely everything.

Think about adding softness to jeans, drop crotch, shorts – also looks great tucked in.

The sleeve is also perfect for moving from Summer to Autumn.

Sentimental Me: Me and My Twin

You may laugh when I say this; but I think Beckie would agree, that whenever she is around us, she relaxes back into her comfort zone AKA turns back into a child.

The ability to function as an adult leaves her the moment she walks through the front door.

It’s one of my favourite things in the world

I can be her Mumma without objection.

This alone gives me the warm an fuzzies.

I already know we are super lucky we are to have such an amazing relationship.

She is my best friend, my confidant, my gossip buddy and my sunshine all rolled into one perfect bundle.

When we get together we laugh, we disagree but we always show our love for each other.

So this week away had many levels.

It was time to catch-up.

Time to relax

Time to plan.

Time to dream.

And time to calm the nerves in preparation for the big day on Monday…

I don’t know who will be the most nervous.



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  • Oh Bev! I’m only just catching up on your posts and you nearly made me cry! I knew this week was Beckie’s first week and by the looks of things it’s been amazing! I know how she feels. Whilst this wasn’t my first adult job, I did start a new job this week that was my first ever ‘corporate’ job and I feel like such a grown up. That being said, I really wish I had my mama just up the coast so I could turn off adulting for the weekend!

    Much love to you both xxx

    • Oh Anneka thank you so much for taking the time to read my ramblings. I do feel super blessed and such a lucky Mumma – I must drive everyone crazy talking about Beckie as much as I do!
      Yes, thank you, this week has gone really well. Today is the first day of College of Law for Beckie (she needs this qualification to be able to practice – it’s all part of her Grad role). She is loving the firm and after 4 months since finishing Uni, I know she was reading for some structure (and money 😉 ) in her life.
      How exciting for your new role too – how good is corporate wear? (do you follow Beckie on Instagram? @twocorporategirls ) Since her and Sophie have started showing their daily outfits I’m lusting after corporate wear constantly! I wish your Mumma was just up the coast too – Beckie’s favourite thing in the world is turning back into a child the moment she walks through the door 😉
      Have a super duper weekend
      Big love right back at ya xxx

      • Oh Bev, I love your ramblings! I catch up on your IG feed at the end of every day! And you definitely don’t drive us all mad talking about Beckie – it’s so lovely to see how much you adore each other and you remind me very much of me and my mama! I can’t wait to see her here in Brisbane this December!

        I am loving corporate wear – it’s very grown up. However I don’t love wearing head to toe black every day as I refer to my style as refined bohemian. But I am loving TCG and Beckie’s personal IG too – and have been since they started!

        Hope you and Jonny have a lovely weekend and wish Beckie luck!

        Big love xxx

  • Jenni from styling curvy

    Yay go Becky! You’ll be fine on Monday Bev x

    • Thanks so much Jenni – super excited to see what the future holds for her xx

  • merilyn

    you both look gorgeous bev!
    hope you are having a happy week!
    beckie will be fine! it’s her new chapter!
    and you will have to be ok hun! … all good!
    much love m:)X

    • M, you are so right it is Beckie’s new chapter – I can’t wait to see where this takes her!
      it was so much fun doing this photoshoot – we could not stop giggling!
      Apologies for the late reply gorgeous girl xxx

  • Andrea from Icadoo

    Oh Bev, this is so beautiful! You both look stunning. Can’t wait to see you again :o))) And good luck to Beckie .. she’ll be fine (and you too ;o) xx

    • Thanks darling Andrea. It was so much fun sitting together, laughing and giggling.
      The feeling is mutual by the way…fingers crossed it won’t be too long before we make it happen again! xxx
      Apologies for the late reply!

  • Erin

    So beautiful! What a special relationship you have x

    • We’re so very lucky Erin. We laugh constantly and love each other unconditionally xx
      A thousand apologies for the very late reply!

  • I love the photo above of the two of you sitting and laughing together. Your obvious close bond shines through in this photo! The top looks gorgeous on both of you. All the best for Beckie’s new career!

    • Ingrid thank you so much, we are each others worst critics and strongest supporters. We’re also joined together with Mother’s glue for life xx

  • Go Beckie! You’ll be just fine. (So will you Bev ?) x

    • Thanks so much gorgeous gal – Beckie feels very calm (I’m secretly biting my nails) 😉 xx
      Apologies for the late reply…Burleigh well and truly stole our heart.

  • Suzie

    Oh such a gorgeous read! She’s so lucky too to have you as a mum. Xx

    • Thank you so much Suzie. I feel so lucky to have such an amazing relationship with my baby girl xxx
      Apologies for the lateness of my reply – our little holiday got in the way!

  • How proud are you of your beautiful girl as you should be, what an amazing achievement! I think you will be both as nervous as other and you will be on tender hocks until you get that phone call from Beckie to say her day was amazing

    • Just finished planning what she is going to wear for her first day Karen, I’m so excited for her to start being a ‘stylish’ baby lawyer!
      Apologies for such a late reply too, life (holidays and hotels and the odd glass of champagne) got in the way xxx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I know who will be most nervous on Monday Bev you my friend ?Congratulations to Beckie on her full time law job I’m sure she will enjoy it!
    I love that top it is stunning on both of you (I thought I was the only one who pushed down their normal bras) I indeed hate strapless bras but suffer for fashion.enjoy your time together on your holiday and I hope Jonny turns the corner this week ??

    • You are so right Lisa, I will be a nervous wreck. I’m so excited to see what the future holds for Beckie – you know this proud Mumma will keep you posted!
      This top is perfect on style, fabric and price and pushing down the straps of my bra makes wearing off the shoulder so comfortable…as I’m yet to find a comfortable strapless bra that I don’t want to rip off after 10 minutes!
      Lastly, apologies for this very later reply – life took over last week and I’m only just catching up! xxx

  • All the very best for the big day on Monday!! You are both so lucky to have such an amazing relationship. Loved your twin pics xox

    • Thanks so much Wendy. Beckie is so ready to be a baby lawyer (although I probably be a nervous wreck for a couple of weeks) and yes, we are so lucky to have such a Mumma/Daughter relationship. Long may it continue xxx
      Ps. so many apologies for the late reply xx