Move over Summer, Autumn is here

Hello Lovelies, it’s the 2nd day of Autumn and the weather here on the coast is having a reaction.

Well it threw down bucket loads of rain yesterday to celebrate the turning of a new season and the same is forecast for today – it’s still a tad steamy though!

Jonny and I were only talking about the weather last weekend.

He is so looking forward to some cooler temperatures.

Crisper cloud free days. Those days when you can throw on a jumper in the morning because there is a nip in the air, only to strip back off to your shirt or tee by lunchtime.

That is his perfect type of day.

He adores clear blue skies and snuggling up with cooler temps at night.

I secretly think he is longing for a snow holiday…

I must confess though; I will miss the heat.

Straight-up only thing I won’t miss is the humidity – Nah, me and my hair are more than happy to say adiós to the frizz that humidity insists on throwing at us for at least 6 months of the year!

Of course it goes without saying just like everyone else who lives in tropical QLD; I also loathe getting out of the shower on a boiling hot summers’ day, only to dash straight back in five minutes later, because you’re already dripping with sweat.

Darn you humidity.

But there is something oh so glorious about summer, that I always fight to cling onto.

So when the lovely folk at Wool Overs contacted me in regards to showing you their A/W collection – I thought long and hard about which angle to take.

Especially as it’s still stinking hot.

But then I focused on Autumn – as it’s one of the months that tests our trans-seasonal forward planning/styling to the limits.

I always try to show you pieces that I know will make a difference to your wardrobe.

Useful complimentary pieces that will see you through the next 6 months and beyond.

Something adaptable.

Something that will stay in your wardrobe.

Something that you fall in love with.

Not sure how I remained focused on the job in hand while I was browsing their online store though, but I eventually narrowed down the field.

Let me introduce my two new Autumn wardrobe buddies:

The Blanket Wrap and The Buttoned Poncho – Pssst – the blanket wrap can be yours, see my note at the bottom 🙂

But let’s rewind for a second. My love-affair with Wool Overs started a while back – you can read my other posts here:

Their choice is vast.

Their quality and service is exceptional.

Which is high praise indeed considering this is a British Company.

Don’t let that put you off though beauties – you pay in Aussie $$$$

Note: I can sometimes receive a delivery quicker from Woolovers than I can from an Australian based online business – go figure?

Move Over Summer, Autumn Is Here

Cashmere and Merino Blanket Wrap* $108.00 Woolovers (one size) | The Muse Shootie $299 Mimco | Jeans Seed Heritage (current)

First, I must emphasise the quality – excellent.

The 30% cashmere blend adds that extra softness to the merino and you can wash it in the machine (see care label).

Wearing charcoal grey with white works really well for Autumn – it also adds longevity to your Summer pieces.

I’ve added my new Mimco shooties as they sit somewhere between a shoe and a boot – offering a pleasant nod to both seasons.

This is also the perfect piece for travelling.

When I head back to the England this will definitely be in my hand luggage – it will be a toasty relief to the Arctic air con that a long haul flight puts you through.

Wear this:

  • Belted.
  • Wrap – throw one front piece over you shoulder (see above image)
  • Shawl – I always love how dramatic a wrap looks worn as a shawl.

Move Over Summer, Autumn Is Here

Buttoned Poncho and Shrug* $84.00 (one size) Woolovers | Drop Crotch Pants in Black* $129.00 (wearing Small) Bohemian Traders | Leopard Shooties Rockport (from the arc) | Bag Mulberry England | Tee Country Road last season.

This colour combination oozes classic styling for me – the hit of leopard makes the black and caramel pop.

But by just by adding the drop crotch pants turns the classic colour palette edgy.

Now this little beauty can be worn so many ways – offering your Autumnal wardrobe lots of choice.

  • Cardigan (do up one set of the buttons and wear with the V to the front).
  • As a shrub (do up both sets of buttons making arm holes – this is genius and my favourite way to wear).
  • Poncho (same as the cardigan but wear the buttons down one shoulder).
  • Bandana.
  • Scarf.

The possibilities are endless with a touch of imagination…also You Tube will always have someone with genius suggestions too!


If you’re interested in winning the fabulous blanket wrap in a Wool Overs/Iris May Style Giveaway head over to Instagram (if you don’t have an account sign up – it’s my favourite social hangout – it’s full of beautiful woman, inspiring each other – and you can’t ask for more than that).


Are you a fan of the blanket wrap/poncho? Would I find a cashmere blend in your wardrobe? Are you a fan of Autumn like Jonny?


Any items marked * are gifted to me in accordance with my disclosure policy. All of the pieces I show you are pieces that I love, and hope you will love too!







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