How to style a wrap dress 3 ways

It’s the wrap dress and me edit today

Yep lovelies, we’ve been friends for decades a very long time 😉

But it’s the kind of friendship where you don’t need to see each other often, to stay besties.

Those style relationships are simply the best.

You know you both adore one another, your mutual appreciation kicks-back in immediately when you are reunited, but time-away does you both the power of good.

Pure perfection.

You see friends, good old wrap dresses never really go out of style

Small tweaks and fabric changes mean endless possibilities and constant exposure on the fashion stage.

The wrap dress truly is one of the most flattering dresses of all time.

And I believe most of us can rock it with little to no effort (which satisfies the lazy-ass-girl in me).

It encompasses feminine, elegant and sexy in one hit.

Making me a huge fan.

How to Style a Wrap Dress Three Ways

When the lovely Summa from Blue Sage Clothing posted this gorgeous number on Instagram, I almost gave myself a case of whiplash as I was scrolling through my feed.

Lovestruck doesn’t come close.

I messaged her instantly to say it HAD to be mine.

As she is such a gem, she responded within a millisecond.

But why the hysteria I hear you cry?

Three things:

  1. Sleeve – this was the first thing I noticed.
  2. Length – bang on trend.
  3. Colour – blue, dark enough for A/W

When you nail this combo – style harmony follows.

I instantly pictured myself wearing the dress – panic and acute heart palpitations always occur at this stage, until I secure the prize.

The length is perfect on us taller girls (I’m 172cm) as it falls mid calf.

It would also look the bees knees on someone shorter, being more of a maxi.

This one is a true crowd pleaser and by adopting some of the tips below, it can be a high-rotation piece for you too throughout A/W

How to style a wrap dress three ways

Garden Wrap Dress* $62 (wearing the 12) Blue Sage Clothing | Above Denim Jacket* $179 (wearing M) Bohemian traders | Caviette Fold Over Clutch* $149 Nikki Williams | Shoes: Windsor Smith (last season) | Sunnies Beat Mimco

Three Ways:

  1. Feminine.
  2. Boho.
  3. Relaxed.

Styling Ideas:

  • Dress-up with stylish heels and your favourite clutch – this look works a treat for a summer daytime event.
  • Casual it down with your favourite ankle boots and throw on a denim jacket.
  • Layer it with a cardigan, wrap or shrug to add longevity to summer style through Autumn Winter.
  • Add a statement belt to cinch in your waist.
  • Accessories are key, add long strands as not to distract from the neckline.

How to style a wrap dress three ways

Garden Wrap Dress* $62 Blue Sage Clothing | Montage Sandal $99 (on sale) Mimco | Necklace and Earrings* Feather and Oak | Buttoned Poncho/Shrug* $84 Woolovers

Tips to remember:

  • Sandals work better for a lightweight flowy/feminine feel.
  • Ankle boots toughen-up the sweetness to offer an edgy vibe.
  • Fitted and structured wrap dresses adore a patent heeled pump for the office.
  • Choose a silky jersey fabric to nail any cocktail occasion.
  • Add a Spanx for extra smooth lines and a hit of confidence and to avoid VPL (visible panty line) of course.
  • If the neckline is too low, layering with a cami or long slip dresses can fix the problem and add a colour contrast.
  • Dark colours are always slimming. Navy and black always hit the spot, but this seasons new comer Ms. Plum is always a good alternative.
  • Want to accentuate the cleavage? Add your finest push-up bra!

Above all, remember uniqueness is priceless.


Style your pieces with a touch of individualism and you’ll never go wrong.


Tell me beauties, would I find a wrap dress in your wardrobe if I came looking? Are you a fan?


Items marked * have been kindly gifted to me in accordance with my disclosure policy


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