Burleigh with my Loves

A whole heap of holiday love

When a blogger you know and love recommends holiday accommodation (yes, I’m talking about you Nikki Parkinson) you listen.

From the moment I first read Nikki’s post on her family holiday to Burleigh Heads, I was sold.

I hopped straight online checked the place out, negotiated holiday dates with Jonny and Beckie, and had us booked in within a heartbeat.

It was obvious the Bujerum Apartments would be somewhere we would all love too.

Burleigh with my Loves

Nikki Parkinson is a woman with taste.

The apartments are in the perfect spot, right opposite the beach.

Imagine sitting on your balcony (with an obligatory glass of wine in hand of course) and watching the world go by.

Surfers catching waves, children playing and families relaxing with a picnic by the ocean – it’s a truly idyllic spot.

Burleigh with my Loves

A couple of weeks after I booked Burleigh, the opportunity arose from Mitsubishi to take the new Pajero Sport for a week long spin – I instantly knew we were a match made in heaven – It took me all of three seconds to go for it

Burleigh with my loves

I’ve visited the Gold Coast many times and never really fallen in love with it.

Burleigh is different – it had me at Hello.

From the moment we arrived I already knew we would return again and again.

Most mornings we had a breakfast in the apartment, although one of Beckie’s friends recommended a couple of places we should try (of course we had to oblige).

One of the places was The Paddock Bakery at Miami (a short 5 minute drive) – do yourself a favour, if you’re in the area, go.

Burleigh with my loves

Burleigh with my Loves

It was an incredible experience, the food was scrumptious…you can also pop in to buy a fresh loaf and pastries.

Dinner choices in Burleigh are also abundant.

Our top 3:

Rick Shores.  Asian influenced fine dining with a killer view and the prefect beach vibe – the bug rolls are to die for.

Burleigh with my Loves

Burleigh with my Loves


Fish House.  Classic meets beach – BEST fish pie I’ve ever eaten, and the Hendricks cocktail had us all talking about it for days.

Burleigh with my loves

Justin Lane. Mind blowing pasta and one of the best bar’s in town fuse together beautifully.

Burleigh with my loves


We opted for a two bedrooom apartment.

Burleigh with my loves


Burleigh with my Loves

Burleigh with my loves

The apartments are fabulous, compact yet perfectly formed.

Stylishly fitted out with everything you could possibly need, for a truly comfortable stay.

Next time, I would probably pay the extra and get the three bedroom though ( you get the whole top floor to yourself). The only minor problem for us three was sharing a bathroom (so minor given the idyllic location – but getting ready for dinner was a very slow process 😉 ).

Every single day we soaked up the true atmosphere of Burleigh from the balcony, it was complete bliss.

Confession time…

Nothing makes my blood boil more than crap accommodation.

I can be as tough as old boots if the crib I’ve booked, isn’t up to scratch – especially so, if it doesn’t live up to the marketers hype.

I’m instantly coiled to strike.

If I shell out a bucket load of cash – I expect the goods.

We don’t even unpack. No way Jóse.

Our deposit WILL be refunded and you won’t see our asses for dust – I would rather sleep in the car!

Do you feel the same?

A successful holiday for us has many elements, but the crucial ingredient is finding the perfect base – your home away from home if you like.

If we nail this, the rest falls easily into place.

Since we started visiting Australia (way before we emigrated) I always struggled to find fabulous accommodation.

So now, as a rule, my preferred route to booking anything, is recommendation – Hello Nikki Parkinson 😉

Heading south for us, must also include a trip to Byron.

We all love the essence of Byron, so it was inevitable that we made our pilgrimage back there again.

We parked up at Watego’s.

Burleigh with my loves

Beckie wanted to walk up to the lighthouse to burn a few excess holiday calories. Jonny was still struggling with his pneumonia, so him and I had a gentle stroll on the beach (which was beautiful) while Beckie got her fitness on and felt the burn in her thighs.

Once we were all back together, we headed back to Main Beach and parked up.

First stop: A cider at the Beach Hotel – I don’t think we have ever missed visiting this place when we’re in Byron.

Burleigh with my loves

Late afternoon, we had fish and chips on the beach and watched the sun go down before heading back to Burleigh at dusk.

The perfect family day.

We also had one rainy (ish) day which was easily filled with a trip to Robina.

A few more pieces were added to Beckie’s corporate wardrobe at Zara  I of course was happy to assist in the style stakes!

I also managed to fill up my make-up supplies at David Jones.

As we live on the Sunny Coast, travelling by car to our holiday destination was the easiest and quickest form or transport.

Although, going by car offers totally flexibility, Jonny sometimes finds this mode of transport a complete pain in the ass  nightmare when travelling with two fashion bloggers.

I, on the other-hand, was filled with absolute glee – it gave me carte blanche to squeeze in everything but the kitchen sink.

Now normally, this is where the problem occurs.

Jonny drives a Jeep (lots of space), I drive a cute little 1 series BMW coupé (tight on space).

As a rule when we go away, we always go in my car – Jonny drove from the coast to Brisbane to work for 3.5 years and see’s the Jeep as just a work-horse.

Weekends, excursions and general fun are always associated with my car.

I  am the car lover/enthusiast in our family (Beckie comes a very close second, she has inherited this from me) Jonny honestly couldn’t give two hoots – the exterior look is important, as is fuel economy, but after he has driven a car half-a-dozen times he zones out – I on the other hand do not!

What I don’t know about the visual/performance of a car I’m interested in, probably isn’t worth knowing.

I’m also a tough *ahem insert ‘excellent’ * deal negotiator (even though I say so myself) – don’t be fooled by my blondeness!

So if you ever want to someone in the know to test drive a car for you –  ask me/I’m your gal – I will also jump at the offer.

Anyway as usual I digress…

Besides clothes and fashion, holidays and cars are very much my thing – plus the fact, how would we fit in three bodies and enough clothes to fill a small boutique into my car?

And let’s not forget Lulabelle, we had to drop her (2 bed, lots of toys and her food) off at out mates place on the way.


Burleigh with my loves

Call me vain, but the exterior look of a car is high on my wish list – the Pajero Sport really did cut the mustard for me.

It felt stylish with presence – big tick!

Although extremely generous on interior space, it somehow still looked sleek and slick from the outside.

My favourite bits:

  • The performance/power: Yes, I’m Harry the Hardfoot – the 2.4 l (68 l fuel capacity) engine had the right amount of pull when I needed it. Road holding was excellent. The 8 speed Auto was extremely responsive given the size of the car.
  • Safety: A major priority. My cargo is precious, so yes I want my loved ones to feel safe and secure.
  • Luxurious: Super important to me (don’t judge me) but I love leather seats…I also love gadgets. As well as everything you would expect from a luxury car, it also comes with voice control (we are a techy family). You can plug in your smartphone and link apple car play (access you apps and maps) – all things that appeal to us.
  • Space: Compared to Jonny’s Jeep – the Pajero Sport was like a beast with a never ending appetite.

Beckie and Jonny’s opinion:

  • Beckie and I fought shared the driving – she is her Mumma’s daughter after-all.
  • Overall Beckie felt extremely secure (both driving and as a passenger) – this ride alone has cemented her desire for a 4 wheel drive.
  • Beckie also loved that it had a good amount of power from a starting position…another Harry the Hardfoot in the making.
  • Poorly Jonny spent most of his time in the backseat snoozing – he was extremely grateful for the comfort factor.
  • Like me he adores a leather interior – he also finds it so much easier to maintain.
  • He is also super practical and loved how much interior space was available.
  • The boot was huge and catered wonderfully with our excess baggage.
  • Pajero Sport was all kinds of fabulous, extremely luxurious, responsive and felt as safe as houses.


Burleigh with my loves

Burleigh with my loves



IMG_7160 650


Burleigh with my loves

Burleigh with my loves

When it came time to dropping if off, we all felt devastated.

Squeezing everything back into the Jeep for the last leg home was a big struggle.

Would I buy a Pajero Sport?

Yep I certainly would. In fact, we have already discussed it…who knows it may even be Jonny’s next car – just think how happy Beckie and I would be 😉

For the spec, the price is really good (it would be even better if I was to do my thing negotiating a special deal ).




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