A/W Boho and Classic Edit

There is nothing like an email telling you that treasures have been dispatched.

Especially if said treasures are all for YOU.

My heart always beats just that little bit faster when I read those beautiful words.

Call me shallow, I don’t mind if you do. I can take it 😉

Anyway, back to the postage situation…

One of my gorgeous girlfriends also has her P O Box at the same post office as me.

She is a gem.


Because when she empties her own P O Box, she has also been emptying mine.

See – already you understand why she really is a gem.

I’ve started to feel a bit guilty lately though.

Because my gorgeous baby girl (one half of the @twocorporategirls duo) is also having TCG’s parcels delivered to my P O Box too.

I know. Poor Jilly (yep, that’s my gem of a friend’s name).

Double P O Box whammy I say.

I’m guessing I might just be wearing (pun intended) this wonderful friendship of ours a bit thin, don’t you agree?

Jilly even delivers said parcels to me at Mimco.

Yes I hear you lovelies, I’m pushing my luck and yes, she IS worth her weight in gold.

And you’re right again, I do owe her BIG time – just know, I have a plan that may involve food and alcohol to rectify this situation.

But in the meantime…

On Monday she handed me a parcel I was extremely excited about.

The parcel instantly brightened up my working day.

It was from Bohemian Traders, and full of  goodies from their new launch ‘Desert Wanderer’.

I cannot tell you how quickly I had the scissors out – Edward Scissor Hands has nothing on me lovelies, especially when I’m on a mission 😉

I didn’t know what to feast  my eyes on first.

So here is just a snippet of what I found inside.

These two fabulous frocks will be a huge part of my A/W go-to looks.

Both different.

One is boho (a word I thought would never be associated with me) and the other classic with an edge.

Both delightful.

Both received with glee.

A/W Boho and classic Dresses

Melody Tassel Tie Dress in Desert Flower* (wearing Medium) $139.00 Bohemain Traders | Beat Sling Back Boots $349.00 Mimco

Imagine a dress that doesn’t cling to your lumps and bumps.

A dress that can be worn V-neck (tassel tie un done).

Or in a sweet tie to make the perfect round neck.

It’s rayon, so think sublime trans-seasonal fabric.

Add boots with bare legs while the temps are still mild, then cover up the fading tan with opaques for extra warmth.

A/W Boho and Classic Edit

Mid Length Navy and Cream Stripe Dress*   (wearing Medium) $139.00 | Boxy Denim Jacket*  (wearing Medium) $179.00 both Bohemian Traders | Beat Sling Back Boots $349.00 Mimco

Now this number works on so many levels.

Stripes are always a good thing.

Long sleeves and a longer length (hi-low) dress offers the perfect A/W balance.

The longer length and streamline cut are genius – not too clingy, just the right about of fit and flatter.

Keep it simple but adding a denim jacket or make it completely classic by offering a hint of camel and by throwing some leopard into the mix.


There’s more to come, so keep your eyes peeled on Instagram over the next few days

Because this collection truly has something for everyone.

Whatever your style personality.

Yes Bohemian Traders have crushed this release.

The recent denim launch fits seamlessly alongside Desert Wanderer making this a truly magical collection.

Just before I go…

Did you notice my new shooties?

They had to be mine.

Did you have a bit of boho in you? Or or you a straight down the line classic?


Items marked * have been gifted to me in accordance with my disclosure policy. However, I wouldn’t be showing them to you, if I didn’t think you would love them too x



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  • Jenni from styling curvy

    I love boho and stripes, I think the boho dress deserves some cowboy style boots ? You know you could rock them.

  • merilyn

    you look great bev!
    I especially love the striped one!
    aren’t the @twocorporategirls looking ab/fab! I love their outfits! wasn’t it all a good idea hun!;))
    they are soo lovely too!
    ejoy your weekend lovely! … m:)X

  • I’m LOVING everything about the striped dress and those shoes are amazing!

    • Awww thank Kirsten! I know you love your stripes just as much as I do…and well the shooties are definitely my new love xx

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    It must feel like Christmas every time your PO Box gets emptied…how lovely! Serious shootie envy here, they are GORGEOUS x

    • It truly does Nat – I feel so lucky to get such fabulous surprise deliveries.
      And yes, the shooties are my new love xx Hope you had a fabulous birthday weekend xx

  • Petra

    Oh I loooove the striped dress! Beautiful! I just clicked on the link to the striped dress and have to say you look better in it than the model they have on there.

    • The stripes is so gorgeous – stripes always appeal to me though. My love affair with them, never seems to fade! It’s strange how something as simple as photography can make or break how we view an item of clothing – it happens to me all the time! xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Love both these looks on you Bev,I’ve got last years striped long sleeve dress from Bohemian Traders and I love it!
    You will be rocking these dresses all Autumn and winter long ?????

    • I sure will Cutiepie – love them both for different reasons. It’s amazing how new parcels reinvigorate your whole wardrobe…I feel like mine has had a new lease of life xxx

  • Squeal! gorgeousness overload! I had my eye on both of these dresses, I’ve got quite the wish list saved on the website for me to chip away at. Looking lovely xo

    • I know, that’s exactly how I was when I opened my parcel…my eyes did not know where to look first!
      After about 5 minutes, I realised I absolutely looked everything! Keep chipping away beautiful, this collection is on fire xxx

  • Petra

    I like both. Sometimes I think I could be boho but then my OCD kicks in and wants straight lines and no patterns, so I never embrace it!!! Mimco shoes are great! Have a great weekend 🙂 xo

    • Petra I totally understand where you are coming from. My OCD fights boho continually…but I’m so in love with everything BT that I’ve had to find ways to make them work!
      Yep. The Mimco Shooties are the bees knees – super comfy too! xx

  • Oh it’s so great to see the pieces on you! I’ve got my eye on the print dress in the Ella style (which I loved last Autumn) and hoping to nab the stripes in the black and white. Love everything on you and can’t wait to see more. xxx

    • Great choices V – you will look DDG in both! The length and cut of the stripe dress is just perfect for A/W – I just know I will give it a heavyweight workout xxx

  • Suzie

    Oh gorgeous! Love both classic and Boho, depending on the mood of the day. The stripe dress is my favourite thougb and love how you’ve styled it. Your the Queen

    • Oh Suzie you’re adorable – thank you so much!
      Never ever thought I had any boho in me…I love being proved wrong though 😉 And stripes, well they’re always a good thing right? xx

  • Ok the waves of envy are crashing over me but I’m a big girl I have a credit card the situation can be remedied easily. Now let me just say that striped dress had me at hello and will have to be mine but I also love the boho dress, the red tones are becoming a new obsession. Even tho these styles are the complete opposites they look amazing on you Bev – can’t wait to see all your other goodies.

    • Karen I just knew you would love these pieces. You will both look amazing in both. I cannot put into words how much pleasure my BT parcel of treasures gave me. Oh my goodness BT have truly nailed this latest release. The colours are sumptuous and everything works back beautifully with the denim.
      Now what to wear tomorrow 😉
      Thanks for the love gorgeous xx

  • Kathryn

    Oh wow, I want both of these! Especially the stripe, but I think I could pull off the boho too. So much for me thinking I’m not spending any money this pay. I get my parcels posted to work (because I had a Birdsnest parcel nicked from my home letterbox grrr) and the kids love watching me open them, and see what I’ve bought. It’s so exciting, like Xmas! Kathryn x

    • Kathryn, I couldn’t decide what to show you first! I thought as these dresses are so completely different it was a good place to start. I squealed with please at the stripes. The cut is so flattering, you will love it!
      That’s not good that your parcel was taken – it would have seriously broken my heart!
      And yes, opening a parcel gets my heart racing just that little bit faster too xx