A/W 16 How to wear accents of Mustard

If you would ever have asked me if ‘mustard’ was my colour of choice, the answer would have been a simple ‘no way’ – followed by ‘blondes don’t do mustard’.

Until a couple of weeks ago that was. Yes, words have been eaten 😉

How we see colours changes all the time.

When a colour becomes the new ‘it’ colour and we start to notice it everywhere, our mind automatically conditions us to be more accepting.

But even so, never did I ever imagine, I could wear it.

A/W 16 How to wear Mustard

Ava Black Jeans with rips* $79.00 (Wearing 12) | Frankie Tank grey* $24.95 (Wearing 12) | Willow Cardi* $69 (online in grey only Wearing 12) all| The Muse Shootie $299 Mimco | Sunnies: Number One by Karen Walker

Often the key to pulling of a new look or a colour is to jump straight in.

But that, I’m not suggesting you fill your whole wardrobe with the trending colour(s).

In fact, quite the contrary.

One or maximum two pieces will offer you a nod to the trend, without full on saturation.

What I’m suggesting by jumping straight in, is to make sure you get as much wear as possible from the latest hue.

Trending colours are meant to be just that – they are seasonal.

Liken them to your show-pony pieces. You can’t wear them everyday, but when you do pull them out – they should stand out as being a bit spesh.

At the start of each new season, I always like to look up the colours that will be dazzling my senses for the coming months.

Get the heads-up if you like.

Six Key Palettes

  1. TERRAIN – EARTH TONES Brown is making a comeback. With Camel and Toffee leading the way in this palette. Key Notes: Dark Olive, Coppertone and Rust.
  2. FRONTIER – NEUTRALS Navy is the base, but think Mid Steel to Teal (picture a Peacocks feathers). Chocolate also plays it’s part, as does Wheat which is this season’s Khaki.
  3. IMPULSE – BRIGHT LIGHTS Red intensifies to Scarlet. Other warm brights Yellow, Mustard and Orange also play their part. Magenta rounds off the bright offering.
  4. MYSTERY – JEWEL TONES Reds still dominate, lead by Burgundy and Plum extending into Crimson.
  5. NOSTALGIA – MIDTONES Vibrant Azure hue extending to Light Periwinkle and Baby Blue. Soft Sky Blue and Hydrangea mix to make a bright Baby Blue.
  6. CLEANSE -PASTEL Ceramic Pink, Lavender Grey and Biscuit. Ivory is the off-white tone of the season. While Dust Grey moulds this palette together.

Trending colour report: www.weconnectfashion.com

Brighter shades have never really held my heart – I’m more of a muted, neutral kinda gal, softer colours tend to work better against my skin tone.

I remember my gorgeous Mumma loving bright red – a colour I have never been able to wear.

But when I see someone wearing red – I always think of her. This alone makes me smile and gives me the warm-n-fuzzies.

A/W16 How to wear accents of Mustard

Full outfit details above | Caviette Fold Over Clutch* $149 by Nikki Williams

The key to pulling off a certain accent colours is definitely how you wear them.

Putting a big hit of colour close to your face can be make or break.

My first soiree with mustard was the Desert Emroidered Shirt from Bohemian Traders – you can see me wearing it here

The Frankie and Co cardigan is the second piece.

I’m so shocked how well it sits against the light grey but pops against the black making it the best of both worlds.

It’s super soft and the perfect travel companion as it’s as light as a feather (I’m thinking long-haul plane travel with the temps drop to sub-zero).

Even though I’ve added my Mimco heels, this combination would work equally as well with a sneaker (white or silver would look fab).

How to wear Mustard:

  • If you are really unsure if a colour could work for you – start by trying scarves on.
  • Daylight is essential – artificial light never works.
  • Break up the mustard by putting a softer colour closer to your face.
  • Mix up your colours – a bit like pattern clashing, it takes the emphasise of the bright.
  • Accessories are the perfect way to embrace a colour trend. Necklaces, earrings and bangles all work a treat.
  • If you want to stay classic, add the accent colour to your handbag and shoes only.

Of course, there will always be exceptions.

As far as I’m concerned there are no fashion and styling rules – just wear whatever colour brings a smile to your face and makes you happy!

What seasonal colour have taken your fancy beauties? Plum, Mustard or Peacock?


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  • Kathryn

    It’s strange to watch the fashion coming around again, or should that be depressing haha! I had a chunky mustard jumper in the seventies, and rust was huge too. I am excited about the seasonal colour changes, as much as I love black, white and navy. I can’t wear pastels, they wash me out. I absolutely love the new Bohemian Traders range, haven’t ordered anything yet. Love the mustard on you Bev, and the shirt from BT too. I love red, not that I wear it much, but my Nana had a red coat she used to pull out each winter, and it always reminds me of her. Beautiful as always x

  • Yvonne Duke

    That mustard is lovely on you !! I bought the Desert Embroidered Shirt in Mustard from Bohemian Traders after seeing it on you !! It’s one of my favourite colours !!

    • Thanks so much Yvonne! Super delighted to hear your purchased the shirt – isn’t it simply divine?
      Have a fabulous Easter xx

  • I really like mustard on you! It’s funny how we make rules for ourselves about colour. I’m glad you broke your own rule and tried something new. Bron x

    • The older I get the more I break fashion rules Bron – what is wrong with me? Although, I don’t intend to stop any time soon! 😉 xx

  • I’ve never been one to wear much, or should that be any, mustard in the past but I will be tempted to try it after seeing this colour on you. Mustard looks lovely on you!

    • Me too really Ingrid, but I have been pleasantly surprised by the couple of items I now have in my wardrobe. Give it a try, you never know you might just love it for A/W x

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I like plum but I’m not sure if it likes me,I know mustard makes me look sallow as does yellow,hmm maybe peacock but only blue not green I am not a fan of green,I think because it was my school uniform colour!
    I think that mustard cardi looks fab on you Bev,I can’t wait to snuggle in a cardi,although I’m sure I’ll change my mind when it gets cold.Have a lovely Easter my friend ??

    • Peacock blue would look stunning on you darling and maybe some plum on the bottom half, rather than close to your face. Or patterned plum. To be honest, I think the shops will be bombarded with it.
      I’m with you on the school uniform reminder Lisa…the whole reason I was off Plum, or should I say Claret – was my school uniform. But as soon as my parcel from BT arrived I kicked my thoughts into touch and jumped straight in. Although, like you I’m not really a green person but I have surprised myself on a couple of occasions by loving green.
      Have a wonderful Easter too gorgeous girl xxx

  • Mustard can be such a hard colour to pull off as it can make me look pasty if I did the colour from head to toe. I love how you have broken up the colour with the grey and black it seems to soften it some how. I may need to be on the look out for a little bit of mustard in my wardrobe this season.
    I think out of the 3 colours plum would be much more in my colour palette but I’m always a fan of trying new things so maybe something of all 3 – just not all at once.

    • Pasty is the right word Karen. It’s all down to skin tone. Maudie would be able to shed more light on the matter BUT when it’s broken up it somehow works like a dream! I’m guessing you will look fabulous in it though (that’s because you ALWAYS look fabulous in everything you wear).
      And let’s not get me started on PLUM…have you ordered those droppies yet? xx

      • Maudie – Chic Styling – @istyl

        Great tips Bev. We can all wear all colours but we need to wear our least flattering colours away from the face and not to buy scarves in them. I prefer showing plenty of skin close to my face when wearing colours that don’t like me – my favourite a deep V-neck. Repeating the colour above your shoulders also help, think of accessories, hats or frames of eyewear. At times it is not the colour that is wrong, but the print, pattern or texture of the fabric. The intensity of the colour is another factor, like you mentioned that you preferred the muted colours. I think Karen will look lovely in mustard.

      • Not yet – I’m hoping for a spend and save offer, as they are not the only BT thing I want ?

  • Jenni from styling curvy

    I’ve always been a massive fan of mustard, it looks beautiful with burgundy, navy, petrol blue, peacock green, grey and of course black to make it pop! I love this seasons winters colours, I’ll be in my element ?

    • Honestly Jenni, I’m such a big fan of your effortless style and of course the way you embrace colour so damn well. Plum has truly stolen my heart this season – I just can’t get enough of it…I’m guessing it’s those BT Droppies that has converted me though xx
      Ps. your Empress Eleven droppies are the bloody business!