Indigo Denim Threads Three Ways

Unless you’ve hidden under a rock, you’ll be aware of the social media commotion last week surrounding the release of the premium denim threads from Bohemian Traders.

Yes they arrived with a justified BANG.

3 pairs of skinny jeans (distressed, indigo and black) and two denim jackets (denim and black)  made up the collection.

All perfect pieces for every girls Autumn Winter wardrobe.

This lucky-duck aka ME was delighted to be on board for the action.

You can read last weeks post here.

Can I just interrupt transmission by sharing my hilarious Instagram faux pas that happened last week first though ?…

I was sitting  half watching TV on Wednesday evening, answering comments on FB and IG (as you do). The lovely Karen from Styleloving2 left me a gorgeous comment, I excitedly typed my reply and used the #luckyduck hashtag – only auto-correct decided that #luckyduck would be way more fun (and cause Bev to spit her wine out) if it changed my hashtag  #luckyf*ck 😉 😉 😉

I know, cheeky auto-correct….so cheeky that it got DELETED

Now trust me, when the need arises I can curse like a dockers daughter (no malice intended to dockers daughters), but I try not to curse on social media, it’s not my thing.

The moral of the story is: more haste, less speed Bev and never underestimate auto-correct –  it’s got a fabulous sense of humour!

Back to it..

If you already follow IMS – you know I’ve long surpassed the flirtation stage with Bohemian Traders and advanced to full-time #fangirl status. Up until this point they could do no wrong in my eyes.

Now? They are legends.

They have nailed jeans with the curvy woman in mind.

I can honestly say they’re  BEST jeans I’ve had on my butt.

Which I why I’m talking BT denim two weeks in a row.

And because I like giving YOU what you ask for. Over the past week, I’ve received so many wonderful requests from you to show the indigo denim jeans (that I mentioned having in my hot and sweaty palms last week) as a comparison to the distressed version – as I know this look isn’t for everyone.

Oh and one last reason (not that I need one 😉 ) –  my thunder thighs LOVE dark denim.

Although the slimming effect that indigo gives is purely ‘illusion’  – it works a treat on my pear-shaped butt and thighs.

Like last week, I’ll style the jeans three ways:

The Night Out

Living on the cost is pretty cruisy, so when it comes to dressing up, I always opt for darker colours in more casual clothes. I feel this meets the brief and lets me get away with wearing my heels without standing out like a sore thumb.

Indigo Denim Threads Three Ways

Indigo skinny Jean* (wearing size 32) $129.00 Bohemian Traders | Denim Bandeau Shirt (wearing M) $129.00 Country Road | Bracelets and Clutch Mimco (clutch now gone to sale try DFO) | The Muse Shoetie $299.00 Mimco | Sunnies Dissh

OTS and I are massive buddies. Yes I’m still completely obsessed; which is why I will be wearing it at every given opportunity for the foreseeable future.

Although this combination is quite ‘safe’ the bare shoulders give it a sexier edge and the heel is showing a bit a flesh too – making it a transeasonal crowd pleaser.

Anyhoo, somehow I feel more casual wearing indigo than I do black – maybe its softer on the skin?

Sizing on the Indigo Jean

If you read last weeks post, you’ll see I was wearing a 30 in the distressed denim. The lovely folk over at BT sent me both sizes (I was unsure how they would fit my tush). Now I’ve worn both, I prefer the fit of the size 30. The 32 are slightly too roomy on the waist (I’ve hitched them up a few times) and after a few hours the legs have relaxed a little too much for me.

Indigo Denim Jeans $129.00 Bohemian Traders (see link above) | White Country Road Shirt (last season) | The Beat Sunnies in Ivory Tort $149.00 Mimco | Crystal Heels $129.95 (on sale) Windsor Smith | Bag Mulberry England

There is no going past a crisp white shirt and denim. It suits my classic style personality to perfection.

For me its the outfit that can take you almost anywhere.

My fall-back outfit of choice.

This look works great with simply accessories, a heel, your favourite statement handbag and sunnies.

For off-duty casual style try adding your favourite sneakers and a long colourful scarf to the mix.

If shirts don’t float your boat, swap the shirt for a simple white tee.

Indigo Denim Threads Three Ways

Indigo Denim Jeans (as above) | Classic White Tee* $59.00 Bohemian Traders | Boxy Denim Jacket* $179.00 Bohemian Traders |Sneaker:  ELLiE $229.95 Frankie 4 | Sunnies: Karen Walker No.1

When the mercury drops, throw over your favourite linen jacket or go full on double denim.

Everyone should source and own the perfect denim threads.

A great pair of jeans offer so much to your wardrobe, both casual and dressy.

Denim is a basic that we all need to nail.

So if you haven’t found your treasured pair yet – persevere.

Because when you do, they open up a whole new world of wardrobe possibilities!


Tell me girls, what’s your favourite label for Jeans? Go on confess, how many pairs do you own?


Items that are generously gifted to me in accordance with my disclosure policy are marked *

Even if an item is gifted, I won’t show it, unless I love it.








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  • Uggbootdiva

    Thanks for posting reviews of the size – it helps especially when buying online. Just bought myself a pair of size 30 – yes I clicked your link!!

  • So many great styles from BT! I love the indigo wash. Bron x

    • Wait until you see the new A/W collection that BT are releasing this week Brom! Big Love Heart Eyes – I can’t wait to show you the gorgeousness xxx

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    Love, love, love the indigo! For me, indigo is almost on par with black…suitable for many occasions without feeling overdone. You look gorgeous as always…completely rocking the CR top with the jeans xx

    • I totally agree with you about indigo/navy Nat (plus I think blondes and blue go together like strawberries and cream) it’s somehow softer on the skin…in saying that though, I’m still mightily obsessed with black 😉
      Thank for the love gorgeous girl – both the jeans and the CR top has your name written all over them! xxx

  • Ella Spurling

    I love indigo denim {so do my thunder thighs!} + I was hoping you’d post your stylish self in this colour way of the BT denim. Thank you! Adding to cart. Feel better soon lovely xx

    • These jeans will be fabulous on you gorgeous girl. BT have nailed this denim collection to perfection – I feel sure you will love them too!
      Feeling tonnes better now thanks beautiful xxx

  • Love the indigo, they’re so cool! Glad they’ve kept booty in mind too, haha.

    Ps – your IG luckyf*ck comment actually made me laugh out loud on lunch break ???

    • Em (from BT) has definitely designed these jeans with curves in mind…to which I have plenty!
      And I still have a giggle about the luckyf*ck comment – the fact that IG deleted it made me giggle even more! xx

  • Norlin Mustapha

    Dare not say how many pairs of jeans I own. Too many to say. Loved how you’ve styled the jeans Bev. Looking great as always!!

    • You rock denim Norlin. I’m guessing you own way more denim than me (and I have quite a collection – just don’t tell Jonny) hee hee!
      Thank for the loved beautiful xx

  • Sharon

    It’s official. You look fabulous in everything! You know I love a white tee/ white shirt with jeans and you completely wear this to perfection. I’m hoping to drop some pounds before winter so I’m waiting to buy jeans until I do…I’m on a 12 week challenge so fingers crossed I’ll be heading to the BT website to copy your gorgeous style. Hugs and mwah my beautiful Bev. XXXX ??

    • Oh darling, you’re just adorable and my ego LOVES you even more than I do!
      Good luck with your 12 week challenge and when you’re ready to buy some jeans I highly recommend these ones – they are bloody marvellous on curves!
      Thanks for the love beautiful xxx

  • Suzie

    Outfit one is sensational! You look so stunning. I’m still looking for the perfect jeans, as a small size hourglass it’s a bit of a nightmare….. Feather and noise unripped tash is my current fave

    • Oh Suzie thank you so much. The fit on these jeans has truly impressed me. They flatter without being too stretchy. I love the Feather and Noise Tash jeans too (although they are more stretchy than the BT distressed ones) whatever size you are in Tash should work fine if you decide to give these a go. I’m a 12 in both. xxx

      • Suzie

        Thank you bev that’s a great help xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Love these on you Bev,they look amazing I’m thinking about buying the indigo?My favourite jeans are NYDJ,Katies but not this year the 8 is too big?They must have changes the cut and my white CR zipped ones.
    I thought your hashtag auto correct was a little bit funny when Karen pointed it out but know you don’t normally swear on social media.
    Scuse me beautiful I cannot see any thunder thighs Xx

    • Oh darling girl you are super kind to me and my thighs – thank you!
      BT have truly nailed this denim launch. The fit is fabulous, the higher waist is in such a comfortable position too – you won’t regret adding these to your collection (slightly envious that I still don’t own a pair of NYDJ)…ps you’re tiny so make sure you get them small enough for a snug fit xxx Mwah

  • merilyn

    spunky bev! love everything! … rocking your hair colour too! ab/fab!
    I love indigo!
    btw funny auto correct! … I get too annoyed!
    hope you are having a great day hun! lol m:)X

    • Awwww thanks M! Classic denim is my safe fashion place – goes with everything and if you get it right looks good to boot! Have a fab rest of week lovely xxx

  • Your auto fail or success which ever way you want to put it of last week was the funniest comment I think I have ever had someone leave me. I still giggle about it now – thank you Bev and auto correct you certainly got my attention.
    Now back to these AMAZING jeans you know I love denim and I try not to play favourites but I think they may have completely stolen my heart. I’m saving my pennies for the indigo ones – that piggy bank needs to get fat ASAP

    • Karen I haven’t laughed so hard in ages. Truly made me giggle!
      I’m in totally agreement with you, BEST denim I’ve had on my tush for a long time…the denim jacket is a little bit special too! xxx