Emotional Me: Two Corporate Girls Shout-out

Beckie is between apartments, which means I have a two-week window of fabulousness – yes, my baby girl has moved back home to her Mumma while the new apartment gets finalised.

To say this makes me happy is an understatement.

I get to savour face to face moments, and not hurried daily catch-ups on the phone.

Our girly gossip takes on a whole new level – Animated.

I know I’ll crave these moments when she is back in Brisbane, so for the next week I’m not thinking about anything other than her.

Like most 23yr olds, my girl loves city life, so I knew even though she adores her family time, moving to the coast for a couple of weeks would still take some adjusting.

She also has lots of time on her hands before her full-time Law gig starts on 14th March.

This will signal the end of her 4 month post Uni holiday and the start of her future.

Which got me thinking…

She needed a new focus, something to take her mind off starting her new job.

Something fun. Something I know she would be passionate about.

So I decided to throw a few words out into the atmosphere two weeks ago, not quite knowing how they would be received.

Me: I think you should start photographing your corporate outfits and popping them on Instagram everyday.

Beckie: I can’t do that.

Me: Why?

Beckie: No one will want to see what I’m wearing.

Me: Of course they will. Look at Corporate Cat Walker.

End of conversation or should I say ‘seed’ well and truly planted 😉

The next morning, Beckie came into my office and said:

‘What if I do it with Sophie? We will be working close by in the city. We can photograph each others outfits’

Me: Fabulous idea!

Beckie: How about it we call ourselves Two Corporate Girls?

Emotional Me: Two Corporate Girls Shout-out

Beckie: Baby lawyer Sophie: Graduate property valuer.

Both gorgeous souls. Both super stylish.

So that’s when I started to get excited.

Within the next few hours there was an Instagram account, email and logo and their first post went live.

Emotional Me: Two Corporate Girls Shout-out

This was just two short weeks ago.

Beckie and Sophie are now well on their way to 2000 followers on IG

To everyone that is already following them – thank YOU.

If you’re not, I would love you to pop over and take a look.

If you like what you see, would you give them a follow please?

Guess what?

Within 3 days an Australian designer had already contacted them. I know.

Another very proud Mumma moment.

Super excited to see where the girls take this.



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