Bohemian Traders Denim Love

Oh my days…I’m in pure denim heaven.

Beauties, let me tell you all about my new love, because I just cannot contain my excitement.

If you haven’t yet heard, Bohemian Traders now do premium denim.


Hearing those words muttered in the same sentence, was music to my BT #fangirl ears.

WHY? Because I simply knew they would be amazing.

*Ahem* Just so you know, I’m not disappointed.

They are everything I want/expect from denim and more, plus a bit extra on the style stakes thrown in for good measure.

Anyway, as usual, I’m rushing ahead…

Bohemian Traders Denim Love

Distressed Skinny Jean* (Wearing a 12) $129.00 | Boxy Denim Jacket* (Wearing M) $179.00 | Silky Singlet Top in Moroccan Blue* (wearing M) $69.00 | Crawl Heel $59.95 Spendless Shoes | Sunnies The Beat $149.00 Mimco

About a month or so ago, a delightful email from Bohemian Traders popped delicately into my inbox.

What it was revealing made my ole-heart-a-flutter.

Premium Denim – I was a goner.

Yes girls, from that moment on, I was instantly putty in BT’s hands.

Or a good mix of excited and curious – either works for me 😉

You see, denim and the lower half of my body, have been buddies for a very long time.

My thunder thighs and round bum seem to look half decent(ish) when ensconced in denim (even light denim).

But for me to nail denim, the quality has to be spot on.

Too much stretch and those thighs of mine relax into their jelly-like state and flaunt themselves to the world.

My leg dimples love smiling sweetly through denim that is too soft lightweight.

So the correct weight and cut are crucial for me in the confidence stakes.

Firm and supportive through the mid-section is also on my wish-list, but not so firm that the blood supply is cut off to my extremities!

Anyway, these babies have blown me away .

Using the word premium conjures up exactly why they are spot-on.

It’s the weight and quality that has nailed it.

Mid weight, cut to flatter your derrière and true to size fit.

Making them look authentic, but super stylish.

Available in three different colours:

I also demand true skinny in my jeans.

My thighs don’t need the extra distraction of excess fabric flapping around my ankles, no instead, I insist my skinnies are ankle huggers.

And as I prefer to wear a heel (for extra leg elongation) it them becomes part of my look, and not being lost under fabric.

Style Tip: If you jeans are a little flappy round the ankle, try rolling them over for a more streamline look.

Size Wise: I go between a 10/12 in jeans the size 12 I’m wearing fit snuggly – they are not over stretchy at all.

I’ve styled the jeans three ways in the slide show to hopefully show just how flexible they are.

Milano Cape* $60.00 Blue Sage Clothing

Lace trim blouse in White* $139.00 Bohemian Traders

Yes, my Bohemain Traders obsession, has grown pretty rapidly.

In fact my hysteria has now reached the point where I can’t help but look forward to what’s coming next, even before I’ve ended my love affair with what I’m wearing now.

So if you are still a Bohemian Traders virgin and wonder what all the commotion is about, jump online and have a browse, I promise it will give you a buzz.

There really is something for everyone.

I mean, even if denim is not your thing, Bohemian Traders do drop crotch like no other.

All I need now is for the QLD temps to drop so I can live in these jeans – trust me they are that good.

Check out Nikki Styling You looking all drop dead gorgeous in hers and Karen Style Loving2  who ordered her pair as soon as they were released!


How’s your denim collection looking? Are you as obsessed as me?


These * items have been kindly gifted to me in accordance with my disclosure policy.



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  • Faye

    Bev, I too have a round bottom and thunder thighs with a few dimples! Being 150cm/4ft11in makes it even harder to look the goods but like you I prefer a skinny jean leg with a heel, even if it’s a wedge. Any visual tricks to elongate the body. Great reading your blog.

    • So glad you love the blog Faye xx
      I’m all for trickery in the style department, especially if that trickery gives me heaps more confidence – which is exactly what heels do for me! Have a great weekend xx

  • merilyn

    you look great bev!
    the blues are gorgeous on you!
    love m:)X

    • Thanks so much M – I’m such a blue fan…especially if that blue is in the form of denim! xx
      Have a great weekend xx

  • I wear a lot of denim in winter but I have trouble finding jeans that fit me well. Unfortunately this makes it really hard for me to buy jeans over the Internet unless I’ve tried them on before. I wish BT was stocked in a local store near me!

    • Ingrid consider giving BT a call. They are also super helpful over the phone, because they truly do know their stock well. It’s very rare that they get my sizing wrong either. Definitely worth a chance on this denim – its the bees knees!

  • I did have reservations about buying jeans I haven’t tried on but between you and Nikki I’m sold! Stunning again Ms May (is it ok I call you that? it just occurred to me hehe)

    • You’re so right. Buying jeans online can be a complete disaster. I think BT nail this issue perfectly though by sending them out to bloggers who are more than happy to share fit/size details!
      Thanks for the love darling.xx Ps. Call me anything 😉

  • I wear a lot of denim in winter, especially skinny jeans! Love the sound of the indigo! You look great. X

    • Me too Em. Dresses in summer, jeans in winter.
      I’m sure the indigo will be on my butt in the next few days too – I won’t be able to resist! xx

  • Love the look of these jeans. You look fabulous! Can’t wait to get my hands on a pair. 🙂

    • Bec you will look amazing in these, I also have the Indigo which are equally as fab!
      Can’t wait to see my IG feed flooded with gorgeous woman rocking them! xx

  • Petra

    You look so pleased with yourself in the photos?. Very cute! And loving the hair!!

    • I couldn’t wipe the smug from my mug Petra 😉 the jeans are the bees knees!
      Little hair secret – it was in desperate need of a wash but I was too lazy – the GHD’s assisted in messing it up for me! xx

  • You look gorgeous lady! Great to see your review too as we have a similar shape! x

    • Oh Vanessa thank you…and yes our curves are similar, which means you will look amazing in these skinnies with your enviable tiny waist! xx

  • On a side note your hair with the side fringe is fabulous and really fun xxx

    • Must just confess…every time I wear my hair to the side it’s always in desperate need of a wash.
      Full on lazy ass right here! I just throw the straighteners through it and rough it up a little.
      Unlike your glorious locks that always look luscious and bouncy xxx

  • Totally in love with these jeans Bev – ordered Monday received yesterday and on my body today! I LOVE that they are not super stretchy holds all my jiggly bits in place and also gives me an instant butt lift and who doesn’t want that.
    You look fabulous in these but there was never any doubt in my mind that you would look anything but gorgeous. I also love that denim jacket maybe it and a pair of the indigo jeans may need to be added to my never ending denim collection xxx

    • What service Karen! My deliveries to the coast take a day longer – boo hoo!
      I just knew you would love these though…I also suspected you wouldn’t be able to resist!
      The firmness of the denim is so good for the junk in my trunk, like you I know I will wear them to death.
      And yes, you must get the indigo (I guess they will sell out quickly). The denim jacket is such a great A/W weight. It feels authentic somehow…I will be throwing it over a maxi for sure! xxx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    You look amazing in these jeans Bev,I love all your outfits,you do blue so well ??I think I might have to get me some of those jeans I think I’d like an indigo pair….great post babe??

    • Oh thank you so so much darling – you’re such a gem.
      Honestly, you will love them. Not masses of stretch but enough for bags of comfort and they sit higher on the waist. Perfect weight too…can you tell I LOVE them? I’ll post a pic of the indigo when I wear them – they will definitely do the hard yards for you through A/W!
      Oh and yes my obsession with blue is here to stay xxxxx