Autumn Winter Off The Shoulder Edit

Oh how I miss the girls at Country Road…and Adam, yes I miss you too x

I seriously do.

On the days that I’m working at Mimco, I always go and see them at lunchtime.

I just can’t stay away.

All is well in my working world when I’m around them.

Being at CR just feels like home to me.

Quick catch-ups feel like the most natural thing for to do.

I simply cannot imagine being in the Plaza and not visiting them – do you think I have a bad case of CR withdrawal?

You know that feeling when you’re so super comfortable with people, that silence is ok?

Well it’s that, plus some more.

They are friends, people who have come in to my life through situation, but will stay there forever.

They are good people, people that make me smile continually…belly laughs happen often too.

One of the things I truly love though is when there is a CR birthday, I’m still considered part of the team.

I give to the collection, I still write the card, have input into the purchase and of course scoff the cake!

No. They just can’t get rid of me!

The one thing that has changed though, is the amount of clothes I’m NOT buying.

Jonny secretly LOVES this bit, in fact, he can’t wipe the smug from his mug 😉

Yes, when I worked at CR I did get a product allowance and a hefty staff discount, but I still spent a fortune on a weekly basis.

Temptation was just too hard to resist.

These days, I’m more careful with my purchases – look at me sounding like Ms.Good Two Shoes!

I’m being selective and only buying the things I know I will wear to death.

Because let’s face it; wearing a uniform at Mimco, I just don’t have enough days in the week to warrant buying so many clothes any more.

And that my friends, is a statement I NEVER thought would fall from my lips (or my fingers in this case 😉 )

Now, that statement doesn’t mean I’ve fallen in love with my tutu by any means – the shape and delightful polyester, are still a big NO for me…although a lady came into the shop on Monday to ask if we sold them, so maybe I didn’t look too bad!

No, wearing a work uniform means 3 days worth of  clothes are covered without any thinking – which in truth, feels super weird – I’m sure you already realise how many clothes a style blogger has!

Throw my unofficial weekend (Friday and Saturday for me) into the mix and I’m only left with a couple of days, to wear everything else I own/lusting over.

This CR top was an exception though – yes, a non-negotiable.

Because I know I will wear it to death.

Yes for Autumn Winter my off the shoulder obsession is still very strong:

Autumn Winter Off The Shoulder Edit

Denim Bandeau Shirt $129.00 Country Road wearing Medium | Summer Drop Crotch Pants in Natural* Wearing Small $129.00 Bohemian Traders

Before I go any further, let me address the Autumn Winter elephant in the room.

I know the temps are still high.

I know the thought of wearing heavier clothes fill most of you with dread.

BUT, thinking ahead at this time of year is a MUST.

Just remember to choose your pieces wisely.

How to incorporate OTS (off the shoulder) into your Autumn Winter style:

  • Sleeves length – there are so many options heading into store now – keep your eyes peeled so you don’t miss out!
  • Colour – think dark chambray, denim, black, grey and camel, these colours work overtime in A/W.
  • Fabric – silk and viscose make the perfect evening fabric, while merino, cashmere and cotton offer daytime elegance.
  • Scarf – add a scarf for texture and warmth.

Style options:

Go full on double denim. Wear dark chambray OTS with your favourite jeans for a true 70’s vibe – think camel/tan accessories.

Add longevity to your favourite summer white jeans by pairing them back with a long-sleeve dark OTS and your favourite sandals/heels.

OTS, drop crotch and ankle boots are a match made in A/W heaven. Just make sure you leave a hint of ankle flesh for a streamline silhouette.

Black OTS maxi dresses are such an easy A/W option too – take a look at this post for my latest purchase from Seed. I will add a long scarf and my favourite leopard shooties (pictured).

And finally there are the knitted options. So many fabulous choices out there from all the major high street brands.

Check out my bloggy mate Vanessa Style and Shenanigans – she has you covered in the Luxe to Less OTS department.

So beauties if you’re an off-the-shoulder convert like moi – please keep flying the extremely flattering OTS flag well into A/W…you never know, I may even steal you style!


Have you started buying Autumn Winter yet? Is off the shoulder still on your wish list?



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