New Beginnings.

(Belated) Happy New Year!

Where did 2015 disappear to eh?

What with the mad Christmas dash, moving house, changing jobs and of course Beckie’s graduation I completely forgot to fill you in on the house move itself.

So I thought what better way to kick-off the first blog post of 2016, than with a good old catch-up!

Because the house move was a tad stressful to say the least…

new beginnings

Lovelies, please remind me to chop my own head off with a machete, if I ever think it’s a good idea to clean the house we are leaving, myself, AGAIN.


In my defence though, the cleaning company I wanted to do the clean were already fully booked. This coupled with hearing lots of horror stories about things not being ‘just so’, that in my haste, I said to Jonny “we can do it – it won’t take long”.

Why oh why, I had completely erased from my memory, that I have suffered with OCD for most of my life, I will never know.

Everything has to be perfect, to pass the Bev test.

I also didn’t account for the weather gods being totally unreasonable.

Yes, it p*ssed down the heavens well and truly opened on moving day 🙁

To add insult to injury, I also (very stupidly) chose to ignore that the bloody house has white polished concrete floors.

Yep, I know, right?

It might look pretty if you have a steam mop attached to you arm 24/7 but dirt and grime stick to that baby like GLUE.

Just so you get a good visual picture…think steel toecap boots, rain and wind.

Oh and enough grass walked in on said polished concrete floor, to turf a bloody football stadium.


The beautiful beach house also has a tonne of louver windows to clean – another thing I forgot to add into the cleaning equation.

Yep. I can confirm, it was a living HELL.

Oh. And one last snippet of information that well and truly finished me off…

As we walked out of the house for the last time on the Friday evening, the house was positively gleaming.

But little did we know…

The team of PAINTERS that had been booked for the following week, decided to start earlier than scheduled.

And by earlier, I mean on the Saturday morning.

Jonny popped back the next morning and the house was completely unrecognisable with dust. They were rubbing down and repainting the whole bloody house!

Let’s just say that all of my nit-picking, buffing and polishing was pointless.

A quick phone call wouldn’t have gone a miss, don’t you think?

Yep. I know. A complete waste of bloody time and effort!

Effort I could have spent setting the new place up.

Grrrrrrr. Rant over.

Anyway, from this moment on, I will no longer utter the words “I love moving house”.

No Bev, you won’t.


Anyway beauties, I’m delighted to report, I’m now back in my happy place.

Order has been resumed.

The essentials were located quickly i.e. my make-up and my hardcore face vitamins A B and C.

Oh and best not forget, my knickers. Those little blighters always come in useful 😉

The washer was plumbed in the next day and my wardrobe was set up (to a fashion) – pun intended.

And yes, I can reveal I still have far too many clothes.

Of course, it goes without saying the fridge has been full of wine and champagne since the day we moved in (not that I’m allowed to drink it any more though –  New Year, slimmer me and all that), but the one thing we did fail to check prior to the move, was if there was a water pipe for said fridge.

Oh dear.

I mean, I’m the peasant that likes ice in her wine. Yep. that’s me girls.

Freezing cold drinks are my thing (I don’t drink tea or coffee – never have).

So I need (yes need) water.

It must be filtered, ice-cold and on tap. Having copious amounts of ice to add to that (and my vino) is another MUST.

I’m happy to report, I didn’t have to wait too long ‘Jonny Fix-It’ came to the rescue between Christmas and New Year  – water and ice are no longer an issue.

Phew. Drama averted.

Thank the Lord.

Because by the time I’d got the bags of ice home from the supermarket they resembled a melting glacier, which then refroze itself into a sold mass that needed the mother of all ice-picks to attack it!

The House.

New Beginnings

(House pic taken two days after we moved in…it slowly came together)

Guess what?

I never stepped foot in the place until I picked up the keys.


Marvellous Jonny found this place all by himself while I was at work (I tell you we were getting desperate, compromises had to be made).

Let’s just say the boy did very good.

The house itself is lovely and suits our lifestyle so well.

Its light and airy down stairs, the doors all push back to let the outside in – which we both love.

The pool has been replaced with canal living (which we’ve had once before). Jonny loves being on the water more than I do – so he’s a happy chap now he can pop his kayak into the water whenever he pleases.

Upstairs is really big, we have a fabulous balcony off our bedroom that also looks over the water.

We’re almost North facing, which was something we truly missed at the Beach House.

It’s also bloody convenient for me getting to work too, five mins from pulling out of our garage to locking the car door at the Plaza car-park – no complaints from me!

New Beginnings

And those sunsets are simply perfection…

New Beginnings

So do I miss the old place I hear you say?

Errrrm –  maybe, just one thing… The blue wall. 😉

So fill me in lovelies, what’s been happening for you over the Christmas and New Year break? Have you relaxed and had fun? Please tell me you have over indulged and I’m not the only piglet around!





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