New Beginnings.

(Belated) Happy New Year!

Where did 2015 disappear to eh?

What with the mad Christmas dash, moving house, changing jobs and of course Beckie’s graduation I completely forgot to fill you in on the house move itself.

So I thought what better way to kick-off the first blog post of 2016, than with a good old catch-up!

Because the house move was a tad stressful to say the least…

new beginnings

Lovelies, please remind me to chop my own head off with a machete, if I ever think it’s a good idea to clean the house we are leaving, myself, AGAIN.


In my defence though, the cleaning company I wanted to do the clean were already fully booked. This coupled with hearing lots of horror stories about things not being ‘just so’, that in my haste, I said to Jonny “we can do it – it won’t take long”.

Why oh why, I had completely erased from my memory, that I have suffered with OCD for most of my life, I will never know.

Everything has to be perfect, to pass the Bev test.

I also didn’t account for the weather gods being totally unreasonable.

Yes, it p*ssed down the heavens well and truly opened on moving day 🙁

To add insult to injury, I also (very stupidly) chose to ignore that the bloody house has white polished concrete floors.

Yep, I know, right?

It might look pretty if you have a steam mop attached to you arm 24/7 but dirt and grime stick to that baby like GLUE.

Just so you get a good visual picture…think steel toecap boots, rain and wind.

Oh and enough grass walked in on said polished concrete floor, to turf a bloody football stadium.


The beautiful beach house also has a tonne of louver windows to clean – another thing I forgot to add into the cleaning equation.

Yep. I can confirm, it was a living HELL.

Oh. And one last snippet of information that well and truly finished me off…

As we walked out of the house for the last time on the Friday evening, the house was positively gleaming.

But little did we know…

The team of PAINTERS that had been booked for the following week, decided to start earlier than scheduled.

And by earlier, I mean on the Saturday morning.

Jonny popped back the next morning and the house was completely unrecognisable with dust. They were rubbing down and repainting the whole bloody house!

Let’s just say that all of my nit-picking, buffing and polishing was pointless.

A quick phone call wouldn’t have gone a miss, don’t you think?

Yep. I know. A complete waste of bloody time and effort!

Effort I could have spent setting the new place up.

Grrrrrrr. Rant over.

Anyway, from this moment on, I will no longer utter the words “I love moving house”.

No Bev, you won’t.


Anyway beauties, I’m delighted to report, I’m now back in my happy place.

Order has been resumed.

The essentials were located quickly i.e. my make-up and my hardcore face vitamins A B and C.

Oh and best not forget, my knickers. Those little blighters always come in useful 😉

The washer was plumbed in the next day and my wardrobe was set up (to a fashion) – pun intended.

And yes, I can reveal I still have far too many clothes.

Of course, it goes without saying the fridge has been full of wine and champagne since the day we moved in (not that I’m allowed to drink it any more though –  New Year, slimmer me and all that), but the one thing we did fail to check prior to the move, was if there was a water pipe for said fridge.

Oh dear.

I mean, I’m the peasant that likes ice in her wine. Yep. that’s me girls.

Freezing cold drinks are my thing (I don’t drink tea or coffee – never have).

So I need (yes need) water.

It must be filtered, ice-cold and on tap. Having copious amounts of ice to add to that (and my vino) is another MUST.

I’m happy to report, I didn’t have to wait too long ‘Jonny Fix-It’ came to the rescue between Christmas and New Year  – water and ice are no longer an issue.

Phew. Drama averted.

Thank the Lord.

Because by the time I’d got the bags of ice home from the supermarket they resembled a melting glacier, which then refroze itself into a sold mass that needed the mother of all ice-picks to attack it!

The House.

New Beginnings

(House pic taken two days after we moved in…it slowly came together)

Guess what?

I never stepped foot in the place until I picked up the keys.


Marvellous Jonny found this place all by himself while I was at work (I tell you we were getting desperate, compromises had to be made).

Let’s just say the boy did very good.

The house itself is lovely and suits our lifestyle so well.

Its light and airy down stairs, the doors all push back to let the outside in – which we both love.

The pool has been replaced with canal living (which we’ve had once before). Jonny loves being on the water more than I do – so he’s a happy chap now he can pop his kayak into the water whenever he pleases.

Upstairs is really big, we have a fabulous balcony off our bedroom that also looks over the water.

We’re almost North facing, which was something we truly missed at the Beach House.

It’s also bloody convenient for me getting to work too, five mins from pulling out of our garage to locking the car door at the Plaza car-park – no complaints from me!

New Beginnings

And those sunsets are simply perfection…

New Beginnings

So do I miss the old place I hear you say?

Errrrm –  maybe, just one thing… The blue wall. 😉

So fill me in lovelies, what’s been happening for you over the Christmas and New Year break? Have you relaxed and had fun? Please tell me you have over indulged and I’m not the only piglet around!





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  • Congrats on your new home it looks beautiful and such a peaceful spot. Good picking Jonny! But I got really frustrated just reading about cleaning and then the messy by the painters – I would have wanted to cry.

    • Seriously Karen I could have wept. Totally frustrating and completely unnecessary!
      Jonny did so well finding this place though. It’s so light and airy and we both forgot just how lovely it is living on the water xx

  • Oh I am so feeling your pain about the cleaning after moving out of a house. On our last move , hubby was away and Miss Moo was only 6 months old . We had the same issue as you did with cleaning and having to reclean because of workers . Your new house sounds great and being close to work is always a winner. X

    • Not quite sure how you managed the stress of moving without your hubby around and with a 6 month old – YOU are incredible!! Loving the new place, it so relaxing being on the water. We sit and put the world to right every night on the deck! xx

  • Moving is always a saga … I avoid it if at all possible, though there is a possible move on our horizon. Looking forward to the end result, dreading all that comes between!

    • It truly is Janet…how exciting to here there could be new beginnings for you though. Keep us posted! xx

  • Your new house looks lovely! I’m glad that you got to settle in and relax and enjoy yourself after all the mad cleaning that was so quickly undone!

    We are still house hunting, I’m not looking forward to the move when it comes but I’m looking forward to getting settled into a new place. Maybe this will be our year! 🙂

    • Oh Mica is was an absolute nightmare – I would hate to think of it happening to anyone else!
      Fingers crossed you find the perfect home for you all to enjoy this year…make sure you get a great removal company and book a cleaner as soon as you can. The best ones get so booked up! xx

  • Amanda Bexon

    Oh my you poor love! Just put it all behind you and move into 2016 with your usual style & grace! I happen to know that this Christmas they put extra calories in everything, so it’s not our fault we put on a bit of weight. I know the Fat Fairy has been disposed of so the weight will drop off shortly with minimum effort. Good health & much happiness in your new adventures! It all looks wonderful!!!!

    • Thank you so much Amanda, you lovely words have made me smile…So happy to hear that my weight gain is just the Fat Fairy adding extra calories and nothing at all to do with how much I managed to stuff in my mouth!
      Happy New Year to you too, may 2016 be filled to the brim with love and laughter for us all xxx

  • merilyn

    oh dear! all that perfect cleaning and then that! … what a pain bev!
    as if you didn’t have enough to do!
    your new house is great! johnny did well! your front door is gorgeous!
    we are on the water too! it’s a lovely environment! and johnny is right! nothing like it!
    all so convenient when one wants to go kayaking or boating!;))
    enjoy your new life there! much love m:)X

    • M, if I wasn’t so exhausted I would have screamed blue murder when Jonny came back…instead I think I consoled myself by eating a huge bar of chocolate, whilst dangling my feet over the deck – the calming water soothed my frustrations in a heartbeat!
      Jonny is still living off the glory of me telling him just how fabulous he is, finding such a great home. While he is grinning from ear to ear,he pops his kayak into the water and goes floating off – pure bliss to see how happy it makes him xx

  • Sharon

    Oh gosh you’ve given me a giggle! I hate moving house…I can never believe how much stuff we have and then me whining about said stuff results in hubby carrying on about how much I buy..all of this results in me trying to stick him in a big box and throw him on the truck! I loooove your new home, it’s just gorgeous. I overindulged at Christmas and I’m fairly certain I ate an entire Christmas cake by myself over a two week period! I need to exercise but now it’s too flipping hot! Love your house, love your blog, love you xxx hugs and mwah xxx

    • So happy I made you giggle. It’s always like a comedy of errors at our place. Something always goes pear-shaped…which mates my butt perfectly!
      I could not stop ramming food into my mouth over Christmas. Cheese and crisps were the main culprit…today I’m trying to be healthy (I’ve failed of course) by eating a huge chunk of Toblerone that Beckie has left in the fridge (so she doesn’t eat it and get fat).
      Love you right back xxx Mwah

  • Petra

    You make me laugh!!! I’ve done too many moves and cleans in my life that I’ve learnt my lesson and have someone else do the cleaning!!! I’m glad you’re happy in your new place, even tho’ you didn’t get to see it beforehand, and the canal breezes will be lovely. Happy and healthy 2016 Bev 🙂

    • Petra do you know the thing I love hearing the most? Is that I make you laugh…it gives me so much pleasure. Thank you xx
      Next time we move, I intend to sit firmly on my butt and not lift a finger – although, I love this place so hopefully we’ll be here for a while 😉
      Wishing you and yours a blissfully happy 2016 that is healthy and full of laughter xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Oh Bev I would have truly lost it after cleaning your house and the painters wrecking all your hard work or sat on the floor and sobbed!
    Your new house looks gorgeous and you have that lovely front door?I’m so glad you’re all settled in I don’t move we have lived here since we built the house and even did an extension when the kids were young so we didn’t have to move,though I’ve helped my children move into their new homes and that’s enough for me.Wishing you many many wonderful deck dates in your new abode Bev Xx

    • Honestly Lisa to say I was exhausted was a complete understatement. I was nearly sobbing on the Friday when we left. Then when Jonny came back and said the place was a complete dust ball, they had rubbed everything down – can you imagine the clouds of dust? I was gutted.
      Loving the new place though. It’s perfect for us both but roomy enough for when Beckie comes home or friends stay.
      I love that you still live in the same house darling, its magical to hear. Imagine how many wonderful memories your home is filled with xxx

  • Definitely over indulged and now paying the price. No weekday wine in this house until things improve. Trying to stay off the sugar as well. Hoping both those tactics plus some exercise will turn things around.
    Your new home looks lovely, now is your time to enjoy it. J xx

    • Me too Jane. Me too! I’m also staying off the midweek wine…although Beckie came home last night so it seemed rude not to enjoy her and celebrate her arrival with a vino on the deck! xx

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    Oh my…I don’t know how you keep it together what with work and that too. You’ve had such a busy time of late. We hope to move in the next 6 months so I feel your pain with the cleaning. I won’t be doing that or removing anything…nope, call me a Princess but I’m too old to be faffed lol! I’ll get someone in to do that. Cheers to your new, beautiful home and all the best for 2016 xx

    • Oh Nat how exciting that you’ll be moving! See, I told myself I hate moving but as soon as I hear someone else mention it, I’m there, boots blacked and all! Yes, to removals (ours were brilliant, even though they walked half of the lawn inside) and hell will freeze over before I ever clean another house on exit! Please continue to be a gorgeous Princess – and may 2016 be filled to the brim with love and laughter for you xxx

  • Jane Wade

    Well done you! And Jonny!! You could get a paddleboard and a Cameron Diaz stomach would be yours in a week! And you wouldnt have to give up wine(is that even possible?!). Ive got a tin of blue paint with your name on it! Xxhappy house xxj

    • Awwww Jane I’m trying to convince Jonny about the paddleboard…just the thought of a Cameron Diaz stomach coupled with copious amounts of wine sounds like the best option ever!
      Thanks darling xx

  • Erin

    Moving is the worst!! We have moved 4 times in the last 4 years (with three kids) but are finally staying put for now!! Enjoy your new abode xxx

    • Oh Erin I hear you! It’s so painful to pack up and unpack almost straight away! So gad to hear you have found a lovely new home xx

  • Norlin Mustapha

    Ah moving… I hear you sista! I HATE MOVING! And I’ll be doing that VERY soon…like in a few week’s time ARGH! Not looking forward to all the packing and unpacking but I have to admit I AM looking forward to my new kitchen 😉

    • Oh darling I’m sure you will be fine and dandy. Its the perfect time to have a good old clear out and start afresh. Make sure you book a good removal company though – as this is the key to less stress!
      Can’t wait to see your new place xx

  • Kathryn

    I hate moving. Full stop. Your new home looks great, and top spot for an afternoon tipple ?. My Xmas…well…finished work day before xmas eve, got up next day feeling great, drove to brissie and felt sick that night. By boxing day felt sick as a dog. Went to Mackay anyway thinking I would fight whatever it was off. Nope. Came home 2 days later straight to bed. Bronchitis and asthma. Never been so sick. Still off work even having a shower exhausts me. Hence my resolutions of looking after myself. I’m hoping 2016 is going to get better!

    • Kathryn I have loved moving up until this point. I now hate it 😉
      You poor thing being so ill over Christmas. Bronchitis is the absolute pits and coupled with asthma – bloody horrendous. Rest up darling, don’t even think of going back to work until you have fully recovered. Respitory (sure I’ve spelt that wrong) infections have a nasty habit of reoccurring if you try to rush xxx sending you a huge hug and lots of love xxx

  • Lisa

    Oh I can SO relate We moved house last Tuesday in the rain Had amazing helpers but oh my gosh we have so much stuff This is our ninth move in 8 years and we still have so much stuff Because the move happened quite quickly I couldn’t get my normal cleaners so a friend and I scrubbed the place until you could have eaten off the bathroom floor It was spotless Then the owner, who lived next door and had been causing us all sorts of trouble, came in and trashed the place before the real estate did the inspection. Let’s just say I had more than a few choice words to say We have ‘almost’ settled in. Glad to be away from the nutters. And I must say the local bottle shop has been doing a roaring trade from me this past week!!! x

    • Lisa, like you we have tonnes of stuff that we have been moving from house to house because we never seem to find the time to sort it out.Thank goodness the removal company we used were fabulous (even if they did walk half of the garden inside 😉 ). It sounds like we both shed blood sweat and tears on the cleaning only to have it spoilt by someone else…your old neighbours sounded horrendous by the way. It sounds like you’ve had a very lucky escape!
      Happy New Home to you and yours darling and a big cheers to the bottle shop expeditions. xxx

  • Jenni from Styling Curvy

    But your front door is super bloody awesome!

    • At first all I could think about was not having the wall for my pics (it was a bit like losing a comfort blanket) but now I think I might prefer the front door anyway! xx

  • Certainly not as eventful as yours, Bev. Happy to hear that all calm is restored in your life. Loving those gorgeous views. Happy 2016 to you and your lovely family. Hugs. V x

    • Thanks so much gorgeousness…truly loving the new place. Wishing you and your beautiful girls a wonderful 2016 – I’m also delighted to hear you’re loving being at CR xx