Bamboo Body

Lovelies, I’m at it again.

I’m about to go on about fabric – stay with me though…

Yes fabric.

The difference between me feeling utterly fantastic or a steaming dripping wreck!

Honestly, add a serious hot flush to polyester and weather dependant, it can be disasterville for me.

In these moments, not only do I facially resemble a beetroot (move over red tomatoes, purple is my hot-sweat colour of choice), anxiety then quickly washes over me, as I hyperventilate at the mere thought of adding sweat patches to that equation – this scenario truly fills me with utter dread.

Think gorgeous cobalt blue or light grey with a dark damp patch on the front – Na, not a good look on anyone!

You see. As a whole, my affliction is made all the worse because I very rarely perspire (except for when I’m exercising of course – this I can cope with).

Lucky duck I know.

So when I do, it shocks the life out of me – making me sweat even more.

Of course, I still get loads of those hot and bothered 50 year old moments, but that’s where it ends.

The only exception to this rule is if I’m completely crapping myself apprehensive or petrified.

Yep. It’s that simple.

You see beauties, I’m a firm believer you should avoid anything or anyone that makes you break out in a sweat of any kind – hot or cold 😉

So, say Hello to my latest wardrobe friend from Bamboo Body.

Cute, stylish and cool to boot.

Bamboo Body

Bamboo Maxi Dress $129.95 Navy and White Bamboo Bodies (wearing M) | Rhythm Heel $249.00 Mimco |

When I received the email from sisters Amanda and Elouise (the creators of Bamboo Body) I knew who they were.

Oh yes I did.

They were already on my radar  – my quest to finding wearable stylish clothes that ticked all the boxes in the fabric department, has growning for a while.

Bamboo Facts:

Did you know that bamboo is softer and more breathable than cotton?

Did you also know that it has natural moisture wicking, its anti-bacterial and full of anti-odour properties?

And to top that off…

The bamboo plant is such a ferocious grower that releases more oxygen than trees!

Who would have thought.

The Dress:

What I love most about this gorgeous frock is the feel. It’s so light, yet super soft against your skin.

From the moment I slipped it on, I was comfortable.

It’s also the perfect dress to take you almost anywhere.

Wear as is, with your favourite wedges or flats on a hot and sticky day for comfort and stylishness. Add a scarf around your shoulder when the temp drops.

Add a linen jacket, a pair of your favourite sneakers and your coolest sunnies for a crisp statement look.

Or simply tie a denim shirt around the waist and throw on your flip-flops to do the groceries.

It just works

Yep. I think it’s about time I added more bamboo to my wardrobe…poor Jonny 😉


Don’t you agree there is something oh so sweet about pulling on your clothes, knowing they are working just that bit harder for you?

Any bamboo in your wardrobe…or your knicker drawer?


  • Please note: No polyester was harmed whilst writing this blog post 😉 You will still find plenty of it in my wardrobe.


This dress was sent to me from the lovely girls at Bamboo Bodies in accordance with my disclosure policy


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  • I’ve not tried Bamboo but this looks amazing. Definitely going to give it a try. Thanks for linking up on #stalkherstyle.x

  • Frances Maitland

    I’m a bamboo fan from clothes, underwear even sheets. It breathes! And feels silky. @brisbanefrannie

    • How good is it Fran? I’m now on a mission to add some sheets to my collection…although I do adore my linen sheets too! xx

  • Oooh ! I’ve heard so much about bamboo clothing. Would love to try it myself! You look great Bev!

    • Em jump on board – so super soft you it will blow your mind! Thanks for the love gorgeous xx

  • merilyn

    a great find for you thanks bev! … love the dress and you look terrific!
    I love bamboo underwear and have had some for a few years and a couple of tops … uber soft! …
    I really can’t wear synthetics, so it’s bamboo, cotton, linen, silk in the summer and wool in the winter.
    I also don’t perspire much except for those hot flushes and they are the pits and night sweats well! … lets not go there! … you explained the experience of the overwhelm so well! … I only get a few now!
    I had hormone replacement for a short time then had natural remedies remi femin, macca powder seemed to help too! … it’s trial and error and take a fan!;) … keep cool in your bamboo lovely! much love m:)X

    • Thanks darling – I’m truly addicted to the softness!
      Our fabric choices are identical M – I’ve adored linen and silk for as long as I can remember and throw in a hit of cashmere in to the equation and I go weak at the knees!
      I’ve been on HRT for a good few years (I had an emergency hysterectomy at 40) but spoke to the doctor yesterday with a view to reducing it. The only problem I have is, if I miss a patch at the moment the night sweats are unbearable. I’ll look at what you’ve suggested though, thanks for the intel.
      Much love right back at ya xx

  • Sold. I need it. I hate polyester in summer. I love the idea of that dress for a variety of occasions. I think I own one bamboo tank top and the softness is amazing. xo

    • Wendy work or play this one is the bees-bloody-knees! I’m so happy to be a total bamboo fangirl now! Polyester and summer just don’t mix do they! xxx

  • Petra

    I’ve bought my son a couple of bamboo t-shirts and he loves them. But he is extremely fussy and will only have soft, silky-like fabric next to his skin! I remember when hemp fabric was all the rage – it seemed “naughty” to buy it!!! You’ve reminded me that I must keep an eye out for some bamboo for myself, after all, I love bamboo floor boards lol xo

    • Petra to be honest, when bamboo first was talked about, I didn’t really take that much notice. But when I was sent bamboo knickers from Bella Bodies, I realised that I should investigate further. This dress is the softest most comfortable dress ever. In fact, so good that I want to wear it every single day.
      I love that your son likes nice fabric next to his skin – I was just like that as a kid, and now I refuse to entertain anything that makes me itchy! Promise to treat yourself soon? xx

  • I love it! That dress looks amazing on you. Bron x

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I love bamboo fabric Bev, I agree it’s beautiful.You look stunning in this gorgeous maxi darling ????

    • Lisa me too now…no longer will it just be confined to my knicker drawer! Thanks for the love gorgeous girl xxx

  • Kathryn

    I have bamboo beach pants, singlets and knickers. So comfortable! Love this dress Bev, wouldn’t it great for travelling 🙂 xx

    • Kathryn, I NEED to catch up with you…so far just knickers and this dress. I’m seriously lagging! xx
      And a big yes to travelling too!

  • Bamboo, the new ‘it’ fabric I reckon ?