Adrift: The Summer Jumpsuit Edit

When you love clothes and fashion as much as I do, you can’t help but fall in love often…I guess it comes with the territory.

Yes, I fall in and out of style love with reckless abandon – call me the flirty, flighty sort 😉

I’m also a dreamer – you knew that right?

I conjure up outfits in my head, all the time.

I drool over gorgeousness on instagram and pinterest daily.

YOU, my little crew of awesomeness, also inspire me too.

YOUR words of encouragement never fails to spur me on.

YOUR endless support gives me the confidence to push a few boundaries and maybe explore options, I might never have once tried.

Just recently (well for about 4 months) I’ve hankerd over adding a summer jumpsuit to my repertoire.

After much searching, I dismissed this need desire, believing my list of ‘must-haves’ had catapulted this notion straight to the too-hard basket.

Until now.

Adrift: The Summer Jumpsuit

Groove Jumpsuit in Ocean $149.95 * Adrift |Heels:  Crystal Sand Suede $159.95 Windsor Smith | The Beat Sunnies $149.00 Mimco

Jumpsuits are notoriously difficult to pull off – it you’re not made of  ‘supermodel’ proportions i.e. you’re not pear-shaped ME.

I also have a long torso (I know, I’m a dedicated over-sharer).

Have you got the visual picture yet? Long torso + jumpsuit = not a good look on anyone, EVER!

Style Note:

When trying on a jumpsuit check yourself in the mirror front and back for ample length in the torso – the sprayed-on look never looks good – except on overweight powder fresh smelling babies 🙂

Anyway, hours of dreaming and doodling left me with this list:

  • V-neck.
  • Short sleeve.
  • Lightweight.
  • Stylish.
  • Wide or tapered leg.
  • Smart/casual.

I’ll let you into a little secret…

So mad was this craving of mine, I even considered wearing one for Beckie’s graduation

I eventually came to my senses of course.  It just wasn’t the right thing to wear to such a formal occasion –  BUT still, I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

Prior to the graduation, one night, I actually did a sneaky bit of online shopping at Gorman (when Jonny was shredding some zzzzzzz’s). I ordered the most fabulous jumpsuit in linen and silk  – I loved it. The only issue was the colour (a dark petrol blue) it just wasn’t crisp enough for a daytime event in the height of summer – also I would literally have melted to death – it had a polyester lining! 

So imagine my delighted when one of the gorgeous girls from Adrift contacted me.

Yes. I jumped straight online to have a sticky beak

My unbridled elation was obvious.

It sent the full garnet of style emotions running through me in a heart beat.

Tick. Tick. Tick. – That’s the sound of my wish-list being fulfilled.

Why do I love this jumpsuit so?

  1. Well, I’m visual. And it’s gorgeous.
  2. Fabric – Modal.
  4. V-neck.
  5. Blue.
  6. Easy and oh so breezy.

I could wax lyrical for days beauties!

Also, as things have been pretty steamy around these parts of late, this new addition to my wardrobe came at the most perfect time. The humidity is overwhelming and wearing the right clothes is crucial to feeling daisy fresh.

Comfort also plays a huge part for me in the style stakes.

Gone are the days where I will suffer tight waist bands or itchy nasty fabrics…the only time I’m prepared to compromise that statement is where my shoes are concerned!

No, the perfect summer jumpsuit should be relaxed and adjustable.

You can tie the drawstring waist (with fabulous tassels) at the place that suits you and your waistline. Making it perfect for all figure shapes.

It looks super cute worn really slouchy with a flat or dressed up with a heel. Roll the legs to show a touch of ankle flesh.

The top has tiny press studs along the wrap – which hides every inch of skin.

And the embellishment just finishes it off.

I know, its hard to wipe the smug from my mug!

Adrift: The Summer Jumpsuit Edit

So as a special treat for all Iris May Style beauties. Adrift is offering you all a 20% discount.

Enter BEV20 at the checkout.

And then let me know what you’ve bought 😉



Do you have a summer jumpsuit that you love to pieces?

Tell me your secrets…anything new landed in your wardrobe this week?

The Groove jumpsuit was gifted to me from Adrift for editorial consideration, in accordance with my disclosure policy.










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  • Heidi

    Thanks for your reply and some very good points there. I checked out Sacha Drake and drooled over practically everything, but yes the jumpsuit is divine. Maybe I will have to manufacture some fancy evenings out given they don’t appear much on my radar at this point in my life. Plus I live in a very casual beachside city in NZ where dressing up is optional….(we do lots of jeans, tees and flip flops), but I can see that it would definitely be a classic piece I could call on when the need arose. Thanks again ?

  • Heidi

    Bev, in your opinion, do you think jumpsuits are here to stay for a while? I would like to own one but as a mum of two little ones I don’t have the budget to splash out on something that might be a passing fad. If I was to buy one I would like it to be very classic, something that could stay in my wardrobe for a long time, but I can’t help but wonder whether they will be ‘out of fashion’ soon and I wouldn’t get the wear out of it. Would love to hear your thoughts.

    • Heidi this is a tricky one…with the 70’s revival sticking around for A/W you will still see lots of fabulous jumpsuits available in store and online. The problem is most of them won’t be ‘classic’. The jumpsuits that offer longevity tend to be ‘evening’ ones. Sacha Drake has a fabulous one that will definitely stand the test of time, but as it’s quite dressy and it’s probably not something you would wear in the daytime.
      If you do go for one, I would opt for black, navy or cream – any other colour will be seasonal! Hope this helps xxx

  • You picked well, this definitely suits you! 🙂

    I’m not a jumpsuit person – I’m petite so it would be impossible to find a good one anyway – but I do admire them on others and they always look great with heels.

  • Oooh go girl! You totally suit a jumpsuit. This one is perfect for you. Love the pocket detailing and colour! I have a few playsuits and dungarees but none in the long variety… yet! Ha x

    • Naaaaww thanks so much Em – it’s such a versatile piece! Blue has always been a colour I adore and it goes without saying, the pockets were a game changer!
      Ps. You rock playsuits…xx

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    Oh that’s such a cute jumpsuit! I always think they are a good alternative to a maxi dress. Do you know I only fished one I bought about 6 years ago out of the wardrobe today to take to the Salvo’s? Sadly I’ve only worn it once but I know I’m unlikely to wear it again. I think I need a day-friendly jumpsuit (like the one you’re wearing) for me to get much more value out of it xx

    • You’re so right Nat – I love my maxi’s but sometimes its nice to have an alternative.
      I’ve not long got rid of a French Connection jumpsuit that came with me when we emigrated (guilty of holding on to pieces that I’ve hardly worn) it was just too short in the bodice.
      This one is simply divine,,,so I intend to wear it to death! xx

  • I was supposed t be doing “No Buy January” but now I may fall off the wagon. I am totally on the lookout for a gorgeous jumpsuit (I own three playsuits!) and this one is DIVINE. Love the V-neck and the pockets and the print and the fabric!! And now that you mention the BEV discount….VERY tempting xox

    • Wendy you would rock this. I really adore how divine it feels against the skin, which makes it so wearable. I also love that it works well on the style stakes too. A touch of genius adding in those pockets, oh and the drawstring waist too – expect to see me wearing this often xxx

  • merilyn

    you look so fresh and summery bev! … love the v and crossover effect!
    I have a black one and it feels like I have nothing on! I have to check!
    oh yes i’m dressed! lol m:)X

    • Thanks so much M – I know exactly what you mean…it feels like I’m wearing my favourite onesie with my heels! xxx

  • It’s gorgeous Bev … and so are you ; )

    • Naaaaaw thanks beautiful, you’ve made my day! Hope your feeling on top of the world xx

  • You know I’m a jumpsuit loving girl – my wardrobe is full of no less than 6, is that a bad thing?
    I struggle with the short legs, long body and big boob syndrome which can make purchasing one a bit difficult. But once you find one you want another and another. This look fabulous on you Bev – the V neck is especially flattering

    • It’s NEVER wrong to have too many jumpsuits Karen – especially when you look as good as you do in them!This one just had to me mine though…v-neck and pockets – I mean, how could I refuse? Thanks for love gorgeous xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    You look amazing in this jumpsuit Bev I adore it on you??I love Adrift clothing.
    I do own 3 jumpsuits a navy one,plain black and a black and white one which is my favourite Xx

    • This is the first time I’ve worn Adrift Lisa and I’m super impressed. The quality and design are so impressive. I’ll definitely be ordering from them again.
      You have the perfect figure to pull off a jumpsuit darling, my curves can sometimes get in the way, but this one just seems fit and flatter in all of the right places!
      Thanks for the love gorgeous girl xxx