Sentimental Me: The Graduation

And what a graduation weekend it was.

Oh my goodness.

So many emotions flooded through us all, over the weekend.

It was incredible.

Sentimental Me; The Graduation

Just in case you’re new to IMS, here’s a touch of Beckie’s back-story.

When our girl was born at 28 weeks 23 years ago, the possibility of her ever attending University, was the furthest thought from our minds.

Our only hope was that she lived. Truly.

She just needed to survive, anything else was a bonus.

On her side, was that she was never ventilated.

Small I know, but this made a huge difference to her frail body.

Even though her tiny lungs were totally underdeveloped, they still managed to work hard (with help from some mighty fine oxygen as well) and keep her with us.

Yes, there were several moments throughout those first days, weeks and months, where I completely lot the plot.

She decided to stop breathing quite a few times.

It was hellish. I panicked. A lot.

There were also times when I doubted my belief, that she would survive.

But thankfully when I look back; those heart stopping moments were, for the most part, few and far between.

When she left Intensive Care, the consultant gave us a very unexpected reality check.

He told us not to expect miracles.

But for us of course, she was already a miracle.

She had survived when the odds were stacked against her.

No. Nothing could dampen our belief in her.

She was battling though and very much alive and adored.

The consultant also emphasised that many premature babies can be left with serious developmental issues, in particular:

  • Hearing.
  • Eyesight.
  • Speech.

He was correct, Beckie was left with problematic ears, which resulted in 2 lots of surgery under the age of five.

He also said feeding and growth was often an issue.

In my mind I remember thinking “No bloody way”.

I’m a Cancerian. I’m a nurturer. Feeding and spoiling, is my thing 😉

There was no way I could let that happen.

BUT, the one thing I could never let go of was:

  • Learning difficulties.

This was the biggie for me, because as a Mumma, you never want your child to feel different or not capable.

And just because she weighed less than a bag of sugar, didn’t mean to say I wasn’t going to try.

Anyway, the poor kid stood no chance with me as her Mumma.

Before she was even 12 weeks old I was singing all the times tables to her.

Every time, I picked something up, I told her what is was. I talked for hours about colours, numbers and words – all she did was smile and gurgle back at me.

All in the hope that somewhere inside her beautiful little brain, I was leaving a library of knowledge.

So I must admit, even though that ‘broad’ prognosis scared the living daylights out of me. I refused to let is ruin our beautiful life together.

Instead, I popped it into a pretend box in my mind, surrounded it with top-level security and decided to do parenting my way.

i.e. no bloody idea, except love and devotion.

Thankfully, I think it worked out.

Sentimental Me: The Graduation

The Graduation

On Friday morning we dashed to Brisbane.

I had booked us two nights at the Emporium (oh how delightful it was) to celebrate Beckie’s awsomeness and our wedding anniversary.

My hair was also booked for Friday afternoon – yep, the badger was back (dark roots down my centre part for the unfamiliar 😉 ), so  I was desperate for a colour refresh and a nut cut.

The baby lawyer joined me at Blow for a quick Mumma daughter catch-up and a couple of glasses of champagne (this salon is the bees-bloody-knees I tell ya), while Jonny had a quick snooze  power nap, followed by a beer in the hotel bar while he waited patiently for our return.

On the evening we met Beckie’s Dad and his wife Carole for drinks in the bar before the big day.

They had flown over especially, which was wonderful and such a treat for Beckie.

Dinner was just the three of us at the Mecca Bah – the food was delightful and the company exceptional, I honestly could not have asked for a nicer way to celebrate.

When the three of us are together we never stop giggling, these relaxing moments truly mean the world to me.

Sentimental Me; The Graduation

Saturday morning was the opposite of relaxed though – it was a huge rush.

We had to be at the Uni parked up, robed and ready for 8:30

Beckie decided to leave the ironing of her dress and robe until 7:30 – hells bells…thank goodness Jonny is the de-creaser in our household!

The day was so emotional, seeing Beckie for the first time in her cap and gown made the floodgates open.

Sentimental Me: The Graduation

After the ceremony, there was a reception at UQ for everyone. Besides enjoying a couple of glasses of bubbles, we also took loads of pics.

Next we shot across town to Bucci on James Street for a big family lunch…which ended up with Jonny and I getting back to the Emporium at 11pm.

I know –  15 hours in heels but I was still grinning from ear to ear.

I also shed big happy proud Mumma tears.

And thought about just how far my little premature baby had come since that original prognosis.

Who would have believed it possible. We now have a baby lawyer in the house!


What I Wore:

My dress was the Broderie Handkerchief Dress $249.00 from Country Road – I had the neckline altered to a V.

Beckie’s dress was from Keepsake the Label.

And finally…

Thank you all so much for popping by and either saying Hello or simply reading my ramblings. Your endless support and encouragement this year, has truly meant the world to me.

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas, may the day be filled with love and laughter. xxx



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