Bohemian Traders Moroccan Summer

Have I told you before just how much I adore blue?

Pastel and cobalt are my favourites, especially when mixed with white.

They are fresh, crisp and summer perfect.

Think crystal clear waters and baking hot sun…or my new grey front door, if you will 😉

Moroccan Summer

So when the new M O R O C C A N  S U M M E R collection from Bohemian Traders was launched last week, I let out a cheeky squeal of pleasure when my parcel of goodies arrived.

Just like the previous Newport Nautical collection, it was me to a T.

Now, I’m not sure if you’ve ever been to Morocco (let me tell you, I had a rather nasty experience at the airport in Tangiers when I was 20…it involved 2 machine gun yielding women, in Burqa’s – I’ll save that gem for another time 😉 ) but BT have nailed Moroccan Blue to perfection.

How incredibly beautiful is the mosaic tile pattern on the fabric? (see below)

I know, stroke of genius right?

Although, let’s be honest, I could easily wax lyrical all day long about the wonders of Bohemian Traders.

Are you with me on this one girls? Because they can do no wrong in my eyes.

I guessing I’m mostly preaching to the converted right?

But if you are new here, or have never heard of Bohemian Traders, do yourself a favour and check them out. Stat.

They are simply nailing every single collection.

BUT what I love the most, is how seamlessly each new collection blends/flows into the previous one, making mixing and matching, a wardrobe dream.

Talking of wardrobes. One of the biggest wardrobe tips I can give you is to buy pieces that compliment and go together.

Try not to fall hook line and sinker for just a skirt, top or pants.

I know this sounds like common sense, but its super easy to fall in love with said skirt, but never wear it because you have nothing to go with it.

Unless of course, you know exactly how to style the piece you are lusting after.

Take 5 mins to visualise yourself:

  • How do you will look wearing it?
  • Will it flatter your figure?
  • What are you wearing it with?
  • Is that item you need to make it pop already in your wardrobe?
  • If not, do you know where to get the exact piece from?

Or, if you are loving how the designer/label has styled it, then buy both items NOW.

Never buy (or add to your basket) just because.

Alternatively, if you just can’t help yourself, make sure the returns policy is flexible.

Moroccan Summer

Moroccan Summer Straight Skirt* Wearing M $139.00 | Moroccan Summer Sweetheart Top* Wearing M $119.00

Both this skirt and top are so flexible when paired back with you favourite summer whites or denim. But when worn together you have a full on show pony outfit that could take you almost anywhere.

The peplum on the top is genius for hiding a multitude of sins too.

Another major plus point that truly pulls this outfit together though, is the fabric.

Cool crisp cotton.

Add to that the exotic pattern and bingo.

I’m wearing mine with a tan heel, but you could just as easily wear with a flat sandal for a more relaxed look.

Fit wise: I could have easily gone for a large in the skirt. I am a true pear, that carries copious amounts of ‘junk in her trunk’ 😉

Moroccan Summer

Embroidered Linen Diamond Dress* $149.00 I’m Wearing a M (relaxed fit).

I cannot stress enough how much I love this dress.

The quality of the linen is D I V I N E

I truly believe this is the perfect summer frock.

I’m such a linen lover, which means I sit very comfortably with the creased look. But if linen bothers the life out of you, just buy a can of spray starch for a more flawless look. Easy.

If you have a generous bust (like moi) you can leave the tassels undone, creating a flattering V illusion on the neckline.

Smaller busted beauties can maximise and rock those gorgeous tassels.

Moroccan Summer

Silky Singlet Top in Moroccan Blue* Wearing M (generous fit) $109.00 | Moroccan Summer Wrap* $89.00  | Seed Heritage Jeans and Country Road Catalina Heels.

This top is a total keeper.

It is the piece you don’t need to hesitate in purchasing.

Think skinny jeans of any colour or your favourite wide leg pants.

Skirt and shorts will also work like a dream.

I know this will be a solid workhorse piece in my wardrobe arsenal.

I simply can’t wait to wear it under a crushed linen jacket with the temps drop slightly.

Offering adjustable straps on a silky top is a must for obtaining the perfect fit. The top also has a sneaky double layer of fabric that sits over the bust line.

Note: I’m wearing a fabric bust cups and not a strapless bra.

The wrap is perfect for a touch of upper-arm coverage or for those moments when you need an extra hit of pizzazz!



Moroccan Summer Frock* Wearing M $139.00 | Country Road Wedges from the Ark

Super-duper gorgeous dress alert!

Such a great length for perfect balancing out the smock shape too.

I just know I will wear it to death in the coming months.

Simple and stylish.

Dress it with a wedge for lunchtime catch-ups or add your favourite flats for daytime cool.

Note: I’ve slightly changed the neckline, by simply ironing under the neckline to make it work for me.

Now, it’s no secret around these parts that I moan and groan about showing too much leg.

Being  a true pear, plus obsessive gym training in my early thirties, left me needing surgery on one of my knees.

The surgery didn’t quite solve the problem, and I’m now left with a knee that sounds like a bag of spanners and aches like crazy. It’s already been decided that it will need replacing in the future.

But until that day comes, I’ve decided, I’m no longer going to apologise for said legs, instead I intend to rock the shorter frocks that I love, especially when they’re linen or when they have POCKETS.

So there!

It’s only taken me 52 years to make peace with them…

Are you loving the Moroccan Summer collection from Bohemian Traders? Got your peepers on anything?

Items marked * have been generously gifted to me from Bohemian Traders. They’re items I LOVE and that means I’m happy to share them with you.

You can find my disclosure policy here


Heading over to Kimbalikes place today for Wardrobe Wednesday.




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  • Kirsty

    What an awesome range! I love every single look.
    You look incredible Bev!
    x Kirsty

  • So many nice pieces! I can never pass up blue pieces in store, and the stores are so full of so many beautiful shades of blue in summer! 🙂

  • You look fabulous Bev. I am in love with the blues collections and I love the white dress too. V x

    • Why thanks Lady…Bohemian Traders have nailed this collection in the perfect time for summer xx

  • I’ve always had a thing against this shade of blue but lately I’m coming around to it… you’ve convinced me that blondes can rock cobalt stylishly. AMAZING!! Shopping now… Kate x

    • Kate thank you so much…although in my eyes, you rock everything you wear. I already know cobalt will look sensational on you! Happy Shopping xx

  • Kathryn

    And you look beautiful! x

  • Kathryn

    Wow love these! Blue is my favourite colour too, and especially with white. I was looking at a dress yesterday and my daughter went ‘Mum, haven’t you got a tablecloth like that?’ – yep I have. Moroccan tile print yes pretty please, Asian style blue and white, anything blue and white gets my vote. Love the last dress especially x

    • Oh thanks so much Kathryn, totally delighted to hear you are with me on blue and white. It’s so crisp and gorgeous…and the Moroccan tile pattern: To. Die. For. So classic and yet so stylish! xx

  • Michelle

    L?Ve the blues in this collection. Bev, if you ever need to make space in your wardrobe I’d be happy to give you my address and pay for postage…!

    • Me too Michelle, Bohemian Traders are nailing their threads! My wardrobe is completely bursting at the seams…about to have a huge cull – watch this space! xx

  • I ADORE blue and white in summer and love all of these pieces on you, particularly the silk cami and the linen dress. Nailed it again Bev! x

    • Awwww thanks so much V. I can see you rocking both of those pieces to perfection…in fact, you look fab in everything,#fangirl right here!

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    You look amazing in everything beautiful Bev and I’m happy your favourite colour is blue because it loves you right back…..stunning ?????

    • Awww thanks so much gorgeousness. Blue is a very happy colour for me…I gravitate towards it quite naturally Mwah and a huge hug coming your way xxx

  • Suzie

    Gorgeous. Everything.

  • The BT Moroccan Summer collection is so hot (pun intended)! I really need that silky singlet top in my life.

  • I seriously think BT designed this range with you in mind – it suits you to a tee!

    • Awww thanks Karen, I think Em knew I would be all over the last two collections! xx

  • I am actually a little concerned about how much I adore BT, It might be heading into stalker fan girl territory. Sometimes ill just browse through the website looking for my next purchase! Once again you look amazing, your tan and blonde hair are loving those blues x

    • He He…I’m definitely with you on achieving #fangirl status!
      Beautiful Em, can do no wrong in my eyes. Just when you think it can’t get any better. BAM she comes out comes another amazing collection!

      Thanks for the love darling, I truly adore these shades of blue xx

  • Petra

    Good to see you again Bev 🙂 You look soooo good in blue! When I think of Australia, I think of the colour blue! Glad to see you’re in your new home, and I expect you’ve started your new position. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

    • Thanks so much Petra…so lovely being back in the swing of things. Truth be known, I couldn’t wait to clear my head. So many blog post ideas where flying around in there, it was driving me crazy!
      I start Mimco tomorrow (very excited), I’m sure it will be heaps of fun in the next couple of weeks.
      Blue is such a good colour for blondes – even unnatural ones! 😉 Mwah xx