Blue Sage Black One Shoulder

Everywhere I look at the moment, luscious shoulders are out on display.

Who would have thought shoulders could look so good eh?

There is a vast array of bare-shoulder lust worthy tops and dresses filling my insta feed daily.

Seriously I do not know how I’m stopping myself from off the shoulder overkill  – the urge to buy everything I see, is overwhelming.

The need, *ahem* ‘would like’ words are oozing from my mouth every couple of minutes 😉

Why? Because I’m simply loving how flattering this current off the shoulder/cold shoulder trend looks on everyone.

Even girls with ample boobage, like moi!

Yes. The shops are fit to burst with this loveliness which makes me, a very happy gal.

Added to that happiness is the fact that every price point and budget has been covered – Hoorah!

So imagine my delight, when the gorgeous folk at Blue Sage sent over this one shoulder LBD – I know girls, a different kind of shoulder action, but shoulder action all the same.

Blue Bungalow Black One Shoulder

I whipped it on my bod in a nano second.

Just so you get the visual picture, my parcel ‘pick-up’ routine goes something like this…

  • Dash to P O Box at 7am looking like I’ve just jumped out of bed (probably because I have, just jumped out of bed) for early collection…why queue after 9 if you don’t need too?
  • New parcels equals surprises, which means not stopping at red lights dashing home like a looney.
  • Throw parcels on kitchen bench.
  • Hunt in drawer for scissors.
  • Start to curse profusely while frantically making a mess in drawers.
  • Bugger. Realise said scissors are in dishwasher (on a cycle) grrrrrr!
  • Too impatient to wait or look in garage for Stanley knife.
  • Claw/attack post-bag with my finger nails.
  • Quickly get frustrated when I realise the bags are super strong.
  • Tell myself I’m not a quitter.
  • Eventually (after much determination), I get my eye on the prize.
  • By this point I’m too lazy to run upstairs, instead I find a corner in the kitchen where I think no one (yes, there are builders working opposite us) can see me.
  • De-robe, even though the blinds are open. Risky I know, but its a new frock!
  • Throw on said frock and prance around, admiring its beauty.

Story of my life in a few short sentences.

Yep. I love my surprise parcels that much.

😉 😉 😉 😉

Ok let’s talk about this one shoulder gorgeousness:

Blue Bungalow Black One Shoulder

Neo Maxi Dress* $59.00 (Wearing 12) Blue Sage | Janet Sandal Country Road (sold out online) | Sunnies Maui Jim* Eyewear Plus Mooloolaba

Now, first thing I think about when I’m trying on a new style is:

  1. Am I too old to wear this?
  2. How will my legs look?
  3. Will my arms look horrendous?

Both my arms and legs annoy the life out of me for different reasons and before you say anything, I know I’m very lucky to have two of each.

New styles that I’m not familiar with though, always make me scrutinise myself just that bit more.

Are you like that too?

Yes there is no denying, I have chunky legs and cankles.  In the last couple of years though, I have made peace with them –well sort of.

I now try my best not to let my personal body insecurities, stop me from wearing things I love.

I get that I don’t have the best legs. I also get that arms are not the most flattering part of a woman’s body as she ages.

Now, I could of course, go on a bloody diet. Or indeed, become a gym bunny.

But as both are not on the agenda for the foreseeable future, I’ll push that thought to the sidelines before I hyperventilate!

So, at this stage I’m only left with two choices, I either let something ridiculous as an item of clothing hold me back or I simply get on with it, suck it up and wear things I love.

Because, it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it that counts in my book.

Anyway this dress has a little touch of black magic about it.

It’s also as flattering as hell.

The length is divine, especially being cut on the asymmetric.

It flatters and skims over any lumps and bumps while accentuating all the right places.

Worn with a statement heel, bracelets and earrings, this gorgeous frock could take you somewhere extra fancy-schmancy.

Think posh cocktails or even a ball.

Or ditch the accessories and dress it down with  a statement flat, for a touch of daytime chic.

Its glamorous, flattering and oh so comfortable.

Yes. Comfortable.

How many times do you hear glamorous and comfortable in the same sentence?

Almost never I’d say.

The one shoulder placement is also a dream for hiding those ‘spilly over bits’ our boobs have a habit of doing too.

Bra wise, I’m not wearing one.

Instead, I’m wearing bust cups which work like a dream for me because I LOATH the pain of a strapless bra and simply refuse to wear one.

So if you’re on the hunt for a black maxi this LBD  is definitely a corker.

Oh and one last snippet of fabulousness: It doesn’t crease.

This one can travel the world with you and still look a million bucks when you whip it out!


Would I find a one shoulder in your wardrobe? 


Items marked * have been gifted to mean in accordance with my disclosure policy. One thing you can be sure of though, is I wouldn’t show it to you, if I didn’t love it!








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