Guess what?

Today is Wednesday 25/11/15 and its my last ever Wednesday, working at Country Road.

Yep. It’s quite weird to even type this.

Truthfully, the last few weeks have simply flown by.

There has been so much going on in our lives, that if I’m honest thinking about leaving CR, has been the last thing on my mind.

We have been so preoccupied, that I’ve popped it onto the back-burner and not really given it much thought.

Until now.

It’s crept up on me.

Three days left (including today).


On Friday I will start a weeks holiday, before officially finishing the Friday after.

So at 5:30 on Friday afternoon, I will say ‘see you soon’ to my work buddies before facing a huge week ahead.

No such luxury of a week chilling out by the pool whilst preparing for my new job though – no siree.

Instead, I will be frantically packing boxes with gusto.

Because on Thursday 3rd December we are moving house.

I know.

Kinda kept that one to myself didn’t I?

Over the past few weeks, so many stressful things have been going on:

  • Jonny has moved jobs.
  • I’m moving jobs.
  • We are moving house.
  • Beckie has been locked away in full study mode.
  • She sat the last ever exams of her Law degree.
  • Planning Beckie’s graduation.

We have really been stacking up the challenges, I tell ya.

So in just over a weeks time, the possibility of us falling into a heap of exhaustion the moment the removal van leaves the new place is extremely high, but I just know, that as long as we are all together we can move (pun intended) mountains.

Because it’s at those times, that we are always at our happiest.

So, in keeping with the theme of moving, the Wanderlust holiday dress from Bohemian Traders felt like the perfect dress to gush about today…because, as soon as I laid my eyes this gorgeousness, my little ole heart did skip a beat.

I was smitten.

I also love the sound of Wanderlust tripping of my tongue…




  1. a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.

Origin: German, literally: wander desire.

Last but not least, it also happens to be OFF-THE-SHOULDER.

Which currently feeds another one of my obsessions perfectly!


Wanderlust Holiday Dress * (L) $109.00 Bohemian Traders | Shoes: Witchery from the arc.

Now, before I talk about the brilliance of this frock, I need to discuss the size on me.

This dress is soft and flowy and screams summer perfection.

In this style of dress, I would normally opt for a S or 10 – which means this large is way too big on me.

I’m guessing the small would have fitted beautifully, but length wise –  it would have been a total nightmare on my chunky thighs.

Between the S and the L there is 3cm of difference.

So, listen up beauties.

If you have a case of Love Heart Eyes about an item of clothing, but have slight reservations if its going to work for you, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Would buying a different size work better?
  • Can you fix the problem? By you, I mean a talented seamstress 😉
  • It is worth your time plus the alteration cost?

With this dress what I’ve gained in desired length, I’ve forfeited in shape.

However, there are times when a piece of clothing is worth the trade-off and the time/hassle to fix it.

If it wasn’t for the arm-hole room, I could probably get away with it…but exposing my ample boobage while I’m dashing around Coles might scare off the shoppers!

Anyway, compare this dress I’m wearing, to the one I wore last week of the same style, you can clearly see the difference in size.


But girls I’m no quitter.

The colour and shape truly melt my heart.

I just know I will wear it to death throughout the summer.

It will be soft, light and comfortable especially when the humidity kicks in.

So just to prove this undying love of mine, I couldn’t resist the temptation to ‘snap-it’ before I sent it off to my seamstress.

Because sometimes just a small tweak with the sewing machine (as long as said sewing machine is not in my hands 😉 ) can work a tiny miracle.

What I’m not suggesting though, is that you make a habit of buying clothes that need altering.

That is a BIG fat No.

99% of the time, your purchases should work ‘as is’…

But occasionally, I like to keep 1% spare, for those special pieces that make me smile.

Pieces that I can’t imagine not having in my life.

And for those pieces, I’m happy to throw caution to the wind!


Do you ever buy an item with the intention of changing it? What’s the last piece you had Love Heart Eyes for?


Items marked * were gifted in accordance with my disclosure policy







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