New Job, New Frock

A new job.

I know beauties. Squeal.

Part-time work come at me…I couldn’t be happier.

Do you remember this post I wrote about my health scare, way back at the beginning of the year?

Yes. I had a very big wake-up call.

I had ignored me.

Not taking enough time to stop and listen to my body.

Instead I put things like work ahead of my health in the pecking order.

As soon as I woke up to the fact that I matter. I started to put the wheels in motion to make some major changes in my work/life balance.

Sometimes though, those changes can take a little time to execute.

And I’m not known for my patience.

But I did have a plan. Although I must admit it was quite sketchy, but it did have a time frame attached.

By Christmas this year, I didn’t want to be working full-time in a Managers role any more.

Fast forward to three weeks ago.

I was sitting being interviewed (in the back office at Country Road) for a part-time role at the new Mimco store opening on the Sunny Coast.

It felt super weird to be the person answering the questions. Normally, the roles are reversed and I’m the one trying to calm everyone’s nerves.

Thankfully the two gorgeous souls interviewing me were delightful.

So I guess you won’t be at all surprised, that when I received the call to say I got the job, my response was sheer elation.

I was cutting it fine – but I had, by some miracle, achieved my deadline.

Admittedly, its by the skin of my teeth, but I’m still super pleased with myself 😀

Yes. Now feels like the right time for me and an exciting new challenge.


Oh and a brand new store.

Hells bells, I feel super lucky.

Also, I would love to have more time to write and grow this little blog of mine.

Being approached by great brands that want to work with me, blows me away every single time they make contact with me.

You see, I’ve never been brave enough to contacted them.

Until now fear of rejection has held me back.

So I’ve decided, it’s time I pulled on my big girl pants and address this fear of mine.

But to do that, I need more time.

More ME time.

Writing is so cathartic for me. It clears my head and makes me feel good.

I have so many plans and ideas rolling around in my head, it’s super exciting to think that I can now begin to execute them.

But non of the above would be possible without the support of YOU.

Thank you all so much for the love, kindness and support.

YOU are truly amazing.

So of course when you’re happy you go shopping right?

Well I do 😉

And on the justification stakes, this one was a little too cute for me to refuse.

New Job, New Frock

Layered Bandeau Dress $199.00 (wearing size 10) | Catalina Heels (spring release sold out online) both Country Road.

My love for the off-the-shoulder/cold-shoulder trend has taken me by surprise.

I feel like it crept up on me when I wasn’t paying it much attention.

I went from nothing to obsessed in a heartbeat.

Which is not at all like me, when it comes to a trend.

Mostly, I prefer to simply offer a nod to said trend and not full-on embracing it.

In my defence though, I do quite like my shoulders, so I guess it’s no wonder I’m a smitten kitten.

My challenge now, is to pull-back a touch and stop duplicating what’s already in my wardrobe.

Because every single off-the-shoulder I see, I’m tempted to buy – poor Jonny, as if there’s not already enough clothes bursting out of my wardrobe!

Do you do this too?

It’s normal to admire what you like, but I just need to stop buying it!

Surprisingly, I think CR have really nailed this trend – which if I’m totally honest, has shocked the life out of me.

This dress is 100% cotton, fully lined and summer perfect.

One thing I would urge you all to do, is give off-the-shoulder a try.

It can be surprisingly flattering on a fuller bust.

Yes, of course you may have to wear a strapless bra (my pet HATE) but I truly believe the positives far out way the negatives on this one.

If shoulders are your thing, then get yourself to the shops toot-sweet with reckless abandon.

My shoulders are wide, and I have boobs, but it still works for me.

But even if they aren’t, don’t give up without first trying.

Maybe start with a top (some fabbies around).

If you’re really unsure, pick one up that won’t break the bank, take it home and try it with your favourite jeans, denim skirt or droppies (drop crotch pants)…check out my Instagram feed to see a Katies one for just $29.95

Feminine, summery and super-stylish.

But whatever you do; remember, never say never when it comes to fashion and trends, or else it might bite you on the bum 😉

Are you on board the off-the-shoulder trend/cold-shoulder trend? Got a preference? Know of any that I’m missing out on?

Pssssst…Spend and Save starts today for VIP card holders or tomorrow for Loyalty card holder. You’re welcome!






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