My wide leg pant obsession

Yes, obsession.

No doubt about it.

My Wide Leg Pant Obsession

Last week saw the launch of the Newport Nautical collection from Bohemian Traders.

I was lucky enough to be asked by Em (Bohemian Traders) to be on-board (on-board, nautical… 😉 yep, pun very much intended) and I was so super excited.

I also love a bit of  ‘top secret’ action. I really wanted Em to say “your mission, should you choose to accept it…”

Thank goodness she doesn’t realise what an absolute dag I am!

Anyway, when I received the package, I went all gooey.


Just if you missed last weeks post, you can find the first instalment here.

But the wide leg pants in particular, made my old heart, beat just that bit faster.

Every time I see them, I instantly gush. I just can’t help myself.

Wide leg pants just ooze classic styling for me.

They conjure up images of sophisticated Italian woman wearing every shade of nude, blush and camel imaginable. Their gorgeous wide leg pants flapping in the wind, as they strut across the Palazzo (I know, yet another pun – who knew I could throw so many in one blog post!). With hair, make-up, bag and shoes bang on-point.

Of course I look nothing like that in mine – but a girls’ gotta dream right?

My Wide Leg Pant Obsession

Sunlace boxy top* $119.00 (Wearing M) | Wide Leg Linen Pant in Navy* $129.00 | Sandi Wedges from Country Road

Let’s just talk about this perfect summer top for a second…

This sunlace top is so easy to wear. But rather than show it with a nude bra I wanted to emphasise the amount of see-through. In my book, this looks as fresh and crisp showing a white bra.

I wouldn’t hesitate to wear it like this at all. I’m more than comfortable wearing mine with just a bra showing underneath. Alternatively you could add a white or coloured singlet for extra coverage.

Size wise: I needed every bit of the medium.

Hello beautiful quality linen pants. You are such a dream to wear in the summer months.

These beauties have an elasticated waist, and the cut is simply D I V I N E.

Being a very curvy pear-shaped girl, means that anything with a wide leg seems to have magical slimming powers on me – *ahem* something I obviously would never turn down.

Yes, I know, I’m guessing it’s probably just an optical illusion that makes them good – but to be honest, whatever it is, I don’t care.

All I know is they flatter the junk-in-my-trunk. A-K-A a very large booty and tree trunk thighs.

I also have a different (cream) pair in a more luxurious fabric that I simply adore from Country Road too.

You might remember that I wore them earlier this year for a lunch in Brisbane ?

The lovely Sher (@sher_gc) and Maudie (@istyl) organised a get together for some of the gorgeous SE QLD women that take part in the #everydaystyle hashtag created on Instagram by NIkki from Styling You.

I remember feeling so nervous about going. Finding the right outfit was paramount to my confidence.

But when I stopped and analysed my outfit choice I was shocked.

On paper, wearing cream pants on big thighs should have been a recipe for disaster, but somehow they worked.

All I know is, that no matter what fabric/colour I try wide leg pants in, I’m always hooked.

The key to making wide leg pants work for me though, is the length.

I prefer mine extra long (floor grazing), which means I always need to wear a heel.

You could of course opt for ankle length though, if that is more your thing.

Tips for making them work:

  • If you’re pear-shaped, make sure they are flat fronted across the tummy.
  • The longer the better for elongating and balancing out wider hips.
  • Don’t confuse wide leg pants with flares…flares require fabulous thighs – something I’m not blessed with.
  • Go for a fitted top where possible or at least half tuck your blouse/tee into the waistband for definition.
  • If you are bulky around the middle – tread with caution.
  • Wear ankle length wide leg pants with a statement heel.

Last but not least, if you are a true style icon (of which I am SO not) rock your wide leg pants with your favourite sneakers for a hit of classic nautical.

Just quietly…I so wish I was that cool.


Items * were gifted to me in accordance with my disclosure policy.


Just in case you’re interested: I normally photograph my pics on a Monday – last Monday it rained all day long, hence the indoor shots!






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