White Denim: 4 looks

Summer is by far my favourite time of year.

It always has been.

Being born in July, and living in England for the first 48 years of my life, meant I was always classed as a summer baby.

I felt this matched my star sign (I’m cancer the crab, water sign, beach, summer – you get my drift) and my personality to perfection.

The epitome of true summer bliss for me, was being away on holiday somewhere hot and exotic with Jonny and Beckie by my side.

This usually happened on or around my birthday.

I loved it.

Endless carefree days spent with sand between our toes, sun on our skin and the happiest grins on our faces.

Nothing better for me, I tell ya…well ok, maybe the addition of an ice cold glass of wine in my hand – only if you insist of course πŸ˜‰

These days living in SE QLD means warm sunshine fills the sky for a big chunk of the year.

Yep. The beach is now only a stones throw away – you guessed it, we don’t go often enough!

But the biggest change with living in Australia is that I can no longer call myself a summer baby.

Such a small insignificant fact, that drives me crazy.

I don’t want to be a winter baby, I hate the cold. I prefer being a summer baby.

Rah Rah *insert screwed up childish tantrum face*

Righto, whine over, let’s get down to business…

Summer Looks

You will have heard me say before that you should never just buy items of clothing on a whim.

By a whim, I mean thinking that you are bound to find something to go with said itemΒ when you get home – even though you have no idea what that is.

Make sure you can picture how (and what) you would wear those pieces with before you even leave the shop…or before you click checkout when buying on-line.

Of course there will always be exceptions.

Basic/staple wardrobe pieces are the work horses of our wardrobes, so essential in fact, that we hardly even notice their existence.

No, I’m talking show-ponies/fashion pieces. New arrivals that are frantically trying to catch your eye and entice you to buy.

So unless you’re specifically looking for a certain style/colour/shape that will nail and complete a piece you are itching to wear.

Walk away and think about it.

Trust me on this one beauties, divine intervention will not be waiting patiently for you at home.

Yes. This is the advice of someone who works in fashion.

Because, not everyone is blessed with the ability to mix and match their wardrobe pieces well.

Instead, the gorgeous new item that you ‘just had to have’ never gets a look in.

And you end up wasting your hard-earned cash.

My method to make sure I wear everything I buy, always starts with a basic.

Today’s basic is white denim jeans.

Jeans that you have heard me gush about before.

Jeans I wear often.

Jeans that have already earned their keep in my wardrobe.

Here’s 4 of my favourite Summer Looks to pair back with your favourite white (or light) denim:

Look One: The Peasant Blouse:

This lightweight cotton blouse from Read and Bell is such a summer statement. White on white with nude has always been a firm favourite of mine.

It’s classic, fresh and simple.

You could wear this outfit almost anywhere and still feel (and look) a million dollars.

White Denim: 4 Looks

Peasant Blouse* $79.00 (Wearing M) Read and Bell | Straight Rip Denim Jean $89.95 Seed Heritage | Shoes: Last Season Country Road

Look two: The Cold Shoulder:

Cold shoulder tops and dresses are everywhere this summer. I’m a huge fan.

I recently featured a different black cold shoulder top from Katies Β in this post here. The sleeve detail on this one is slightly different, as is the length. This one reminds me more of a tunic, which of course works so well when worn with white jeans…just that extra touch a length can make all the difference in the confidence stakes!

White Denim: 4 Looks

Long Cold Shoulder Top $29.95 (Wearing L – M would have been better) Katies Fashion | Jeans see look one | Necklace: Iris from White Tiger Design | Shoes: Iris (try DFO) Country Road

Look three: Off the Shoulder:

Now, can I just say, there is no way on earth I thought I would ever be able to wear this top with my sizeable bust. Thankfully the lovely Maudie (@istyl on Instagram) convinced me I should buy it. Not one to ever refuse. I hot-tailed my ass to my local Katies store and bagged the prize asap.

I’m so pleased I did. It sits in just the perfect place to hide the dreaded top of arm, it’s also feminine and packs a mighty punch in disguising a large bust.

Confession: I’m not even wearing a bra!

White Denim: 4 Looks

This top is no longer showing as available online. Try your local store though as they’re new season.

Look four: Tassel Shirt:

I’m pleased to say, that with the 70’s firmly trend sticking around for SS15/16 tassels are still very much a ‘thing’.

This beautiful Read and Bell top is made from the finest hand printed Indian cotton. Cool, wearable and simply divine and pink. Another love of mine.

4 tops to wear with white denim

Tassel Shirt in Watermelon* $70.00 Read and Bell | Jeans and shoes see look one.

All of the four tops above will work hard in your summer wardrobe.

Yes they are fashion pieces, but they are easy enough to pair with existing items in your wardrobe.

Have you jumped on board any other the above summer trends? Do you have a firm favourite?

Items marked * were gifted in accordance with my disclosure policy


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  • Andrea from Icadoo

    Ok you got me. I couldn’t resist and ordered the white off the shoulder top. I will call it m BEV-top ;o)) Love you in white .. but love you anyway .. xx

  • Petra

    Bev – you are a knockout in white πŸ™‚

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    You look stunning in all these outfits Bev,you’ve nailed the white jeans look that’s for sure ???

    • Oh Lisa thank you…never thought my thighs could ever look acceptable in white jeans, but these Seed one are so good. Mwah xx

  • merilyn

    thanks bev, you always look good!
    I love white denim! … schmick! … love m:)X

    • Me too – I adore white denim at the moment – hallelujah for napisan eh?
      Thanks for the love gorgeous xx

  • Oh Bev, I just love the white on white!! Especially the off the shoulder top. I am totally going to copy this look at some stage soon because I now own white jeans and an off the shoulder top woohoo!! Perhaps when I next go out without the kids and can feel comfortable wearing all white. Love the pink too of course xox

    • Neutrals and white are my favourite palette at the moment Wendy – I just love how crisp they look (although even without kidlets, I still manage to get myself filthy dirty). Thank goodness for Napisan by the bucket load! Ps. You will look DDG in a white on white combo! xx

  • Jane

    Really ripped jeans I luv luv luv your style but honestly NO!

    • Thanks for the feedback Jane. I totally appreciate that everything I put together won’t be for everyone. I do love that we are all different though, it makes for a great melting pot of individualism!

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    You look great in white denim! White denim was very much a high summer basic in the UK but it’s quite ok to wear it in the spring and autumn here in beautiful QLD. Just bought some 3/4 length white pants but I need a long top and none of mine are quite as long as I’d like. So I’ve made the cardinal mistake of buying something that I have nothing to go with…hate that! It’s helpful to see pics of different ways you’ve styled the jeans, thank you! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much Beautiful. I love how we can extend the life of our favourite summer looks here in QLD.
      Sometimes finding a specific top to go with pants can be a complete pain in the ass – I’ve backed myself into this corner so many times, so just know you’re not alone! Fingers crossed you find the perfect top without too much hassle…xx

  • Jayess

    Just love all the looks – you are a great inspiration! I hope I can find the Katies off the shoulder top in store, I don’t know how I missed that one, it takes me back to my late teens early twenties. Love the Seed jeans too, I might have to add them to the ever growing collection, are they true to size and super stretchy….need the stretch for the butt. πŸ™‚

    • Oh thank you so much Jayess! The Katie top brings back memories for me too – I forgot how much I loved a bit of ‘off the shoulder’ action. With the Seed jeans, I sized up to a 14 (this worked at treat for the junk in my trunk) as I’m a true pear (CR jeans I wear a 10, not so stretchy jeans 12). Hope this helps xx

      • Jayess

        Thank you lovely for replying πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ we are avery similar body shape and size, so I think I’m off to do some jeans shopping!

  • I am loving white so much this season – can’t get enough! White denim is such a fresh alternative and perfect for summer. Now to add some off the shoulder tops to my collection…

    • Me too gorgeous, neutrals are by far my favourite at the moment. You will look DDG in off the shoulder – can’t wait to see! xxx

  • That white on white is so fresh hun! I love the off the shoulder, but how will I hide my bra straps? Haha. My boobs do not sit up properly in a strapless bra! πŸ™‚

    • Oh thanks Em xx Like you, I hate strapless bra’s with a passion, they flatten, crush and feel like torture. Little secret time…I wasn’t wearing a bra! xx

  • Love them all Bev. I have purchased the Katies top. I just love off the shoulder tops and dresses. V x

    • Thanks Vicki – this top is so fabulous on everyone. Can wait to see you rocking yours! xx