Sentimental Me: My Girl

Last weekend we had fun.

On Saturday Jonny and I headed off to Brisbane. We had a busy day planned.

First stop was all about me though and my six weekly colour refresh/cut with the fabulous Stevey at Blow Salon Brisbane

Can I just mention, NEVER have I been able to go six weeks between hair colours before. I’m blown away (pun very much intended) 😉 by this achievement.

I’m no longer having my roots done. Nope. I’m letting my grey/white  natural dark colour grow through, but mixing this up with blonde highlights.

So much easier to maintain and I love it!

As soon as I was finished, Beckie and Jonny came to collect me, we then headed off to lunch with our besties.

It was Andrea’s Birthday on the 13th. So we needed to celebrate.

Sentimental Me: My Girl

What better way than the Veuve Clicquot combi at Gas Works? If you’re in Brisbane, the combi is there Thurs- Sun alll through October.

Anyway, these guys are family to us. We adore them, they have been our friends forever.

Thankfully, our kids have managed to build a strong bond too.

Sentimental Me: My Girl

We met at Hatch & Co at Gas Works to catch up, relax and just be together.

The nicest part for all of us is, no matter how long we are apart, we all fit back together in a heartbeat.

Lunch was lazy and fabulous – two families were reunited in love and friendship.

During lunch, Beckie’s forthcoming graduation was a topic of conversation.

We are all super excited to celebrate with her.

Actually, I don’t think I’ve told you about this yet beauties.

Yep. The official ceremony is on December 19th at 10am – eeeek! But we will be celebrating the day before too.

Seriously, to say Beckie is ecstatic about finishing Uni, is a pure understatement.

It’s been 5 long years and although there will be more studying to come when she starts her graduate job – she is fully over being a Uni student.

The graduation is the carrot that is being dangled…but to get there she still has a mountain to climb.

So for the next 4 weeks, huge assignments and exams are the only thing standing in her way of 3 months of freedom.

You could say, the end and the celebrations are in her sights.

Sentimental Me: The Graduation

My Girl…

Beckie’s life in Brisbane is wonderful.

But just lately, it has been a bit of a roller coaster.

Her social calendar has been fit to burst – she’s been having fun, mixed in with the odd touch of drama.

She came home a few weekends ago, to let it all out.

Some things she needed advice on. Other’s were just the kind of things she wanted to get off her chest and share.

To be honest, before she came home, I could tell something was wrong.

Call it Mumma intuition, but I just knew she wasn’t right when I was chatting to her on the phone.

So when she announced ‘I need to come home and get away from Brisbane’ I breathed a sigh of relief.

When she arrived, after hello’s and hugs and general excitement, we sat in the garden for a few hours having a good old de-brief.

One of the many things I love about Beckie is that no matter what is going on in her life, she always wants to share those high’s and low’s with me.

In my eyes our relationship is like a gift. We are the perfect balance of Mumma/Daughter/Best Friends.

Which means I’m privy to some (not all) of her thoughts, hopes and dreams.

Yes, at times that can be difficult.

Sometimes we crazily wind each other up.

But at 23, I can assure you she is not afraid to tell me. And when she does tell me off, I act all wounded for a split second, and then I instantly apologise!

Sentimental Me: My Girl

Yes, driving back to the coast on Saturday evening after such a lovely afternoon, I realised just how lucky I am to have such an amazing daughter in my life.

She is fiercely loyal, kind, compassionate, and at times, super sassy (I adore her confident sassy side).

She has ambition, she has big dreams to fulfill.

She also loves her family hard. This is the side to Beckie that truly melts my heart.

And talking of hearts, Beckie’s might have a big fancy state of the art security system around it at the moment, protected by the most intricate combination lock –  but it’s just waiting for Mr Right to crack it open though.

Because when I think of all the beautiful and exciting adventures that are just around the corner – it makes my heart sing with pride and I can’t help but smile with anticipation, at just how much love she has to give.

I know. Patience Bev. Patience.


Can you tell Beckie is my world? But if you are new around here, this is her birth story which explains in more detail why she is My Sunshine.



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  • Lisa Mckenzie

    This is a beautiful post Bev,I love my children so hard too! Well done to your beautiful girl Xx

    • Thanks darling, I am so excited to see Beckie graduate, she is so ready to finish university now – it’s felt like 5 very long years for her…in fact she is counting the hours until her exams are out of the way!
      I love that we both have very strong bonds with our fabulous kidlets! xxx

  • You have a beautiful daughter, but more importantly, a beautiful relationship with your daughter which is far more important! Mr 21 is about to START uni … as your lucky girl finishes!!! Well done to her on all her hard work!

    • Thank you so much Janet. Our relationships truly means the world to me, yes we have our up’s and down’s but mostly our relationship could not be any better.
      Good luck to your boy with Uni – I’m sure with your support and encouragement he will shine xx

  • Petra

    Lovely photos and it sounds like a lovely get together. Beckie and that lovely young fellow in the photo look like a nice “couple” heehee 😉

    • We all had such a fabulous day Petra – nothing better than catch-ups with loved ones. Aaron is super handsome and yes, in a different lifetime they would make a gorgeous couple.

  • Yvonne Duke

    It’s lovely that you and Beckie have such a great relationship and congratulations on her graduation! My eldest will also graduate on 8th December, he now lives with his girlfriend near the city and was lucky enough to get a full time job while still at uni. I do love our catch-ups !

    • Oh Yvonne we will both be bursting with pride in December which our kids graduate. I can’t wait. It’s felt like a long 5 years for Beckie…next exciting step is what to wear for the celebration! xx

  • You’re so lucky to have such a wonderful relationship with your girl. I have no doubt she’ll smash those assignments and exams and will have the biggest smile on her face by the end of the year. x

    • Beckie is truly wishing the next few weeks away, I just know she will do her best. And once its all over, I’m just looking forward to celebrating her awesomeness. in December. xx

  • Sharon

    There’s nothing more precious than a mother and daughter bond…and sometimes nothing more challenging lol thanks for this beautiful reminder of what’s important in this world mwah xxx

    • I adore how much Beckie loves her life in Brisbane Sharon, but I miss her so much. Although, we when do get together its always special – and I’m always bursting with excitement to see her. Mwah and love oh gorgeous one xxx

  • Just beautiful x

    • I know you love your girls exactly like I do with Beckie…we are so very lucky Vicki xx

  • Suzie

    Such gorgeous writings of love and pride. Thanks for sharing ?

    • Oh Suzie thank you. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world with Beckie in my life xx

  • retiringnotshy

    Lovely Bev, you have every reason to be so proud of your daughter and your part in keeping the relationship strong. Exciting times ahead ?

    • Thanks so much Jan – I cherish every moment I spend with Beckie. I just can’t wait to see what the future holds for her xx