Read and Bell: His and Hers

Do you remember that gorgeous pink poncho that stole my heart a few months back?

This one because if you’re anything like me, you might appreciate the memory jog 🙂

It was from Read and Bell and I fell completely in love with the colour, style and quality.

I’m not at all surprised those poncho’s sold out quickly.

It was so rewarding to see so many of you gorgeous gals rocking yours on Instagram.

So can you imagine my intense delight when a parcel arrived from Read and Bell containing a selection from their new Spring Summer 15/16 collection?

I know right.

Ecstatic I was!

The first thing that I thought about was the fabric. Because I just knew it would be incredible…I happy to report I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest.

Established in 2010 Tory Read and Anne Bell set out to source authentic hand-made Indian textiles.

Think, block and screen prints, natural fibres, hand embroidery by traditional artisans and you won’t be far off the mark.

No machine printing, only the uniqueness of the human hand.

And that’s what makes it special.

First thing that jumped into my hot little hands when I opened the parcel was a Men’s shirt…

Oh my, I was instantly jealous.

What delightful things they are.

Jonny on the other hand was a very happy boy…

Let me just tell you, normally when a parcel arrives for me, Jonny just carries on what he is doing, but the mere mention of ‘men’s’ had Jonny’s ears pricking quicker than Usain Bolt from the starting blocks.

Although…Jonny’s initial excitement may have subsided when he realised that it would involve standing in front of the camera in said fabulous shirts 😉

Read and Bell: His and Hers

Read and Bell Collared Shirt Green* $89.00 | Shorts and Deck shoes both Country Road (not current)

Jonny’s wardrobe is filled to the brim with shirts of every style, colour and fabric – he prefers wearing a shirt to a tee any day.

So these glorious additions were right up his street and very much appreciated for this fashion obsessed guy.

They are made from lightest Indian cotton you could ever imagine, which is perfect for the summer months here in Australia.

But girls, Jonny is not the only one that adores the classic sharp shape that a shirt offers – I do too…you knew I would work it back to me right?

In fact, I would label shirts as one of my all time favourite wardrobe pieces.

The masculine edge might have something to do with it – I find it ever so sexy when masculine meets feminine on a female.

I guess that’s testament to my classic style personality.

To be honest though, I can’t remember a time when there wasn’t at least 5 shirts working hard for my attention in my wardrobe.

So it made sense (well to me at least) that I got in on the action too 😉

Read and Bell: His and Hers

Read and Bell Collared Shirt Green* $89.00 | Feather and Noice Tash Jean $79.00 | Country Road shoes from the arc | Sunnies Karen Walker ‘Number One’

There are three shirts available in the collection:

Green | Navy | Pink

It’s hard to choose a favourite colour because they all work well, on both mine (lily-white) and Jonny’s (olive) skin tone.

Pictures taken on two different days with different camera’s – apologies for the size difference.

Because I’m shirt obsessed, I often sneak a wear of one of Jonny’s when he’s not looking.

Shirts offer so much flexibility to a wardrobe.

A classic white shirt should be in every girls wardrobe…and maybe a denim too.

They are a basic in my eyes and can be worn in so many ways.

  • Buttoned up (on a smaller frame) with a cute pencil skirt for a touch of geek glam.
  • Create a deep V neckline for fuller busts.
  • Classic white with jeans and a jacket for understated elegance.
  • Un-buttoned with a singlet underneath with your favourite short or denim skirt.
  • Drop crotch: match made in heaven.
  • Front knot over a tube dress.
  • Tied around your waist for a touch of booty coverage.

Points to remember:

  • Oversized shirts work best it the rest of your outfit is streamline.
  • Lycra is your best shirt friend, you no longer have to feel trussed up like a turkey.
  • Think cotton (with stretch) linen or silk.


Are you a shirt lover or avoider? 


Items * were gifted to me for editorial consideration, as per my disclosure policy.


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  • Twinning with your bloke – love it! You guys are adorable (so are the shirts!) K xx

  • Lellybchic

    Hey, how’s the sizing… ? (My fella is a bit on the chunky/ I mean cuddly side…)

  • Kathryn

    Love the shirts, and you both look great. I think paisley or patterns like this are super sexy on men. I just bought my partner a nice black and white one. I wear shirts for sun protection in summer too. x

    • Kathryn I totally agree about patterns and soft colours on men – super sexy and it shows confidence too. Love the sound of the black and white one…that would feed my monochrome obsession beautifully! xx

  • How cool does Johnny look in the shirt? Looks very comfortable in front of the camera!

    Love the pink too, so pretty and femme. Best kind of mail day!

    • Em, Jonny was in heaven when the parcel arrived…he loves threads nearly as much as I do! He is so happy you think he looked relaxed (in reality he may have been moaning – just a bit).
      The pink is so soft and feminine but works equally well on Jonny too – sign of a great shirt! xx

  • Ella Spurling

    Oh I love shirts! Super cute that you’re sharing yours. I often wear shirts in summer for sun protection {this lily-white girl burns easily} + a beautiful cotton isn’t too hot. My fave is the green on you with those amazing CR shoes! x

    • Oh thanks gorgeous girl. I was only talking about you yesterday when beautiful Sal popped in. Your stunning skin and complexion was mentioned. Glad you loved the green…I’m mightily smitten with it too! xx

  • Massive shirt lover here and those are divine. Love ALL the colours – totally gorgeous. And I can understand why you were so excited following THAT PONCHO. I didn’t need the memory jog – one of my fave outfits on you. Shirts – I need more in my life!! xo

    • Wendy the quality of everything from Read and Bell is totally amazing. I was so excited when I opened the parcel (so many gorgeous pieces to show you). They get fabric – which is not wasted on me at all. I agree on the poncho too…it will always be one of my favourites! xx

  • super cute!

  • I do love a gorgeous shirt worked back with a pair of distressed jeans – it’s classic Elle MacPherson school pick up style! I just need to find my shirt mojo again – I used to wear them to work but have fallen out of the habit. Need to get back on track seeing these beauties on you guys though. Gorgeous. x

    • Jeans and shirt combo’s are by far my favourite things to wear V. Shirts always feel effortless yet stylish – perfect for a lazy gal like me! So you need to find you mojo again because not only are you gorgeous, you also have the PERFECT figure for shirts/jeans combo xx

  • Sharon

    Omg, who wore it better lol! I love these shirts you both look gorgeous! I think a couple who look this gorgeous should be illegal lol. I think I want one in every colour! I love your suggestions on how to wear things differently, so helpful. Big love to you darling girl xxx mwah

    • These shirts are DDG, the colour and fabric are simply divine – I also love how versatile they are and how different they look on both of us. Feminine and masculine = perfect for sharing!
      I’m planning a post (just for you) on the dreamer dress…xx Mwah and big hugs coming at ya xx

      • Sharon

        You are such a darling xxx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    You both look amazing Bev love those shirts on you both ??

    • Thanks Gorgeousness…how I talked Jonny into this one, I’ll never know…although he really wanted to keep the shirts!!! Mwah xx

  • You guys modelling his and her shirts is just the sweetest thing….you both look great!

    • Thanks so much Caitlin, Jonny was all out of smiles by the 3rd outfit change though 😉 xx

  • FRANKiE4

    Oh we love this!!! You two are too sweet!

  • Super stylish team. Love the shirts and they look great on you both. V x