My Work Wardrobe: Summer Maxi

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about my Country Road work wardrobe/purchases with you gorgeous lot.

One of the main reasons (because you already know I’m forever buying new things) is the cost.

A huge perk of the trade for me working at CR is the staff discount. It makes buying multiple the occasional piece, acceptable 😉

Poor Jonny!

Before you bring out the tissues for him though…his wardrobe choice is starting to rival mine!

Yes girls, I totally appreciate that for some of you beauties, Country Road can be pretty expensive and not everyone’s budget can stretch to it, all the time.

Although at the moment, with Spend and Save (multiple redemption for Loyalty customers until Thursday, it then goes to the Public)  – it could make all the difference!

So I thought now may just be the perfect time to gush about this fabulous maxi…because I for one, am a smitten kitten.

And with 33% off ( yes, that’s what SnS equates too) I thought it might just float your fashion boat too!

My Work Wardrobe: Summer Maxi

Tile Print Maxi (size 14) $199.00 Country Road | shoes CR from the vault.

Good old Country Road.

They seem to release at least one maxi a year that a fall in love with (so far its two this season).

Do you also remember this one from last year?

I know, I lived in it.

Maxi’s work for me on so many level’s.

Because they are a frock, they tick a huge box in being a complete outfit.

Yes, I buy separates BUT I prefer to throw on a dress – especially in the summer months when the humidity kicks in and you secretly wish your body was fabulous enough to walk around all day, everyday, in your skimpiest bikini.

I’m also the laziest ass around in the morning, that ass of mine gets even lazier on the days when I’m heading into CR.

I want to look well put together, but I also need to feel comfortable and capable of coping with whatever the day throws at me.

Maxi’s always seem to hit this brief to a T.

Given the choice, I prefer mine to drag the floor…I know this is not for everyone, but I love the dramatic swish I get when I float on by, in a cloud of fabric 😉

I don’t stress about the drag, I just relax and enjoy.

Just quietly, if you’re a tall lass like me and are constantly seeking out extra ‘maxi’ length. One company that nails the length of their maxi’s consistently is Bohemian Traders. I always feel confident that I will get the added length that I love, without compromising on style (I secretly have something very special from BT to show you soon – swoon worthy I promise).

Yes girls, you’ve guessed it, I adore a bit of drama in my maxi’s, mixed in with a touch of floaty feminine – these elements make for a great melting pot of fabulousness.


Size wise: I sized up from my normal 12 to a 14 for two reasons:

  1. The back of the dress is open (ish) with a back split from shoulder to waist. There is however a hook and eye for more modesty. One of my pet hates is seeing any ‘dig in’ on waist lines – especially if you can see flesh. Honestly the 12 fitted better over the bust, but I suffer from a severe case ‘paranoia of muffin-top’  🙂
  2. Length – the 14 gave me a touch more – how could I refuse?

Why do I love this dress so much?

  • V-neck – my favourite neckline and pretty hard to find in a frock.
  • Sleeves – I simply adore sleeves. This sleeve in particular being soft and relaxed, add’s a touch of delicate sophistication.
  • Length – never fear ridicule if you missed your morning date with the razor!
  • Slip – its built-in to the dress (bloody genius) nothing is more annoying than a separate slip.
  • Fabric –  100% cotton BINGO.
  • Colour – adore any kind of blue.
  • Pattern – adds interest without taking over.

This dress could be worn almost anywhere. Add a flat sandal to casual it down, or amp it up with a heel a touch of show-stopping glamour.

Yes, I could go on forever…


Would I find many maxi’s in your wardrobe? Found one you think is the bees-bloody-knees lately?


Nothing gifted.

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