The Cue LBD Edit

The Cue LBD Edit

Let’s start with a confession.

The last thing I needed in my wardrobe was yet another LBD.


Yep. I’m big enough to admit this – even to myself!

Beauties, I truly have enough frocks to kit out a small (ladies) army.

But when has that snippet of information ever stopped me?


So when it came to what I would wear to the shine party at ProBlogger, I just couldn’t resist adding yet another just one more frock to my collection.

I justified this purchase to Jonny like this:

B: “I’ve seen a lovely dress that I think I should get for the Saturday night Shine event at ProBlogger”

J: “Can’t you wear one of the hundred you already have? A black dress is a black dress”

B: “Well I’ve seen one that I know you’ll love – it has a fabulous sleeve detail”

J: “I’m sure you already have one that I love with fabulous sleeve detail”

B: “Not like this one I don’t. You’ll love it. It’s a shift dress with really long 70’s bell sleeves, it’s so me and so on trend”

J: “So where does the ‘shine’ bit come into it?”

B: “It doesn’t. You know I’m already hyperventilating at the thought of being in a room with 700 bloggers, so I wouldn’t feel comfortable being too shiny. Instead, I thought I’d add some shine in my accessories. The shine brief was left open to interpretation anyway. Also, guess what? Cue have got 20% off dresses tomorrow”

J: “Really?”

B: “Yep. Just one day only – I’ll get it, if you don’t like it, I can always take it back”


A this point, I left out a minor detail.

The shoes and accessories.

So minor, Jonny didn’t need to know that I still had to buy those too!

Now I know I’ve mentioned this before, but working for CR does have the advantages of a generous staff discount.

Said discount extends itself to Witchery, Mimco, Trenery and David Jones. Which means I very rarely have to pay full price for my clobber.

This is a huge benefit of working retail hours. Without this perk, you wouldn’t see my ass for dust.

Keeping the discount structure at the forefront of my mind, means I shop strategically.

I also use it to my advantage when it comes to Jonny.

Buy something for Jonny at the same time as treating myself.

BAM – thank goodness he loves his clothes too!

The Cue LBD Edit

Bell Sleeve Dress $199.00 Cue | Shoes: Witchery (new season) sold out online | Sunnies: Karen Walker Number One | Pouch (above pic) Mimco.

So to complete my mission, I hot-tailed my ass to Brisbane for a spot of retail therapy with Beckie.

She never questions the NEED.

She totally understands the WANT.

She is her mothers daughter after all 😉

My clothes and how I look its super important to me.

If this puts me in the ‘vain’ category – so be it. That suits me just fine.

How I look, is my armour, clothes give me confidence.

If I’m wearing something I love and feel good in, it gives me confidence to just enjoy myself, without over thinking my outfit.

If I’m not comfortable, I find it really difficult to relax and have fun.

Instead, I look like an anxious woman with ants in her pants – which is frankly not a good look for anyone!

So as it was my first year attending ProBlogger, my outfits were high on the importance level.

As I mentioned in this post, I always look for a point of difference when I am buying a dress.

My style personality is classic with a twist.

I would love to take the credit and say I found this Cue dress all by myself…but I didn’t.

My lovely friend Edwina found it for me  – don’t you just love having friends that know your style as well as you do?

She also told my about the Cue discount.

I know. I’m one lucky girl.

One last thing…my legs.

I justified the shorter dress length by offsetting it with flesh tone stockings from Spanx – at least one pair of these hard-working babies should be a staple piece in every girls knicker drawer.

Trust me.

Nothing gifted just loved!


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