The Cue LBD Edit

The Cue LBD Edit

Let’s start with a confession.

The last thing I needed in my wardrobe was yet another LBD.


Yep. I’m big enough to admit this – even to myself!

Beauties, I truly have enough frocks to kit out a small (ladies) army.

But when has that snippet of information ever stopped me?


So when it came to what I would wear to the shine party at ProBlogger, I just couldn’t resist adding yet another just one more frock to my collection.

I justified this purchase to Jonny like this:

B: “I’ve seen a lovely dress that I think I should get for the Saturday night Shine event at ProBlogger”

J: “Can’t you wear one of the hundred you already have? A black dress is a black dress”

B: “Well I’ve seen one that I know you’ll love – it has a fabulous sleeve detail”

J: “I’m sure you already have one that I love with fabulous sleeve detail”

B: “Not like this one I don’t. You’ll love it. It’s a shift dress with really long 70’s bell sleeves, it’s so me and so on trend”

J: “So where does the ‘shine’ bit come into it?”

B: “It doesn’t. You know I’m already hyperventilating at the thought of being in a room with 700 bloggers, so I wouldn’t feel comfortable being too shiny. Instead, I thought I’d add some shine in my accessories. The shine brief was left open to interpretation anyway. Also, guess what? Cue have got 20% off dresses tomorrow”

J: “Really?”

B: “Yep. Just one day only – I’ll get it, if you don’t like it, I can always take it back”


A this point, I left out a minor detail.

The shoes and accessories.

So minor, Jonny didn’t need to know that I still had to buy those too!

Now I know I’ve mentioned this before, but working for CR does have the advantages of a generous staff discount.

Said discount extends itself to Witchery, Mimco, Trenery and David Jones. Which means I very rarely have to pay full price for my clobber.

This is a huge benefit of working retail hours. Without this perk, you wouldn’t see my ass for dust.

Keeping the discount structure at the forefront of my mind, means I shop strategically.

I also use it to my advantage when it comes to Jonny.

Buy something for Jonny at the same time as treating myself.

BAM – thank goodness he loves his clothes too!

The Cue LBD Edit

Bell Sleeve Dress $199.00 Cue | Shoes: Witchery (new season) sold out online | Sunnies: Karen Walker Number One | Pouch (above pic) Mimco.

So to complete my mission, I hot-tailed my ass to Brisbane for a spot of retail therapy with Beckie.

She never questions the NEED.

She totally understands the WANT.

She is her mothers daughter after all 😉

My clothes and how I look its super important to me.

If this puts me in the ‘vain’ category – so be it. That suits me just fine.

How I look, is my armour, clothes give me confidence.

If I’m wearing something I love and feel good in, it gives me confidence to just enjoy myself, without over thinking my outfit.

If I’m not comfortable, I find it really difficult to relax and have fun.

Instead, I look like an anxious woman with ants in her pants – which is frankly not a good look for anyone!

So as it was my first year attending ProBlogger, my outfits were high on the importance level.

As I mentioned in this post, I always look for a point of difference when I am buying a dress.

My style personality is classic with a twist.

I would love to take the credit and say I found this Cue dress all by myself…but I didn’t.

My lovely friend Edwina found it for me  – don’t you just love having friends that know your style as well as you do?

She also told my about the Cue discount.

I know. I’m one lucky girl.

One last thing…my legs.

I justified the shorter dress length by offsetting it with flesh tone stockings from Spanx – at least one pair of these hard-working babies should be a staple piece in every girls knicker drawer.

Trust me.

Nothing gifted just loved!


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  • Andrea from Icadoo

    Jonny sounds like my husband. They don’t kinda get it and question it but at the end they are super happy when we are happy. And come on Jonny. If you look at your wife in this dress .. I mean .. only super-hot can describe that! Right?! Purchase (s) justified ;o) xx

  • Kathryn

    Haha I am still laughing about Jonny, poor buggar. Great dress Bev, and we both love a bit (lot) of black. I remember when Cue came out in the 70s in Brisbane, I was in heaven. My wardrobe back then was a LOT of Cue, always loved a frock xx

  • hot, Hot, HOT! x

  • Sexy ! You can never have too many LBD’s!!!

    • Oh Em, thank you! I adore the slimming effect that black offers – no wonder I have so many! xx

  • Oh hello gorgeous. You look superb in this dress. I am a huge lover of CUE and tend to buy at least one new dress each season, with maybe an extra 1-2 in summer. V x

    • Thanks so much beautiful! Cue always manage to offer the perfect dress selection for nearly every single occasion imaginable – thats why they have such fab reputation xx

  • Sharon

    This dress looks divine on you. You shine in everything you wear, your beautiful personality and your impeccable taste make for one potent combination! Mwah x 100 xxx

    • Oh shucks – you sure know how to make a girl feel good darling 😉
      Thank you so much beautiful – I’m now grinning like a Cheshire Cat! You’re such a gem xxx Lots of love right back at ya

  • Love the detail of those sleeves – stunning Bev! x

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    You look HOT in this dress Bev I like it very much and I’m glad you get good discounts on other stores,you deserve it working in retail ,those shoes are gorgeous too ?and can I say there is nothing at all wrong with your legs,you look fantabulous ??

    • Thanks so much for the love darling. I umm’d and ahhh’d about whether I was brave enough to wear a dress so short at my age. In the end I thought ‘sod it’ and pulled out my favourite stocking for extra confidence! Mwah xx

  • You have great legs! I feel the best when I’m loving what I’m wearing. Your outfit does give you confidence.

    • Oh Chantelle thank you so much – my legs have never been my favourite feature!
      On the confidence stakes, I can go from zero to hero in the right outfit – the right clothes can be very powerful xx

  • Suzie

    Yes! I’m with you. You’re my kind of girl. I counted 31(!) black dresses in my wardrobe and love every single one of them. I’m thinking of doing a 31 black dresses in 31 days Instagram blog to justify it! Love your Cue dress ❤️

    • Suzie I love finding a kindred spirit! If I didn’t work at CR I would love to join you on a 31 day challenge – sounds like it would be a walk in the park for both of us! So happy you approve of my latest addition too xx