Cold Shoulder

Why oh why is it, that all of a sudden, I’m hell-bent on sharing my fashion failures/missed opportunities?

This fact alone, renders me speechless – enjoy the silence for a couple of seconds you gorgeous things – because that’s as long as I’m giving you… 😉

Anyway, I guess it’s because I want to stress that it can happen to all of us.

Yes, even me.

And it’s more than ok.

Remember you are individual. You have your own style personality.

You don’t have to rush out and buy the latest edit.

You can look and admire from afar until the time is right for you, or immediately jump in with both feet – either is perfectly acceptable.

Katies Cold Shoulder

I’m more than happy to admit though, that I’m a bit late to the cold shoulder party.

Who would have possibly thought this could happen to a fashion obsessed girl like me?

I know. Whatever you do, don’t feel the need to rub it in 😉

It’s not like I didn’t know they existed or anything.

Yep, I have watched from afar as loads of my #girlcrushes have rocked this look to perfection.

Barbe from Fashionista in Suburbia immediately springs to mind – she always looks DDG (drop dead gorgeous) in hers.

But for some strange reason, I wasn’t convinced this look was for me.

Please say this happens to you too?

Do you ever dismiss something before you’ve even tried it on?

I obviously still do this.

Even though I know having an open mind is crucial to finding the perfect outfit.

It makes me feel crazily frustrated when I don’t practice what I preach.

Yep, I occasionally still let my silly inner voice convince me not to give things try.

And giving things a try is the key to success.

Cold Shoulder

Cold Shoulder Tie Sleeve Dress*^ (12) $59.95 Katies Fashion | Shoes: Catalina $179.00 Country Road

Let’s face it, as we get older the tops of our arms seem to take on a life of their own.

They taunt us with every single movement…mine happily flap around with gay abandon, at every given opportunity.

So why until now, I’ve chosen to ignore a complimentary shape/style that sits strategically over the top of said bingo wings upper arms, completely mystifies me!

Do you remember when I posted the last Katies edit ? Well I really wanted to include this gorgeous little number.

Because as soon as I saw it online, I just knew it was a dress that would fit seamlessly into not only mine, but every girls summer wardrobe.

So I have waited with bated breath for its arrival at my local Maroochydore store.

I dashed in and picked it up last week.

Firstly, it gets a big tick from me on the fabric stakes – it’s 100%viscose and perfect for those days when it gets intensely hot and sticky.

But can you imagine just how versatile this dress will be?

Throw it on with your favourite flats for a school drop off, or a dash to supermarket.

Over your bikini for a day pool/beachside.

Add a wedge, a bunch of bracelets plus your favourite sunnies for lunch out with the girls.

Or amp it up for the evening with some killer heels and a clutch.

A belt will also add another dimension.

The v-neckline and knee-length makes this such a wearable summer dress for just about everyone.

So the next time you see something that ignites a spark of interest, take a moment to try it on…

You never know you just might fall in love.

Are you a cold shoulder convert? 


Items marked * were gifted to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy.

Items marked ^ I will receive a small commission if you follow the link in my sidebar – this does not affect the price you pay.

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  • Andrea from Icadoo

    This is a perfect dress! I don’t like to show my arms so the ‘cold shoulder’ look is perfect. You look stunning as always and I have a girl crush on you (but you know that already) and on Barbe too! xx

  • Bev! You look stunning. Great dress! And I can’t be your girl crush because you are MY girl crush!!

    I think a little peep of a shoulder is so sexy, I will be hunting down some more this Summer. Country Road has some, you say?
    Thanks for the mention, lovely one xoxox

  • You look fabulous in colour! Plus the print is so femme and lady like. I really love this look on you. I’ve not yet attempted the “cold shoulder” but I love how chic it is!

    • Awwww thanks so much Em…monochrome still holds my heart though! You’re so right, the print is fabulous, there is a bit of seventies look about it which I couldn’t resist! xx

  • I have completely dismissed this style thinking it’s not for me!!! But once again, you inspire me to try… I shall keep an open mind on the open shoulder from now on I promise! Love that print so much and love the cute belted look xox

    • This dress is so easy to wear in the summer – I was beyond excited when I saw it was 100% viscose and $59.95. Sometimes we all need a gentle push to try things that we internally dismiss as not being ‘us’ – I can be the biggest culprit…but since this dress, I’ve even added a CR cold shoulder top to my collection. This might be a good starting point for you…I wear mine with denim and I love it!
      Thanks for the love gorgeousness xx

  • You look gorgeous! I can rule something that out before I’ve given it a try. I think it’s called insecurities.

    • Thanks so much Chantelle you’re very kind. I think we are all guilty of not trying things on…with me sometimes, its just pure laziness! xx

  • This is a simply gorgeous dress that looks fabulous on you. I have a couple of tops/dresses with this shoulder detailing and I agree, it is super flattering. x

    • For the price and fabric this frock is a total winner Vanessa – I just know I will wear it to death when the humidity kicks back in. As always you and dresses (of any style or shape) are a match made in heaven! xxx

  • Looking fantabulous Bev. I have not embarked on the cold shoulder look as yet, not entirely sure I will though…..unless I fall in love with a piece when I try it on. V x

    • Awwww thanks beautiful. Like everything, this look is not for everyone – I steered clear for ages before I succumbed to temptation…I’ve already added a CR top to my collection!
      You always look amazing in everything you wear xx

  • Super pretty! I don’t really care about hiding bits of my body – apart from my stomach because nobody needs to see that (except when I’m wearing my bikini obvs). I love the cold shoulder. Comfy, not too hot.

    • Thanks Lovely x
      It’s only been in the last couple of years that I’ve really noticed my arms…I guess they come with the territory of being 52 years old!

  • Sharon

    I have never worn the cold shoulder (given it occasionally though 🙂 ). This looks gorgeous on you and the print is beautiful. I’m hitting Katies online in a big way this pay day their summer stuff is just beautiful. Of course your smile and style make everything look gorgeous….I can’t imagine you looking bad in anything…ever! Mwah and hugs, always xxx

    • Katies really have taken off in a big way this season – their summer collection really does nail most of the trends for the season. All with fabulously low price tags and wearable fabrics! Go for it kiddo – I just know you’ll love everything you buy!
      And once again thank YOU for the amazing compliments – you’re just gorgeous xx I was so rushed taking these pics…they were not my best effort (full sunshine is a total no no when it comes to shooting), but a had a 30 minute window for 3 outfits. Note to self: start looking for part-time xxx Mwah Mwah

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I love the cold shoulder look Bev I has a few items in my wardrobe,what I really like about it is it looks more chic without adding heat and it looks more dressed up than a sleeveless dress! Katie’s have really outdone themselves this season I want everything in store?I adore this dress on you it’s beautiful and viscose so a big tick from me ??

    • So agree with you about it looking more chic than sleeveless Lisa – it’s the perfect style for disguising the dreaded ‘bingo wings’ too! I’ve already been inspired by you looking stunning in this style – you are one of the people that always looks amazing in whatever you wear!
      Thanks for the love beautiful xxx