I’m Cold Shoulder Obsessed

Before I say a word, the tee’s I’m gushing profusely about below have not been gifted to me.

No Siree. I sought them out.

Although I must say, gifted or not, every single item I normally talk to you about here on the blog, has to pass my test.

It will always be something I love and believe in, it also has to be pieces I think YOU would like to know about too.

Not every item I talk to you about will be your thing, but hopefully the items I feature will give you the inspiration to adapt a look or an idea, to make it your own.

Today though, I’m truly finding it hard to contain my excitement about these tee’s from Katies.

So please consider this blog post my first ever community service announcement.

Think of it as me, giving you, a gentle style nudge in the right direction.

Because the style, shape and price of these babies are far too good to pass by beauties.



They are also remarkable at disguising bingo wings 😉


Katies Stripe Cold Shoulder ^Top $29.95 | Seed Heritage Straight Rip Jeans $89.95 | White Tiger Designs IRIS necklace*  | Country Road  shoes from last year

Creating the perfect off-duty style that looks effortless, is always my dream.

I want to look crisp and well put together but with very little effort.

You see, I’m a lazy ass. If it takes too much fuss and bother – it lands in the ‘too hard basket’.

A bit like my fake tan yesterday.

Until I stand in my wardrobe in the mornings, I have no idea what I want to wear.

All I know is I want my wardrobe to work hard for me.

Because I’m not much of a planner (with the exceptions of special occasions of course).

My classic style personality dictates the overall direction of my purchases.

So my wardrobe (with the exception of my CR work wardrobe) is quite easy to shop.

I want outfits combinations to jump out at me.

Stripes really help with these fusions.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always leaned easily towards stripes.

I just can’t resist them.

Stuff and nonsense that they make you look bigger/wider. I think everyone can wear stripes.

If you want too that is!

So when a voucher was emailed to me from Katies recently, I jumped online to see what was available.


The stripe cold-shoulder top appeared before my very eyes.

Done deal.

The whole shopping experience lasted just a couple of minutes.

Stripes are a no-brainer for you too right?

Especially when said stripes are in the form of a cold-shoulder top.


Size wise, I decided to go for a large in the top, and not my usual medium as I wanted to gain an extra touch of length.

Anyway a couple of days later, I received the message from Katies to pop into my local Maroochydore store to collect my present from me to me (I’d opted for a store pick-up – minimal fuss works for me).

First thing I spied on the rail was the cold shoulder’s sitting neatly winking away at me.

The black was just begging to come home with me too….how could I refuse?

My justification?

Everything is better in two’s!


Katies Cold Shoulder Top^ $29.95 (wearing a L) | Seed Heritage Straight Rip Denim Jean $89.95 (wearing 14) |  Mimco: Clutch |Witchery heels (new season but sold out)

These tops are perfect for almost any occasion.

They can be dressed up or down and work perfectly when worn with your favourite denim.

The cut out shoulder really offers a touch of sophistication, but ticks all of my lazy girl boxes on the stylish stakes.

Now, all I need now is for Jonny to surprise me with a date-night…because my outfit is already good-to-go!

Just before I dash…guess what I’m doing in my lunchtime today?

Going to get the white one.

Oh yes I am.


Tell me lovelies, would this top work in your wardrobe too? Are you tempted?


The White Tiger Designs necklace * was gifted to me in accordance with my disclosure policy.

Items marked ^ have affiliate links in my sidebar. If you use this I get a small commission (this does not alter the price you pay).

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  • Love the cold shoulder look – great for a hot day and to be able to cover up. I like them slightly oversized on you too. Casual chic at its best!

    This is a good shape too – a lot of them seem to have gaping arms or open arms. Like the shape of these ones – also perfect for bra strap disguising!

    • Thanks Cutie, I like them oversized too and totally agree about the bra disguising – I HATE wearing strapless bras. In fact, I refuse to wear them. If an outfit needs a strapless bra I won’t buy it…I’m too old to suffer the pain and comfortableness any more! xx

  • Absolute effortless off duty style!! I LOVE both looks but I think the black one is my fave. Such a great top for a summer night out!! Hope you get to wear it to your date night very soon 🙂

    • Awww thanks Wendy. I’ve fallen hard for these tops and such a fabulous price to…hopefully I’ll find an opportunity to wear one of them this weekend! Thanks for the love beautiful xx

  • Cold shoulders are so hot for Summer, I heard it straight from George Gross’ mouth, while in the same room, gah. You look great in this look. It’s one that’ll have to grow on my, although i have put a prompt in my style dare….. xx

    • I’m a bit late to the cold-shoulder party really. Not sure why, but now I’ve tried them its LOVE, especially at this price! Thanks for the love gorgeousness xx
      Ps. off work with a bad back, but I’ll join in your style dare as soon as I’m back on my feet! xx

  • Sharon

    Gorgeous striped top ✔️ Divine black top ✔️ Gorgeous white jeans ✔️ All beautifully worn by the divine Ms B✔️✔️✔️ I’m sold…hoping on Katie’s site right now…hugs and mwah xx

    • Oh you are a darling. So happy you love them. Can’t tell you how excited I was when I tried them on…especially because they hide the dreaded bingo wings! Hope you managed to bag them too gorgeousness! Big love with cherries on the top xxx

      • Sharon

        If you’ve got bingo wings i’ve got the wings of a Boeing 747!

  • Kathryn

    I love the striped top, very fresh. Lovely Bev x

    • Thanks so much Kathryn – I’m so happy I nabbed both…expect to see them often! xx

  • You look stunning as ever Bev! I bought this Katies cold shoulder stripe tee for my long weekend get away 🙂

    • Thank you so much Kalyani – you’re so kind. Delighted to hear you got the stripey one too – they are a dream to wear! xxx

  • retiringnotshy

    Oh I love the black one Bev but they do look a little short ? ?

    • The stripey one is a touch longer than the black. I sized up to large on both just to make sure I had the extra length. Maybe try one to see if the length is right for you xx

  • What a fab top!

  • I have a couple of these tops on their way to me as we speak. Tried them on in store and ordered online when they were 30% off on weekend. Love the fit and its like wearing a sleeveless top but still covering the arms, if that makes sense.

    • Well played Karen! So happy you managed to bag them at 30% off too – what a bargain!
      Totally agree about the sleeve too, it sits in the perfect position xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I am very tempted to hop online right now and buy the black and the striped one Bev,those tees look amazing on you ????

    • Lisa I was going to pop in store and pick one up, but as I’m stuck at home with this painful back I might just pop online to nab the white – I would hate to miss out! Thanks for the love beautiful xxx

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    I must confess I bought a black cold shoulder top recently from Witchery and it hangs beautifully, covers the arms nicely but still feels airy and cool. It very much looks like the Katie’s ones are similar (I saw them in store but didn’t try one) but I would size up, as you have….because of the jersey cling factor…or is that just me? I’m sure you’d look as fresh as a daisy in the White but you completely rock the black top Bev! x

    • Like you Nat I love how the cold shoulders offer just enough coverage in all of the right places, plus an added touch of ooo-la-la sexy thrown in for good measure too. Sizing up in this tee works so much better for us pear-shaped girls, plus I don’t have any hang-ups on what size I buy – just as long as it looks good and doesn’t cling to the bits I want to hide! Thanks for the love gorgeous xxx