Bohemian Traders Basics

Geez Louise. Bohemian Traders – STOP IT.

Just STOP with the flirtation.

I’m already a BT addict/junkie (either is fine by me 😉 )

You have no need to convince this chick anymore, your stuff is bloody amazing.

Full on #fangirl status, right here.

Why oh why, do I fall so hard for every new release?

I feel like nearly every item was made, just with me in mind.

Side Note: The shorts are to die for, just not on me – shorts are a big no no with my thighs plus an age tag of 52 – yep I draw the line!

I can not harp on enough about this new range though.

Especially the drop crotch pants.

Bohemian Traders Basics

Summer Drop Crotch Pants in Natural* wearing (S) $129.00 | Classic White Tee* $59.00 both Bohemain Traders | Shoes: Sandi Wedge $179.00 Country Road (check in store as sold out online) | Sunnies: Karen Walker ‘Number One’ | Watch: Sidney Series by Jord* $199 USD

It’s like all of my prayers were answered.

Yep, you all already know I’m a drop crotch addict.

I love them.

So can you imagine my excitement when I saw my fabulous drop crotch pants appear in a linen mix – Oh My.

Hello Summer.

You could not remove the smug from my mug.

Seriously, the poor people of Buddina on the Sunny Coast must wonder who the mad ‘fist pumping’ woman is, when she picks up her parcels.

Excitement does not even come close to how I feel when I see the Bohemian Traders sticker on a parcel.

Head-over-heel seems way more appropriate.

Can you just bear with me a second or two?…Do you remember me mentioning a while back about trying to find the perfect white tee?

Well the quality of this little one is F A B

All though my ideal neckline is always a v-neck (thank the generous proportions of my boobs for that) – but for a round neck, this one is a bit special too.

It’s all down to the cut, which is great and the fabric has such a luxurious feel to it.

So if round neck is your go-to check this one above out!

Bohemian Traders Basics

Yassou Keyhole Top (still available in black) Bohemian Traders – see above for other links.

Bohemian Traders Basics

How I Wear Mine

The question I get asked the most is how to wear drop crotch pants.

My answer is to work with them, not against them.

Don’t let them intimidate you. They’re edgy and a dream to wear.

  • Casual
  • Slightly dressier.

Both work. It just depends which is more YOU.

One things for sure, with these babies its super easy to cover the both comfort and style stakes.

As well as making sure we have the fundamentals covered in our wardrobes, it’s also fabulous to add a touch of diversity.

I’m not talking show-pony pieces that we save for special occasions. Just pieces that offer a point of difference.

Drop crotch pants cover both of these bases for me. They are both a fundamental (in my wardrobe) and a diverse piece.

I simply never tire of wearing them.

Yes, some would say they are a full-on fashion piece, but they can also be a basic, if you let them.

A basic for me is an item that I grab on a regular basis – I grab mine just like I would my jeans.

An item that offers me total flexibility.

They’re also a piece that I rely on, that is also slightly different to the norm.

I’m all up for embracing those multifunctional pieces and making them work for me.

Look, I know drop crotch are not for everyone BUT please don’t run for the hills just yet pretties.

Give them a try.

Experiment until you find a pair that feel right for YOU.

Because when you nail them –  they are amazing.

Yes, the cut on these Bohemian Traders drop crotch is very ‘drop’.

When I first got them, I played around with different ways of I could wear them.

I made sure I found a way to make them work for my style personality.

Making new items fit you, truly is the key to success.

Because YOU are unique.

Take inspiration from an image/person and then add a sprinkle of your uniqueness to get the ‘voila!’ moment.

I’m such a convert that I just throw mine on without too much thought.

I love adding the softness of a silk blouse against the touch edges of the pant.

Or a basic singlet with a jacket over the top.

It’s where my mind goes when I think of wearing them.

Of course the true part of making them work for me, is to add a heel of some sort.

An ankle boot works like a dream too, if it’s still cold where you are (just make sure you can see some flesh between where the pant ends and the boot begins).

For spring/summer a wedge will work well for a casual vibe.

Equally, if flats are your comfort zone, think sneakers of any description!

But whatever you do, embrace them.


Would I find drop crotch or harem pants in your wardrobe? 


Note: There is a glitch with the slideshow working on the mobile version of my website, if you want to view the rest of the images just click the full website link at the bottom of the page. Mwah x

Items marked * were gifted to me in accordance with my disclosure policy.


I’m also linking up with Kimbalikes for Wardrobe Wednesday





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  • Andrea from Icadoo

    Ohhhh I’m so in love with BT! All of these outfits look amazeballs!! xx

  • Yup! All of these outfits are divine! I love a blonde in beige! x

  • i so badly want to wear them, but i have such short legs that I fear I would just look like someone cut me off at the knees. as for you .. YOU totally rock them you gorgeous woman xx

  • Michelle

    I love this outfit, you look fantastic! I like the idea of the drop crotch pant but haven’t been brave enough to go there yet? I’d like your thoughts on the Country Road Striped Harem Pant, Bev. I tried them on today. I’m usually a 10-12, tried on a 10 and think they were too loose around the waist. How high should they sit and how relaxed are they? The fabric was beautiful and I think they might be my first spring purchase!

    • Great choice, I adore the new stripe harem pant Michelle (its on my radar). I haven’t tried this pair on yet, but as a rule I prefer mine to be more relaxed than fitted. I sit mine just below the natural waistline. As the fabric on these is slightly firmer than the norm, I wouldn’t expect them to loosen off to much. Try the 8, if they are snug around the butt and thigh though I would go for the 10 to get the relaxed look.
      Hope this helps and happy shopping! xx

  • Oh hello, I saw the Country Road wedges were sold out online and thought they’d be sold out in store. Hmmm very tempting…..Looking gorgeous in your neutral ensemble. Zoe xx

    • There are a few pairs left in some stores Zoe (we have one pair of the black) but we’ve received notification that they will be back in December – hallelujah!
      Thanks for the love gorgeous xx

  • La la love those pants!

  • Stylishly spot on as always!! Love how you wear those pants with the tan wedge. I do own and love three pairs of drop crotch pants but I’ve always worn them super casually. I am excited to try a dressier look with some wedges / heels like yours. Thank you for the fabulous inspiration xox

    • So happy you love the look with the wedge Wendy. I love adding a point of difference to wearing drop crotch. They look amazing with a sneaker too, but for me to pull them off, adding a dressier vibe seems to work much better. You always look fabulous…can’t wait to see you style yours ‘up’ xxx

  • Glamour on the Go

    I just love your style and you look amazing! A perfect example that style has no age limit…I’m doing a series on my blog at the moment called FAB – Fabulous & Beyond…Style for Grown Ups…you are an inspiration to me…love it!!!

    • Oh thanks darling you have just made my day! Love the idea of Fabulous and Beyond to – I’ll pop over for a sticky beak xx

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I love those pants on you Bev the colour is gorgeous,I like a round necked tee (I have no boobs) is this one just a bit high though? I don’t like high necked tops they annoy my thryroidectomy scar?but I love the shape of the long sleeved top it’s gorgeous,you rock those pants my pretty friend and I agree there will be no short shorts on my body either ??

    • Thanks so much darling – I bet you already knew I’d fall in love with the linen version right?
      Not sure if the neck on the tee might be too high for your scar though Lisa, it sits just above the bone on the bottom of the neck. The fabric is soft as soft can be though, if it didn’t rub on your scar I think you would love it.
      Glad you agree on my shorts policy! xxx

  • that does look like the ultimate white tee. LOVE

  • Gorgeous lady. I love both combinations. V x

  • So crisp and fresh! I’ve been standing strong in the skinny leg style for so long it might be time to dip my toe into the drop crotch! You look divine xo

    • Awwww thanks so much Caitlin…I’m super attached to my skinnies too, but I just love how edgy and stylish you can make drop crotch pants look. And don’t even get me started on the comfort factor 😉 xx

  • Sharon

    You look simply stunning ? I’m a drop crotch fan but haven’t yet been brave enough to embrace them..after seeing how fab you look in them a few times, I may take the plunge. Love BT too, I’d love to see you do a post on styling the dreamer fav BT item. And stop with the thigh comments..I think you’d look fab in shorts ? mwah xx

    • Oh thanks darling. You’re such a gem xx Yes, do give them a try, they are as comfy as wearing your pj’s but with a big tick on the style front. I truly believe with a spinkle of kick ass confidence, anyone can rock them!
      Promise to do a dreamer dress post just for you xx Mwah

  • I’m a big BT fan too and I absolutely love this look on you – flattering, comfortable and so fresh for Spring. A modern classic if I ever I saw one! x

    • Thanks Gorgeousness – BT can do no wrong in my eyes…they certainly have all the bases covered this season. The Picnic Dress in Pink Floral has your name written all over it! xx

  • I’m still considering drop crotch pants! I think I need to try them on myself before coming to a final decision. I do love them on you however.