What I Wore: ProBlogger

Lordy, lordy – what a roller-coaster of a ride the last few days have been.

On Sunday evening Jonny and I returned home from a fabulous 3 nights staying at the Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast for the annual ProBlogger conference.

Pro Blogger: What I Wore

Spectacular view from our room on the 17th floor overlooking the golf course, heading out to the coastline.

A conference where 700 like-minded bloggers got together to catch-up and be inspired.

My brain is now on overload trying to digest all the incredible information I have been fed.

Along with all that knowledge and inspiration, I have also had the pleasure of meeting some of the most beautiful souls.

Some are people who I have known online for the past couple of years. Some I’ve already met, some for the first time.

Most are people who I also greatly admire for their blogging talent.

But let’s just rewind to Wednesday…

What was meant to be a relaxing couple of days in the lead up to ProBlogger, ended up being quite the opposite.

Yes, in true Bev style…I managed to give myself food poisoning the day before we were going.

I know. Only I can manage this.

Whilst dashing around like an idiot on the Wednesday (shopping, beauty and nail appts) I grabbed a bite to eat from in the car.

Now I did have ice packs with me – but what I didn’t expect was the temperature – a high of 27 degrees outside. Jonny assures me I can add on a few extra degrees inside the car.

Say no more.

Except of course: Poor Jonny.

I was so ILL.

Instead of packing and fake-tanning, I was doubled over in bed with tummy cramps and the like (no further information required) 😉

Let’s just say put this out there, Thursday morning before we left was anything but pretty.

SLOW does not even come close to my snail-like behaviour.

Hydralyte was the only thing I could keep down.

With no packing done the night before, I ended up taking nearly everything I could lay my hands on.

The car was groaning under the strain of my beauty products – no time to decant, oh no. Full size everything for me beauties.

Thank goodness I wasn’t flying anywhere.

Because I had enough products to fill a chemist store.

Of course I didn’t need half of them. But I felt far too ill to care.

Anyhoo, here is what I wore while I was there. Thank goodness I had pre-planned my #everydaystyle for #pbevent.

What I Wore: Pro Blogger

Not sure how I’ve managed to look half-decent and so enthusiastic!

Wearing: Chambray Dress* $149 (M) Bohemian Traders | Frayed Denim Jean (10) $129.00 | Sandi Suede Wedge (Tan sold out online) $179.00 | Linen V-neck tee (last season) All Country Road | Watch: Sidney Series * $199USD by Jord Wood Watchers | Sunnies Karen Walker Number One.

What I Wore: Pro Blogger

Once we were all checked in and unpacked – it was a quick half-change for the newbie welcome drinks, which started at 15:30.

I swapped out the top half pieces for this much-loved Sportsgirl chiffon zipped back blouse and Next UK jacket (both from the arc) – I also added last seasons Iris heels from Country Road (you may still find at DFO if you’re lucky) and a Sussan necklace I picked up in the sale a couple of months back.

What I wore: Pro Blogger

For the first full day of learning:

Straight Rip Denim Jean $89.95 Seed Heritage – BEST white jeans I’ve owned | Nude Blouse (last season) Sleeveless Spliced Gilet (M) $149.95 (both Witchery) | Shoes (last season) Country Road | Mulberry Bayswater Bag on loan (hoping to keep;) ) from my gorgeous baby girl. | Watch (see above).


What I Wore: ProBlogger

On the Friday evening, the theme was Shine. This was open for interpretation: hence the comfort zone black!

Wearing Bell Sleeve Dress (12) $199.00 Cue Clothing | Lara Strappy Heel (39) $179.95 (only available in stone online, try in store for black) Witchery Fashion | Lovely Mesh Mash Pouch $149.00 Mimco | Earrings (I promise they are very sparkly) Large Diamante Teardrop Earrings (on sale) $7.77 Colette.

What I Wore: ProBlogger

Saturday was Jonny’s Birthday and day 2 of learning:

Last seasons Ripped Jeans from Katies |Apricot Silk Shirt $179.00 (M) Country Road | Shoes Witchery from 2 years ago | Bag and Watch see above.

What I Wore: ProBlogger

For our last evening at the hotel we booked a table at Videre (Royal Pines) on the 21st floor. If you live on the Gold Coast and haven’t tried this place then I urge you to. When you book ask if it’s possible for James to be your waiter – what this guy doesn’t know about food and wine, truly isn’t worth knowing.

Not only was the food incredible (we let him recommend the dishes for us) but having someone so passionate and knowledgeable serve you, made the experience amazing.

Wearing: Pinstripe Tee Shirt (it has a fabulous cape back) $99.95 Pinstripe Pant $129.00 both Country Road | Shoes and necklace – see above.

What I Wore: ProBlogger

Sunday and time to head home…

Summer Drop Crotch Pant in Natural* (S) $129.00 | Denim Pocket Shirt (S) $129.00 | Scoop Neck Tank in Tan (L) $29.95 Sandi Wedge (see above) all Country Road

Once I have had time to filter the information overload and sort out what is relevant for me, I will share a complete ProBlogger post.

Until then, here’s a few other snaps that capture the essence of the weekend in a nutshell.

Most of you will already know the peeps in the pics, bu just in case you don’t I’ve added their Insty names:

Nikki from Styling you @stylingyou |  Nat from Make it Look Easy @nat.tucker_make.it.look.easy  | Kate from Love Face Beauty @loveface_beauty | Rachel from Redcliffe Style @redcliffestyle | Lisa  Style Scouting @style_scouting_ | My Man @jonwilliamskrause and our world @becwilliams

Which is your favourite outfit? Anything new in your wardrobe I should know about? 😉


All items marked * were gifted to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy.


It’s Wednesday so I’ll be linking up with the ever so lovely Kimbalikes.


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  • Andrea from Icadoo

    Gosh I’m a bit late with my comment but wow. I love all of your outfits.But my favorite I have to say is the white jeans and nude blouse etc. Love love love. I am desperate to attend PB 2016 and if I could give you a big hug and have a glass of vino with you .. that would be pure perfection! xx

  • You do look rather fabulous for someone so ill!

  • Bev, so many fabulous outfits! I cant believe you managed to look that amazing after a bout of food poisoning! You poor thing. Glad you and your hubby had such a great time in the end. Bron x

    • Thanks so much Bron xx Jonny and I really did have a great weekend. I was so happy it was his Birthday and he came along…especially because I don’t think I would have made it there, I felt so ill on the Thursday!

  • Wow! I loved looking through these pics!! Loving those CR pinstripes! So glad I very quickly said hello! Would have loved to catch up some more but didn’t that time fly by?! x

    • Thanks so much Shannon. I couldn’t wait to wear the CR pinstripe outfit!
      Yes, the whole weekend seemed to disappear in a blur…it was so lovely to grab a quick moment to say Hello xx

  • Oh Wendy thank you! The Cue dress is such a great shape – I fell instantly in love with the sleeve and knew I had to make it mine. I just loved meeting you in the flesh. And a big YES to the stule bloggers lunch – what fun that would be! xx

  • So many divine outfits Bev!! I didn’t get to see you in that Cue bell sleeved dress – absolutely stunning. And that silk shirt is just perfect too. Soooo lovely to meet you and spend a very short time catching up. I think we need a style bloggers long lunch sometime soon 🙂

    • Look above ^^^^ – I must be tired, silly me forgot to hit reply and insteas hit comment! xx

  • Samantha Keogh

    Great styling Bev. Thanks for the fashion and outfit inspiration. Love the Cue dress and the elegant Witchery gilet. Glad you recovered in time (just) to enjoy the conference and time away with your man.

    • Awwww thanks so much Samantha. I loved the Cue dress too and the Witchery gilet is so versatile – I know I’ll wear it to death! Loved having time away with Jonny too, we had such a fabulous night together on the Saturday for his Birthday xx

  • Awww thanks darling – because i was feeling under the weather I never really took that many general pics. I would normally have taken loads! To be honest, I found the whole experience really overwhelming too – 700 people in one big space is tough, especially when you are shy!
    I loved the white outfit too – all three pieces are favourites! xxx

  • Petra

    700 bloggers! Cor – that’s intimidating!!! You poor thing, with food poisoning – that’s truly yuck. You did scrub up well tho’ and I am loving your shorter bob hairstyle – very youthful and cute! I’m sure you’re feeling much better now and enjoying the spring weather up on the sunny coast 🙂

    • I know Petra 700 bloggers – I wanted to hide I tell ya! Everyone I met was so lovely though. I started to feel better on the Friday, so at least I could enjoy a glass (or two) of bubbles. Glad you like my hair shorter too, it’s so much easier too xx

  • Sharon

    How do I love these outfits…let me count the ways! omg I love them all and you look beautiful and the fact that you were battling food poisoning as well (you poor love)…well you are just a stunner. I love you in neutrals, they look beautiful on you but that gorgeous black dress is divine and the pinstripe outfit is gorgeous too. I love it all, so glad you had a great time and lets hear it for Jonny there right by your side 🙂 Mwah and hugs xx

    • Oh you’re so lovely! I’m can’t lie – planning my outfits was a mamouth task – but I loved it! So happy you approve. I love the neutrals too (Beckie got the Witchery gilet first, I copied). Mummas perogative don’t you think? The Cue dress is something I will keep forever – I was very happy with the shoes too! And the pinstripe top has a fabulous cape back – I felt like Wonder Woman 😉 All in all, I was happy.
      Jonny was incredible, he held my hand when I was hyperventilating and made sure I got there when I felt so ill. He’s bloody amazing. Mwah right back at ya xxx

  • Kathryn

    You look beautiful Bev, I can’t believe you were sick! Looks like you had an amazing time. I am coveting those BT drop crotch pants, but really I am so short I couldn’t do them justice. I am home from my hols, guess who else got sick – yep, both of us. Still off work grrrr. Glad you had such a lovely time, Kathryn x

    • Thank you Kathryn. I can’t believe how ill I was either – of all the times it has to be the day before ProBlogger! Oh no. So sorry to hear you guys got the lurgy too. Fingers crossed you both bounce back really quickly. On the drop crotch – they are pretty fabulous and can be turned over at the bottom easily without making too much difference to the shape xx

  • It was SO fabulous to meet you at last! I loved catching up with you and seeing the gorgeous BEV IRL. It was ace to meet Jonny too! x

    • Oh Vanessa you are so beautiful – the best bit is, you don’t know it. Stunner with a cracker personality – that’s you! xx

  • It was so, so, SO good to squeeze you and meet the lovely Jonny! You looked absolutely stunning in every outfit. x

    • Stop it. You’re just too kind. Seriously both Jonny and I LOVED you. Can’t wait to share that bottle of vino with you xx

  • For a sickling you look pretty amazing! Love how you’ve worn the shirt dress as a jacket, great idea. So much ProBlogger envy!

    • Thanks so much Em. I never wanted to go when I woke up on Thursday – I just wanted to crawl back in bed! I love wearing shirt dresses as coats – they add so much more choice to your wardrobe! xx

  • Gorgeous lady. I so wish I had have been there to meet you and so many other gorgeous ladies. V x

    • Oh Vicki thank you – I’m sure you would have loved it! I would have also loved to have met you too! xx