The Katies Edit

Working with Katies fashion has really opened my eyes.

I have honestly found pieces that I cannot live without.

Pieces that continue to be on high-rotation.

All this from the girl, that until a year ago, hadn’t even stepped foot over the threshold of Katies.

Stepping out of my comfort zone and becoming Ms Adventurous has enabled me to realise that Katies Cotton Ultimate and Super Shaper jeans are truly a dream to wear.

If they’re not already  in your wardrobe girls – I urge you to give them a try (I always buy a size down).

The reason I tell you this though, is because I find myself reaching for them often, in preference to some of my very expensive branded jeans.

Big praise indeed don’t you agree?

Especially because you already know, my wardrobe is bursting at the seams, right?

I count myself extremely lucky.

I know I have a fabulous choice of clothes at my finger tips.

When you have lots of choice though, it’s truly amazing what you reach for.

So over the weekend, I took the time to stand in my wardrobe and really look at what I wear on a regular basis.

I don’t mean my Country Road work wardrobe. It goes without saying that I wear most of those pieces to death.

Instead I wanted to focus on what grab when I’m rushing and not really thinking.

Yep. It surprised me.

Besides grabbing my drop crotch pants. I often reach for the first pair of Super Shaper jeans I ever had from Katies.

They were not gifted, but they are loved.

I was inspired to by the gorgeousness that is Sonia Styling to search out the exact pair of jeans she was rocking.

That was over a year ago.

I’m still grabbing them this year.

Guess what? I actually wore them at ProBlogger.

Yes. I had plenty of newer jeans that I could have taken, but instead I took the older pair.

I know. This fact has even shocked me!

Anyway, a few weeks ago I posted an edit for Katies featuring their new Cotton Collection

Since then, a few additional items have arrived in store and online to support that range.

So I thought I would give you the low-down plus a quick sticky beak, just in case something floats your styling boat – just like it did for me, with Sonia.

The Katies Edit

3/4 Drop Sleeve Cotton Knit*^ Pink coral $49.95 (wearing L) | Mosaic Tile Cotton Scarf*^ $24.95 | Much loved super shaper jeans from a year ago | Catalina Heels (only black left available online $179.00)

The Katies Edit

3/4 Sleeve Cotton Tab Shirt*^ $39.95 | Slim Cotton Ultimate*^ $49.95 (S 10) both Katies |Shoes: Country Road from the arc

The Katies Edit

 Zip Front Hi-Lo Tunic *^$39.95  Katies| Jeans as above | Shoes: Iris by Country Road (check outlet stores)

The Katies Edit

 Coral Stripe Cotton Scarf*^ $24.95 Katies | Shoes and jeans see above

What I’m loving so much from the new cotton collection is the lightweight wear-ability and of course the price.

Heading into S/S we all need pieces that will not only look stylish and keep us cool on a boiling hot day, but also pieces that won’t find you hyperventilating when it comes to handing over your hard-earned cash.

I’m sure it didn’t take you long to realise I think Katies jeans are the absolute bomb, but let’s not forget the scarves.

Hello coral stripe gorgeousness?

How fabulous is that? And what a great little teachers present it would make too.

The zip front hi-lo tunic will work like a dream with your favourite white skinnies (yes, I will be wearing this combo) and its made from 100% viscose cheesecloth.

Yes, only dinosaurs like me will probably remember cheesecloth in the 70’s – but I did squeal with excitement when I read the fabric description.

Overall, I’m truly delighted I’ve stepped over the Katies threshold.

Thank goodness Sonia Styling inspired me to take a look, because I’m extremely grateful and so is my butt – Yep, did I already tell you, it loves the jeans? 😉

 Are you a Katies virgin or a Katies convert?


It’s Wednesday so it means I’m linking up with Kimbalikes for Wardrobe Wednesday

Items marked * were gifted to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy

Items marked ^ should you use the affiliate link in the IMS sidebar, I will be paid a small commission. This does not affect the price you pay.


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  • Tracy

    I just got my Katies on-line order delivered on Friday! I’m a bit obsessed with grey at the moment and got the hi-lo tunic and soft trench and a white peasant blouse. I got the tunic thinking I’d get it taken up for more of a standard shirt look, but after trying it on I may just leave it as is. Sadly it’ll probably be AT LEAST a month until it’s warm enough to even attempt wearing them down here, but I am hanging to wear the hi-li tunic and soft trench with my white jeans when it’s warmer.

    • Yay for online deliveries! The hi-lo tunic is such a great piece Tracy…I can’t wait to wear mine with my white jeans too – like you, I wasn’t quite sure of the length, but when I tried it on I LOVED it!
      Hope the weather gods send are kind and send some warmer winds your way – you must be so over winter by now! xx

      • Tracy

        Dear god yes. Wearing my distressed white jeans a lot even tho it’s still too cold for them just because I’m over winter!

  • Kathryn

    Cheesecloth…….loved it. Yes, I have memories of many embroidered flowy things. One of which my Mum decided to bleach because it was ‘grubby looking’. Nearly died when I saw it haha! Coral is lovely on you Bev. I am not buying a single item of clothing until I lose some weight. I shall enjoy dreaming as I read your blog instead. Kathryn x

    • Kathryn, as soon as I saw the word cheesecloth on the care label, I was excited – it had to be mine!
      Good luck with your health quest, I could do with shedding a couple of kilo’s in preparation for summer too! xx

  • You are so right Philomena – the jeans always look flattering and feel fabulous! xx

  • I walk into Katie’s occasionally and love the prices but there never seems to by any “cool” stuff. I’ll have to look deeper. Thanks for sharing. I need to check out those jeans. xx

    • The jeans are such a good place to start with Katies Zoe. My other tip is to stalk their lookbooks online and copy down the style numbers. This way you get to see the pieces styled – which is so much more inspiring! xx

  • I’m so delighted to hear you love the super shapers just as much as I do darling. They LOVE curves and my curves love them back 😉
    Hope you had a fabulous little online shop last night…nothing beats a cheeky little bit of sofa shopping in my book (especially if I have a glass of wine and a chunk of chocolate close by).
    Thanks for the love my gorgeous friend – your fabulousness is very much appreciated xx Mwah Mwah

  • Lisa you always rock your Katies pieces to perfection. As soon as I saw cheesecloth on the label of the grey tunic, I just knew it had to be mine! So lightweight and wearable with the perfect about of 70’s influence. Thanks for the love beautiful, Mwah xxx

  • I’ve never shopped at Katie’s but I’m loving that scarf so I may just have to sneak a peek at the new stock! I’m like you when it comes to my kmart jeans, I choose them over the more expensive ones every time!

    • The scarves are so good Em. Cotton and so wearable and super cheap too! Never tried kmart jeans but I will have a sticky beak next time I’m in! xx

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    I confess I’m not a regular into my local Katie’s but I’ll definitely check out their jeans range when I next need some. As for 70s cheesecloth…love it! Easy to wear and care for. Once again, you look fab! x

    • Nat I think you would love Katies jeans. So many people I know are true converts (they actually suit my curves way better than CR ones). Next time you’re passing pop in…maybe look online first though and write the codes down from the Katies lookbook of pieces that float your boat – it really helps to stay focused! Thanks for the love darling xx

  • I’m a Katies girl from way back. I do think they have gotten better in their range. I actually shopped up a storm at Katies on the weekend. Two pairs of jeans and a fab new top. Love it!

  • I am absolutely a Katies convert! Bought a few great tops last summer and I am again inspired to add more this year thanks to you!! That hi-low tunic with the white skinnies is calling my name. Love all the gorgeous scarves too. So many gorgeous outfits Bev – you’re looking fabulous in them all xox

    • Wendy you would look all kinds of awesome in the hi-lo and white skinnies combo! What I love about Katies is that with a little bit of imagination you can create a DDG outfit for a great price. And the scarves are just incredible – the stripe one will be my SS go-to!
      Thanks for the love Gorgeous – you’re so very kind xx

  • Lauren @SAHM I am

    Oh my goodness, I love everything you have showcased! They need to bring Katies back to New Zealand. I have a pair of great Katies grey denim pants that I adore, which I picked up from a thrift shop, and I have been wanting more Katies pants ever since.

    • Thanks so much Lauren – so many great pieces in store and online at the moment. The pants are stylish and oh so comfortable – which gets a big tick in my book! xxx.

  • You know I’m loving their jeans too! x

  • I love this edit! You look stunning! Katies are so hot right now. Xx

  • kelbel61

    I’m a Katies lover, and their new collection – wow – its hard to stop me from walking past and buying something.
    Love all these on you xx

    • How good are the new pieces Kel? No wonder you are having trouble staying away! Thanks for the love xx

  • I’m still a Katies virgin but seeing you wear these pieces could just convert me! Love that coral knit too. Gorgeous! x

    • Thanks Beautiful! It took me a while to find my feet shopping at Katies. Looking online beforehand really helps me. Before I go in, I write down the codes from the lookbook then go armed with what I’m looking for. xx

  • I have a gift card for Katies that’s been burning a hole in my pocket. Need to get to Katies and spend it!

    • The new cotton collection pieces are so good Karen and super-duper cheap too! xx Happy shopping xx

  • Andrea from Icadoo

    I LOVE this and I LOVE Katies. Still sad that they’ve closed mine. Now I can’t just pop in .. You look gorgeous in every single outfit!! xx

    • Your sense of style is truly fabulous Andrea. I love every outfit you put together! xx Thanks for the love Gorgeousness xxx