The Dress Edit

Dresses have always been my thing.

I LOVE them nearly as much as I love YOU.

I guess, the lazy girl in me loves dresses, just because they are the complete deal.

The whole package.

Throw on my favourite heels, bangles and earring combo and I’m one happy girl.

I can grab-and-go with very little effort.

What is lazier than that eh?

Reaching for a dress in the busy morning rush, is complete heaven to me.

Let’s face it, we are all so busy, who needs the extra hassle of dreaming up outfit choices every single day?

Not moi – for sure.

No siree. Some days our brains don’t need the extra hassle of over thinking what to wear.

The dress edit

 Steel Open Back Dress* by Privilege | Shoes:  Lara $179.95 Witchery (style code 60184327 – sold out online but still in stores)

There are two types of dresses that really work for me are:

  • Maxi
  • Shift.

My love-affair with maxi dresses started when I worked for Monsoon in the UK.

That first maxi dress I owned was wonderful, in fact, I kept that first dress until it was literally falling apart.

I kid you not.

Both Beckie and Jonny joined forces one weekend (not that long ago) and MADE me to get rid of it.

I was completely devastated.

I know. Ridiculous. How could I be so attached to a bloody frock?

Maxi dresses float my boat so much more though, when the are floor-draggers.

Yes, I prefer my maxi’s to sweep the floor at any given opportunity. The ankle-grazer length does nothing for my shape.

Just that extra bit of length makes me feel fabulous (believe me, I don’t stress for one second about them dragging on the floor – it all adds to the drama).

I also love that maxi’s hide a multitude of sins – just think white un-shaved legs for starters!

But overall my favourite thing about maxi’s is the flow.

They are so flattering if worn with a beautiful flat open sandal.

Yep lovelies, you heard me right. Flat sandal.

The only time I’m ever super-comfortable wearing a flat, is with a maxi.

Maxi’s skim and elongate the body – perfect for us girls who have lumps, bumps and curves.

Simply D I V I N E I say.

Shorter shift dresses can work beautifully too (yep, even on my thunder thighs) as long as they fall on or just above the knee.

They key for me, is to add a great heel – yep, this is where the leg lengthening (and slimming) magic happens.

For you, heals may not be your thing. You may not need them, especially if you have cracker pins.

In the summer months I’m more than happy to go bare leg sans fake-tan of course or in the winter months the addition of a great opaque tight, will also rule my dress world.

Shift dresses also work so well for most figures and shapes.

Quick tip: I always look for a point of difference when I’m shopping for any item of clothing.

It’s no different when shopping for a shift.

Look for a fabulous sleeve, a vibrant pattern or cut-out detail.

This one from Privilege Australia instantly ticked a box, the moment I laid eyes on it.

That cheeky little cut-out at the back said BINGO to me and offers the element of surprise when you turn around.

In summary beauties…

I need to confess, I’ve noticed something of a seasonal pattern forming in my wardrobe.

Jeans/Jacket v Dresses.

So  please indulge me while I write a quick love note…

This is to my other love.

Ms.Jean/Jacket combo.

Yes. I’m having two relationships.

The scandal of it all 😉

Darling Ms Jeans/Jacket,

I know the time is fast approaching when we will have to say goodbye for a few months, yes I can tell the heat and humidity are just around the corner.

But you already know you are my everything, right?

I adore the classic simplicity you bring to my wardrobe.

Please forgive me in advance for the next few months.

Yes, I will be unfaithful.

I know you will continue to fight for my attention though – that’s just what I love about you!

You are always there for me.

But when the sticky heat returns, I have no choice but to leave you watching patiently from the sidelines.

While I woo, flaunt and selfie the life out of my frocks.

Just know, you still hold my heart Ms Jeans/Jacket combo.

Oh yes you do.

I promise I have big plans to sweep you off your feet again as soon as the humidity allows.

In the meantime, NEVER forget I love you and please don’t despair.

Because I promise I’m still Hopelessly Devoted to YOU 😉

Truly, Bev x


What is your comfort zone outfit? Are there any patterns forming in your wardrobe?


 items marked * were gifted to me in accordance with my disclosure policy



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