Katies New Cotton Collection

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I have shouted loud and proud about my Katies jeans on numerous occasions.

Browse my Instagram feed and you will see for youself – I kid you not, they are always on high-rotation!

Oh yep, many a conversation has started over said jeans.

Before we go any further though, I have a little confession to make…

I bought my very first pair of Katies jeans after seeing the gorgeous Sonia Styling rocking hers to perfection.

But until that point, I had never even stepped foot in a Katies store.

I kid you not.

Nope, it just never came on my radar.

I walked on by, with my blinkers firmly in place.

To be honest, when I did eventually venture inside, I couldn’t believe my luck.

Not only did my local store in Maroochydore have the exact jeans (Sonia’s) I was coveting, just sitting there patiently waiting for me to buy them, they were only $49.95

I know, jeans at $49.95 – how is this possible?…if I remember rightly, I think I paid even less than that, as there was also a special promotion.

All I know is, had it not been for Sonia I would have missed out on some fabulously comfortable denim.

Fast forward a few months.

My wardrobe now has three pairs of Katies jeans happily sitting on the shelf.

Jeans that I reach for regularly.

All fabulous, and all very wearable.

These I’m wearing below are the latest edit from the famous Ultimates range.

Tip 1: hot-foot your booty in to Katies asap, as they have just been launched in store – or if armchair surfing is more your thing, they’re online too!

Katies New Ultimate Collection

Stripe V-neck Cotton Knit * ( L) $49.95  |  Slim Cotton Ultimate * (10) $49.95 | Necklace * last season – all Katies |  Shoes: Sandi Leather Wedge $179.00 Country Road  | Watch: Sydney by Jord Wood Watches * |

Yes, the Ultimate Denim range has had a makeover – the new collection is now available in cotton stretch (1% elastine). Making them even more comfortable and even more wearable.

Anything made from cotton always gets my vote and always sparks my interest.

When I turned up at my local Maroochydore store to view the range. I headed straight for the darker denim – to my dismay, my size had already sold out!

Now beauties, you know I would normally shy away from anything that puts the spotlight on my butt and thighs right? – No extra emphasis is ever required in that area for me thank you very much 😉

But, thank goodness I had a wee talk to myself and tried these light blue jeans just because.

The minute they were on, I instantly knew that with a touch of clever styling, I could make them work for me.

Firstly, there are no zips involved

You just need to wiggle your bottom around a bit when pulling them on.

The high waist band also means you can wear them with reckless abandon – without fear of muffin-top ridicule.

Your butt is supported and made to look acceptable – well I should let you be the judge of that. But let me just put it out there, my reflection in the mirror didn’t make me run for the hills!

Overall, I was truly impressed.

Hmmmmm yep, they may have even rendered me speechless – as if that ever happens!

Anyhoo, after I regained my composure, I soon realised there were lots of other pieces to complement the new Ultimates denim range.

Katies have also added some rather cute cotton pieces to their collection.

Lightweight cotton jumpers, tees and scarves in classic navy stripes with delicate pops of citrus.

Katies New Ultimate Collection

Scarf: Soft Pastel Tribal Scarf * $24.95  |  Elbow Sleeve Cotton Tee * $19.95  | Bag: Boston by Louenhide in Coffee * $299.95 |shoes, Watch and Jeans as above

I even managed to find a rather cute denim jacket –  which I happen to be quite smitten with!

Katies New Ultimate Collection

Jacket: Cotton Denim Jacket* $69.95 |  Stripe Tassel Scarf * $24.95 | see above for other links.

Because I work in retail, shopping for clothes is not my favourite pass-time.

I’m also not the kind of person that needs help or advice. I don’t need time to agonise if pieces work together because I understand the limitations of my shape.

Before I go to a store though, I always plan ahead by checking out the website first.

I like to visualise pieces that will gel together to make great outfits.

So, just by browsing online before I walk into store, I’m able to put outfits together toot-sweet

Tip 2: Don’t buy just a top or pants on their own, try to make a complete outfit (with the exception of basics of course) unless you are super confident with styling.

Once I arrive in store, I take a second to quickly scan my surroundings. I’m only ever interested in the newest stock drops.

I understand a retail layout, which means I can head for the latest stock without too much time-wasting.

Tip 3: The latest collections will always be in key locations. Closest to the door and the front of the store.


In both the jumper and the denim jacket I’ve intentionally sized-up to either a L/14

I wanted them both to look soft and relaxed to balance out the lightness of the jean.

For me, the jumper works best with some length anyway – it also takes the emphasis off my widest part (thighs and butt) and because the jumper is a fine cotton knit it doesn’t add extra bulk.

Tip 4: Never be afraid to size-up to create the best overall look.

The same with the jacket, the size 12 fitted well, but I didn’t want it to look snug and too short which would naturally draw more attention to the junk in my trunk 😉

The jeans are a size 10 and super comfortable. The zip-less design works like a dream under tops and shirts.

Everything is cotton, everything super comfortable and everything will be coming to ProBlogger with me – which is high-praise indeed!


Are you a Katies Girl? Own a pair of Ultimate jeans?


*items gifted to me for editorial consideration a per my disclosure policy


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  • Sophisticated Mumma

    I will have to take a peek at those jeans as for some reason I’ve never had success trying on their jeans so far. Fab shopping tips by the way, such a good idea checking out a complete outfit online before venturing instore x

  • Patricia

    I recently discovered Katies jeans and I am in love with my pair (and like you, have stocked up and have 3 on rotation). I do wish that the front pockets were real. Haha. But regardless, I am in love with them and they are a perfect fit.

  • Thanks so much for the love beautiful xx Katies spring drop has truly nailed the chambray brief to perfection. I’ve just looked and the ultimate jeans I’m wearing do come in an 8 online (although I would have thought you were smaller than an 8 as I’m wearing a 10?). The elastane is 1% and offers support over my curvy butt and thighs. Ask your trust sales assistant if there is anyone you can email as I’m sure they would welcome the feedback. Big hugs xxx

  • Katies obsessed here Bev. I don’t think their jeans are long enough on me but I might give these light ones a try as ankle grazers in summer. Thanks for the tip. Bron x

    • Glad to hear Bron! I think these would look fabulous as ankle grazers – CR have loads of crop jeans in at the moment too, so go for it. Mwah xx

  • My advice for the new Cotton Ultimates is to size down, at least one size. Mine are falling off me, but I kinda like the looser leg, so I’m going to get the waistband taken in.

    Love the stripey top!

    • Yep, I totally agree, I’m wearing a size 10 instead of my normal 12 and they feel fab! xx

  • kelbel61

    Love these, just called my store and have some items on hold, also about to go back on line and look for more. I have been a Katies girl for a few years now. Thanks for all the tips. Good luck at the conference.xxx

    • Thanks so much for the love Kel. I was truly delighted with this haul of loveliness. Everything just worked and I know I will be pull these pieces out all through spring and summer. I love that you have shopped up a storm too – delighted! xxx

  • Sharon

    Oooh I’m in heaven! You look gorgeous and I love how you’ve styled everything. I’ve long been a Katie’s convert and I love seeing how you style something before I buy. Your tips were fantastic too. Good luck at the conference next week and enjoy every minute. Wish I was there with you! You do need to stop talking about your thighs and butt that way…I’d walk over hot rocks to have a figure like yours!☺️ Mwah and hugs xx

    • Katies are really nailing the key trends at the moment. These jeans are so comfortable and come in different variations (crop, straight leg) which is super-fabulous and something for everyone!
      And you are just to flipping marvellous. Thank you so much for your wonderful words of encouragement – me, my thighs and butt truly adore your loveliness! Wish you were going next week too…there will be a massive overload of outfit pics I promise! Mwah right back at ya! xxx

  • You look fabulous Bev. Love all the combinations. V x

    • Thanks so much darling – I felt like I’d hit the jackpot with all of these pieces, as they fitted in to my wardrobe so easily – I will wear them all loads! xx

  • You look amazing in these pieces Bev! And that pop of citrus worked back with chambray is heaven on stick. Love your work lady. See you next week! xxx

    • Thanks so much V! Citrus is normally not my thing, but I loved it paired back with the chambray.
      Cannot wait to see you next week – truly excited! xxx