Guess where I have just arrived home from?

My first ever ProBlogger conference.

I was a combination of excited and nervous.

For the past couple of years, I have watched eagerly from the sidelines.

Knowing I wasn’t brave enough to go.

Yep, brave enough.

When faced with large groups I’m a little, ok a lot, on the shy side.

Just the mere thought of walking into a room full of people already chatting and socialising (and looking like they know each other), makes me want to run for the hills to hide behind the biggest rock I can find.

You can read more about my over-the-top anxiousness here

But this year, I was determined not to miss out.

Yep, I decided to pull on my big girl pants and put myself out there.

Of course it helped that Jonny came with me.

Saturday was Jonny’s Birthday – he is such a diamond for suggesting we make a weekend of it. Spending his Birthday doing something that I love and feel passionate about.

To be honest, I still can’t quite believe he agreed to spend his Birthday weekend at a conference, just for me.

A whole weekend dedicated blogging!


On the flip side though, he loves photography, so he signed himself into a couple of the Olympus workshops.

He also secretly loves expanding his techy knowledge. Let’s just say he’s gained lots of hints and tips about ‘stuff’ he never truly understood.

The biggest dilemma doe me: WHAT TO WEAR

As we live about 2.5 hours north of the Gold Coast we travelled down by car. It also meant I could fill said car with everything but the kitchen sink in my wardrobe (yes, I’m exaggerating – I would need a bloody big truck to get all of my clobber in) but I wanted choices.

I see my clothes as my armour and my confidence, all rolled in to one.

Yes, I had an idea, a rough sketch if you like, of what I wanted to wear. But things are always open to change.

Like the weather for example… it has been so lovely here the last few days (we have seen a tops of 27 degrees over the past week) but everyone says it can get pretty chilly in the conference rooms – dilemmas dilemmas dilemmas!

So I did what I do best, and covered all bases 😉

Beauties, something tells me, the SE QLD blanket of humidity is lurking just around the corner – give it another couple of weeks and I’ll be wondering why the bloody hell I ever thought it was cold.

Anyways, one of the tops I packed was this lovely little number from Firefly.


Aria Paisley Top * $79.95 | Country Road Jeggings (Last Season) and Catalina Heel $179.00 Country Road

It’s the kind of top that works perfectly when paired back with jeans (denim or white) or maybe with a short in the summer months.

I love the flattering v-neck and a soft unstructured 3/4 length sleeve.

Making it the perfect lightweight piece.

I’m also a sucker for anything pastel (especially pink and blue). In the flesh, this one is much more of a peachy side of pink.

It’s also a colour that I don’t have much of – which made it feel like the perfect piece to add a touch of spring colour to my wardrobe.

As well as style and colour, fabric also plays a huge part in the choices I make.

When it gets sticky, I want to be wearing fabrics that breathe.

Viscose really hits the mark with me, so much so, that I can’t help but seek it out.

Ask any of the girls at CR – when new stock arrives, the first thing I do is check the fabric label – every. single. time.

Yep. Without fail. I’m such a creature of habit.

The design maybe stunning, but if I don’t love the fabric, it doesn’t get a look in.

So this one definitely has my stamp of approval being 100% viscose.

I can pull this top out knowing I will look and feel as fresh as a daisy – and that gets a BIG tick from me!

 Are you a fan of viscose? Would I find soft pastels in your wardrobe?

Note: if you want to know which outfits made the grade – check back tomorrow.


* item gifted to me for editorial consideration.



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  • Soory for the late reply lovely. I’ve had a dreaful migraine today.
    I just knew you would be darling. We both have a passion for natural fabrics and they are just perfect for our summers. This is the first thing I’ve ever had from Firefly but the quality is just beautiful.
    The conference was so full on Lisa – I was quite overwhelmed but managed to hold it together most of the time – thanks for the love my friend xxx

  • Hello, I saw you from afar on the weekend and headed over to say Hello and got lost in the crowd – there were so many of us! Glad you enjoyed it too…I tend to stick to silk and cotton for tops however I am now coming to realise the benefits of Viscose for travel – I am also thinking about a pink blouse – a departure from my sea of grey and black. lol xxx

    • Oh no! I wished I’d managed to meet you in real life. I must admit I found the number of people really overwhelming but so so good on the learning stakes. I’ve taken so much away that I need to action.
      Viscose is quite a new fabric to me but I look our for it now, it washes beautifully too. I’m adding more colour into my wardrobe too xxx

  • Lauren @SAHM I am

    I am in love with the shoes you chose to wear with this outfit, they just add another great level of detail!

    • Thanks Lauren – I am more than a bit shoe obsessed. I think they can take any outfit from hero to zero! xx

  • Sophisticated Mumma

    Such a gorgeous colour on you…totally agree with the breathable, soft fabrics, so I’m always on the lookout for suitable clothing for our summer humidity. I’m so glad you went to & enjoyed ProBlogger. Your Hubby is a star for supporting you x

    • Thanks so much Nat – fabric is so important to me and this one is so lovely. ProBlogger was pretty overwhelming, I’m glad I went and I’m so lucky Jonny is such a good bloke! xxx

  • What a gorgeous colour that top is! I’m so glad you got yourself to Problogger. Good on you x

    • Thanks Sarah. I really love the colour. ProBlogger was fabulous, I just need time to digest all of the information xx

  • Gorgeous beautiful lady. What an awesome man you have there. Lucky you. V x

  • Petra

    I’m dying to know how you got on, and yes, I love the top!

    • Thanks Petra ProBlogger was incredible – so much information to take in and digest. First outfit post coming tomorrow, with a few extra images thrown in xx

  • Sharon

    I so very proud of you darling Bev. Putting yourself out there and stepping out of your comfort zone…so brave. X you deserved your place at this conference, in my humble opinion you are THE BEST blogger around. You’re so real, genuine and your posts are filled with interesting glimpses into all the facets that make up your story. Of course you looked divine everyday, understated elegance served up with a side of complete gorgeousness! I love pastels. Pale/dusty pink is my fav especially when paired with navy or charcoal. Hugs and kisses to you. So proud of who you are..mwah x 100 xxx

    • Hello Gorgeous – so sorry its taken me so long to reply. I’ve spend the day in bed with a darn migraine!
      Thank you so much for your wonderful words of support and encouragement darling – I was so nervous and anxious. I’m just not good in large groups AT ALL. My verbal diarrhoea is ridiculous, so instead of talking utter rubbish I tend to shy away from everyone. Jonny was my saviour I tell ya – I’m so lucky he agreed to spend his Birthday weekend holding my hand.
      It really has made my day hearing you say you’re proud of me – thank you – you’re just too adorable! Mwah right back at ya xxx Ps showing all my outfits tomorrow xxx