Double Denim and Woolies

No matter where you are in Australia, I’m sure we have all shivered our way (or you still are) through winter.

Yes, even the Sunny Coast.

This has definitely been the coldest winter for us since arriving in Australia.

So much so, that Jonny and I have made big decisions on they type of house we can cope with living in.

Our house is the perfect summer pad.

Two sets of bi-fold doors open up the whole back of the house onto the pool.

Polished concrete floors gleam throughout.

But, even with all the beauty that surrounds us – it’s just too cold in the winter months.

We don’t have aircon – so no reverse cycle to rely on for warmth.

Non of the rooms are carpeted – so jumping out of bed with glee is just not an option.

Instead you find yourself looking like Bambi on Ice as you try to avoid as much contact with the floor as possible.

Of course, all of this happens while being dressed like an Eskimo!

Nah, if this little house faced North, it would be truly idyllic.

The house would be warmed naturally by the sun.

Even the pool would get an extended lease of water baby life!

Yep, we think its time to move.

Our list of must-haves is growing rapidly though – there will have to be compromise. But we know in our hearts that its right time.

My sincere thanks goes out to the genius that invented the snuggly electric blanket though – because this baby has been our saving grace.

And our trusty woolies of course!

We have wrapped ourselves up each night in the warmest woolies we could find – and bunkered down.

Just picture Sumo wrestler meets Eskimo style 😉 I know right, such a fabulous visual picture!

This has made getting dressed in the morning super-duper easy for me.

I have wanted to be as covered as possible.

Layering-up has become my new best friend.

I’ve sought out woollies at every opportunity.

They’re also a perfect match for my double denim obsession.

I know. Double denim is not for everyone.

But I LOVE it.

So I’ve made this the basis of my three different looks.

Double Denim and Woolies

Frayed Denim Jean wearing size 10 $129.00 | Denim Pocket Shirt wearing a small $129.00 | Longline Cardigan wearing a medium $129.00 | Shoes Avery (last season)  All Country Road | Sunnies Karen Walker Number One | Watch Sydney* series by Jord Wood Watches.

I always feel snug as a bug when I’m wearing my jeans.

They are my true winter love….of course, we part ways as soon as the humidity kicks in 🙁

With a heavy accent on 70’s styling this coming season, these frayed jeans from Country Road offer a nod to the trend without being too over the top.

The fit is good. There is added stretch, but not as much as the CR jeggings offer.

The denim shirt is on the heavier side. Country Road have truly impressed me with certain items this season and this shirt is one of them.

It looks distressed, it has the double pockets and is a true reflection of a 70’s favourite.

Double Denim and Woolies

Chunky Knitted Jacket* $52.00 Woolovers | Jeans and Denim Shirt as above | Boots Country Road (last season) | Sunnies see above

It’s no secret that I’m more than a touch obsessed by jackets – especially ones with POCKETS.

They transform the look of most outfits.

This little beauty from Woolovers in no exception – have you seen the price? $52.00 for pure lambswool.

I also like that it’s a different take on a traditional piece.

Double Denim and Woolies

Relaxed Long V Ladies Jumper* $56.00 | See above for all other details.

Now wearing a shirt (especially a heavier denim) under a jumper is quite a big ask for me.

Layering pieces over my boobs can add too much unwanted bulk.

So finding the right top layer is crucial.

This jumper is cashmere merino, which means it offers tonnes of snuggliness without making  said boobs look three sizes bigger than they already are.

Are you loving the 70’s fashion vibe this season? Like me, do you remember it the first time around? What wardrobe pieces have been your main winter staples?

For the very observant beauties out there…yep, you’re so right, these pics were taken before I had my nut cut!


* items gifted to me for editorial consideration.

I’m also over at Kimbalikes place today for Wardrobe Wednesday.





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  • Oh Lisa you know how I feel about our house if yours faces South too. It’s been so so cold without heating. We just can’t face another Winter! I will of course keep you posted on where we end up…I just hope the new place has a great wall to photograph my outfits against!
    Thanks for the outfit love too. I’ve really become obsessed with double denim over the last few weeks. These frayed jeans are super comfy and just perfect weight for spring. The will be making regular appearences! thats for sure! Big hugs xx

  • La la love me some double denim action – and as a Kiwi, I love my wool! You look super duper cute x

  • Double denim has also been my winter staple and think it be my spring/summer staple.

  • I wasn’t around for the seventies but I’m ready to give it a go 🙂

  • Petra

    I remember the 70’s vibe – I was a kiddie at the time but I was given a hand-me-down poncho and flared-bottom trousers. Both in brown. Brown does not suit me. I looked like a horse! I don’t mind a little bit of 70’s vibe in architecture tho’ – with a modern twist – same as the 70’s clothes that are back in – they have a modern twist to them! I can handle that! Looking forward to hearing about your house-hunting journey! Open homes are such fun to go to (not to have!). Have a great week!

    • I remember having a poncho too Petra – why of why was everything brown though? I even had a brown polyester dress with flared sleeves and white piping – what was my Mother thinking! So funny its actually brought back memories! Keep you posted on the house hunting xx

  • Sharon

    I’m loving these looks..what’s not to love? From your gorgeous blond hair to those divine wedges and boots…love it all! I’d be lost without my maxi cardigans in black and grey, they’ve his a multitude of sins (I eat like a polar bear in winter) and my capes, wraps…covering up my ample armage in style! I was born in 1970 and wish I was still in the 70’s..loved that decade. Mwah to you beautiful friend xx

    • Ample armage (I may just have to steal this one – full credit given of course). You always make me giggle gorgeous girl, in fact I think you should start writing a blog. I for one, would be an avid reader! Your style sounds simply divine too maxi cardigans, capes and wraps are right up my style street! Mwah mwah mwah xxx

      • Sharon

        You do make me giggle 🙂 i hope you’re feeling better, I’m down with a bug atm…not fun at all. Hope you enjoy the conference…lots of photos of your gorgeous outfits will be gratefully received xx

  • Thank you so much for sharing your double denim expertise!! Love how you’ve added layers to break it up a bit. And those frayed jeans are gorgeous. Love all three outfits xox

  • You look fab in double denim love, especially with the addition of your woolies! I’ve lived in woolies this Winter. Our house is like yours – cool and lovely in summer, but not well insulated so we’ve been pretty chilly this season too! Good luck with the house hunting, it’s so exciting!

    • Thanks so much Em! We seriously can’t take our teeth chattering through another winter! xx

  • Looking lovely as usual Bev! I have dipped my toe back into the double denim look (never thought I would after the 90’s) after seeing it on you. You rock that style x

  • Lovely Bev. I hear on the boob issue, V necks and not to much bulk is perfect. You look fab. V x

  • Gorgeous Bev! I missed the 70’s fashion wise last time around (I was born in ’75) but I love the photos of my parents and aunts and uncles from this era – big sunnies, flares and huge hair. It was fantastic. I’m looking forward to introducing a couple of elements into my wardrobe this SS16. x

    • Thanks so much Beautiful. Not sure if my thighs can take a flare…Loving this double denim 70’s revival though – and who doesn’t love a bit of fringing eh? xx