What I Wore: The Birthday Girl Edit

What I Wore: Birthday Girl

Last Friday I celebrated my birthday, or should I say, being another year older.

Do you know what? I was more than ok with it.

I feel fine when it comes to getting older.

How about you..does the ticking-clock-of-time stress the life out of you?

Me? Nah. Not any more.

I’ve somehow settled with who I am, right now.

Finally I’m happy in my skin.

Geez its taken some time, but its a wonderful feeling.

Talking of skin, yes mine is ageing – there is no denying it. But for my age, I think it looks ok-ish, all things considered.

I’m looking after it better now than I ever have before. I’m prioritising what’s important to maintain a healthy glow… if you’re interested, I will share my skin routine next week in my July Beauty Picks.

Not sure when this revelation happened. Because, I can of course, look back and remember tonnes of times when I thought I was just getting old.

When in reality I was still a spring chicken…maybe you need to get older to look back and appreciate just how fabulous your were 😉

Yep, I’m more confident with my appearance than I have been in a long time.

I’m really loving my inner confidence.

Now feels like the right time for me, to just, be me.

This confidence I’m talking about is of the inner variety.

Because unfortunately, on the outside, I still struggle with confidence in certain situations.

If I had to guess, I would say that not one person that knows me well, would ever think of me as shy.

But, I can be.

I would even go as far as to say, quite introvert in certain situations.

Not around my friends and family of course – they are my comfort zone.

But walking into a room full of strangers, makes me want to run for the hills.

It takes all of my will power not to breakout in a severe case of hives.

Internally I start to hyperventilate.

Yes, the thought of being under the spotlight in a group of strangers turns me to liquid jelly (how the hell will I cope with my first ever Pro Blogger conference next month?).

In these situations something strange ALWAYS happens…before I know it (and if the hives haven’t appeared), a huge case of verbal diarrhoea descends upon me.

Once I’m on a roll, I can hear myself talking a complete load of crap, but I don’t seem to be able to control it.

It drives me crazy.

Because on the surface, I look in control.

But underneath the façade, I’m seriously panicking.

I even struggle to concentrate on what anyone is saying, although I will be nodding profusely – looking like I’m taking it all in.

Let’s just say, the outer confidence thing, is still a work in progress.

I know I will get there – I just have to jump in to stressful situations with both feet and trust that I’ll manage to keep my head above water, without making myself look like a complete idiot in the process.

Note to self: Buy a bucket load of kick-ass anti anxiety pills before I step foot into Pro Blogger.

What I Wore: Birthday Girl

Anyhoo, let’s get back to the good stuff, because I’ve just had an amazing few days celebrating my Birth Day.

Friday started off beautifully. To say I was spoilt rotten by the team at Country Road is probably an understatement.

They obviously all know me too well, fabulous presents, champagne, flowers and copious amounts of cake – what more can a girl as for?

I even got to leave work early, just after 4pm on a Friday (unheard of) AND it was my 3 days off!

Chuffed to bits, I was.

Ange and Mike our beautiful friends from way back (they emigrated from England a couple of years before us) came to stay for the weekend.

It is always fun being with them.

So in true celebratory style we kicked back, caught-up and laughed until our sides hurt…alcohol may also have been involved!

For Saturday lunch, Jonny had booked a table at my favourite restaurant on the coast Ebb. It was cold and blowy but still fabulous looking out over the river.

This is what I wore:

Seed Heritage Jeans: White $89.95 (at the time of writing this stocks were low online) | Witchery Blouse (no longer available online) | Sussan necklace | Surafina Camel Drape Vest $129.00 |  Karen Walker  Number One  $286.00(crazy tort sold out online) and my much loved Rockport leopard booties from the ark.

This nude pallet is right up my street.

Neutrals have always held a big place in my heart.

But can we just talk about these Seed jeans for just a second?

Not sure why or how, but they seem to work.

Yes. I’m obviously pear-shaped.

If I followed the rules – I would avoid wearing a light colour on my bottom-half.

But, rules are meant to be broken and these jeans are well worth breaking said rules for.

Because, they are utterly fabulous.

They have the right amount of stretch coupled with the perfect amount of firmness.

They also sit comfortably higher on the waist, which suits my curves to perfection.

Now I understand these beauties might not cut the mustard for you, let’s face it jeans (especially white) can be extremely trial and error – but if you are on the lookout for a pair of white skinnies that rock, then I beg you to give them a try.

Because I for one, am in love!

Do you embrace getting older or does the mere thought of gaining another year, send you into a blind panic? Do you avoid sharing your age?

What about white jeans…Yay or Nay?


Nothing gifted, just loved!


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