My Work Wardrobe: The Print Shirt Dress

My Work Wardrobe: The Print Shirt Dress

By now, you all already know the new Spring fashions are flooding into stores with a vengeance, even though it’s still as cold as hell in most states in Australia.

Tights and boots are still on high-rotation.

Ski’s and salopettes are out on the slopes.

Black and grey still make your heart flutter.

Yes for most of you, wool is still your hero.

Layering is still your friend.

Unless of course you live in Queensland…yep, layering is still key, but with lighter weight layers of course.

Although, this last week, has seen the Sunshine state unseasonably wallow in some warmer temperatures during mid winter (up to 26 degrees at midday).

But even though us Queenslanders (gosh I’m starting to sound Aussie) have embraced this glimmer of beautiful spring-like conditions, the spring flutter is unfortunately set to disappear, as quickly as it arrived.

The electric blanket was back on full pelt last night beauties, I can assure you!

This causes me dreadful wardrobe dilemmas.

I need (yes, it’s a requirement) to be wearing the latest SS fashion releases.

Remember the girl who was sweating profusely when Autumn ranges hit back in tropical February? I was covered in 25 layers of wool, opaque tights and boots when the rest of you were still wearing full on summer gear?

Yep? Well now I’m bloody freezing to death 😉

I also totally understand why Spring fashion is so hard to get excited about when you’re still sh-sh-shivering like an Eskimo as soon as you step out of the shower every morning.

This fact alone makes getting dressed for work for me, nye on impossible at the moment.

The flip side to feeling like an ice block while you are waiting for the mercury to rise, is you get first dibs of the must have key pieces for the new season.

This part alone excites the hell out of me.

Because I HATE missing out.

I also happen to be so over winter clothes – even though most days, my body is still longing to be wrapped snugly in them!

Print Shirt Dress I’m wearing a S $179.00 Country Road | Side Pocket Sateen Jean I’m wearing a 10 $119.00 | Sunnies: Karen Walker ‘Number One’ | Custom Iris Necklace*: White Tiger Designs | Handbag: Louenhide* Boston in Coffee | Boots last season Country Road | Watch: Sydney* by Jord

So when this dress arrived, I could see it had ME written all over it.

  • Shirt style.
  • Navy.
  • Sleeve.
  • Viscose.

I knew I had to have it.

It grabbed my attention instantly.

I did um and argh a bit – yep, I’m a giant wimp when it comes to being cold.

But deep-down I knew I could make it work for me NOW with a bit of invention.

Or you will know the invention better as, layering 😉

Actually I’ve had this dress before. It was just in a different fabric.

The first time CR launched this dress it was in a gorgeous leopard print fabric and part of the Summer 15 drop.

I loved the flexibility if offered me.

I wore it lots and lots.

It was cool and flexible – viscose is perfect for the warmer months.

This time CR have released it in my favourite navy/white.

Perfect with white jeans and a touch of tan.

This dress comes with a self-tie belt.

As you can see the CR model is belting it to the front. Last time, I did this with the leopard print version. I also added a tan leather belt.

But this time, I’ve decided to play around a touch more. I’ve pulled and tied the belt to the back of the dress, which has really made a difference to the overall shape.

I think it also helps if, like me, you have a fuller bust.

Just this small change defines the waist and offers a flattering silhouette. My Work Wardrobe: The Print Shirt Dress

To offer even more flexibility, I will also wear the dress as a kimono jacket.

Fabulous over your favourite denim with a white singlet, a wedge and a statement necklace.

Also, on a cold day (it was positively Baltic on the day I took the pics), I’m more than happy to add my boots for a touch of transeasonal make-do!

This is how windy it was…probably my favourite pic of the day:

My Work Wardrobe: The Print Shirt Dress

Are you still avoiding buying new season or are you jumping aboard the new Spring fashion drops? Any transeasonal pieces you can’t wait to wear?


Hanging out with the coolest kid on the block today  Kimbalikes for Wardrobe Wednesday


* these items have been gifted to me in accordance with my disclosure policy.


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  • Andrea from Icadoo

    I love how you’ve dressed it! And the wind photo is my favourite! Hmhmmm I kinda shop all the time anything .. ups .. xx

    • Thanks so much beautiful girl. Fingers crossed it won’t be too long before I can wear it on its own without the jeans too! Glad to hear you’re as obsessed with shopping as moi! Big love xx

  • Oh this shirt dress, so awesome. Now I’m putting my hand up if it needs a home shortly I will cherish it….tee he. One day I’ll be able to walk into Country Road again. I’ve stopped, it’s too tempting and I’m too lazy (noooo two wee kidlets I want to spend my time with). xx

    • I promise you can have first dibs darling! To be honest, I have far too many CR clothes (caused by having to wear what’s just landed in store) so I end up forgetting what I have after a month or so…at least the generous discount helps soften the blow! xx

  • Oh Sharon you are simply divine. Your comments always make me grin from ear to ear and continually give my confidence a big boost – Thank YOU! xxx
    Like you, I’m also super-bored with my winter work wardrobe, so the temptation is incredibly high just to buy everything that lands in store at CR – I know I’m a total sucker! But I knew this one was very ‘me’ and perfect for layering up at the moment. Love the sound of your t-shirt dress with leggings and jacket – perfect styling! xxx

  • Thanks so much darling Lisa xx
    Although bright and spring like in colour the extra layers of the jeans and singlet really do help make this more wearable for me now…and they stop my teeth from chattering first thing in the morning!
    As soon as it warms up a touch though, I’m sure I will ditch the layers and be thanking the fabric gods for the viscose 😉
    Mwah xxx

  • Love this whole outfit – so you and so gorgeous. Love the idea of the dress as a jacket too. I shall definitely be trying that style this spring – thank you. I haven’t jumped aboard the new season items just yet (still doing No Buy July) but my wishlist is growing. And that windy pic was exactly like me this week when I took my blog pics – FREEZING!! xox

    • Thanks so much Wendy. I was so cold doing the pics – this time of year is a devil for shooting Spring looks. We had such a lovely warm spell last week – which fooled us all into a false sense of security.
      Thank goodness No Buy July is nearly over for you – you have done soooooo well…your first shopping trip will be so much fun! xxx

  • Ok, I’m totally sold on this dress now. I especially love it with the white jeans underneath. Bron x

    • You would look DDG in this look Bron. It really is such a flexible dress/jacket! xx

  • I’m enjoying seeing the new Spring drops but sad I won’t be able to wear it for several months! This dress is so you, absolutely, and looks gorgeous. x

    • So many lovely pieces arriving on a daily basis V…I’m trying hard not to rush in and over buy though as its still pretty cold here first thing in the morning – in fact my teeth are chattering now! xx

    • Underneath layering, Vanessa. Grab a nanny spencer or old school Damart (I can remember a Damart wear shop, I’m sooo old) wear (some of the camping shops have such cool coloured thermals). xx

  • Love that last pic and the way you’ve styled in with the white jeans x

  • Wearing my winter woollies today, battling a cold and definitely not thinking of spring clothes. This may change when I get rid of this blasted cold however.

    • It’s so hard to think of Spring when you are under the weather Ingrid – wishing you a very speedy recovery! xx

  • Suzie

    Love everything about this outfit! Perfection

    • Thanks so much Suzie – it will be on high-rotation over the coming weeks! xx

  • Oh I love the whole combination. I have just purchased the white coated jeans from Witchery. I will be wearing for a night out for a girls weekend away. Happy Wednesday lovely lady. V x

    • Vicki I just adore coated jeans. The coating makes them look extra-special-fancy no matter when you wear them. Have so much fun on your girly weekend away Gorgeousness! xx