Khaki delight.

Oh my goodness the weather here in SE QLD has not been at all kind to us folk living without central heating and double glazing…

I promise I’m not being a whinging pom – I’m just still adjusting to the winter temps this year!

Jonny and I have unseasonably shivered our way through the last couple of weeks, in a state of Arctic shock.

Yes. Shock.

Let me tell you, there is no heating or reverse cycle air con in our house!

The beautiful bi-fold doors that offer soft and gentle through-breezes in the spring and summer months, have stayed firmly shut.

That is, until our darling Lulabelle decides the door needs wedging open.

She just adores the freedom of being able to stroll in and out.

Trust me, in these temps, I hate it with a passion 😉

As this regular event for Lula usually coincides with my morning shower…it’s like showering in the fresh air of the Swiss Alps – the pain I tell you, the pain!

To which, I end up jumping around like a headless chicken with my teeth chattering, rushing to dry myself before hypothermia sets in!

She, however, is in Lulabelle heaven.

After a quick wee-wee, she then migrates to a nice sunny spot in the garden to soak up the winter sun and warm her bones (yes, you’ve guessed it, the back door remains wide open, otherwise she gets separation anxiety)…HIGH MAINTENANCE or what?

But we adore her.

Anyway, enough of the frivolities – let’s get down to some khaki gorgeousness, courtesy of Mrs Rushmore.

Khaki Delight

Khaki Drop Waist Dress * $195.00 Mrs Rushmore  |  Shoes from the Witchery Arc|  Bag Louenhide*  Boston in Coffee | Watch: Sydney by Jord*$199.00

When this dress arrived, I smiled with glee.

Not only at the gorgeous colour and completely flexible shape, but also at the fabric.

I’ve spoken tonnes of times before about my love of fabric, but anything with even a hint of linen really does float my boat.

And this little number is no exception.

It’s the perfect transeasonal dress.

I especially adore frocks that hold a place in my wardrobe at this time of year, but also frocks that will still be begging to be worn when the mercury rises once again and I’m avoiding synthetic fabric like the plague.

Because of this cold snap – baring my legs would not my first option, but I sucked it up, put on an extra layer and tried to disguise my chattering teeth in the process.

Khaki Delight

What I love most about this dress though is the adjustable drop-waist design.

It will easily suit most figures – you can play around with the positioning of the belt.

Now, emphasising my rather large posterior, is not a good look for me personally – but it might work for you.

Instead, I prefer to wear the belt tied at the back, ensuring it doesn’t draw any unwanted attention in the wrong area i.e my hips (although I’ve thrown caution to the wind and photographed it that way for you too – in the side-show below).

Length wise though, it works better for me (I’m 5ft 8″) without the belt.

I can picture this oversized dress worn so many ways over the next few months, especially as the khaki will look fabulous paired back with my favourite tan sandals/heels to add a touch of 70’s chic.

Note: I have popped a slip dress underneath for a touch of warmth, but it also allows me to keep the buttons undone – which works like a dream for us fuller busted gals.

Oh and let’s not forget the  3/4 length sleeve – I’m a sucker for sleeves that add a point of difference.

But did you spot the best feature?


Oh yes, you all know me well, pockets turn every dress from zero to hero for me!

Mrs Rushmoore is a Melbourne based fashion label of two friends Anita Moore and Suzie Rush. Their collaboration grew from limited options in age appropriate high-quality contemporary threads at prices that won’t break the bank. All of the clothes are individually tailor-made.


Are you layering up your favourite dresses during winter time? Starting to dream think about updating Spring/Summer wardrobe yet?


I’m linking up with the delightful Kimbalikes today for Wardrobe Wednesday








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