Woolovers Giveaway

Hello Beauties!

Guess what? I might just be more than a touch excited.


Over the next three weeks (leading up to my birthday) I’ll be celebrating my birthday festival with not one, but three giveaways.

I know 3!

Hells bells, I hear you say.

Celebrate in style I say 😉

Everything I will be giving away, will be things I love.

Things you will see me wearing regularly.

So as the weather around these parts is a touch on the cool side of late (I know its not f f freezing, but I tell ya, I’m feeling this cold snap in my bones) I’ve decided to kick the proceedings off, with this gorgeous grey cardigan from Woolovers.

Because its keeping me as snug as a bug in a rug.

Woolovers Giveaway


Lambswool Maxi Cardigan* $58.00 wearing M (20%off until 26th June) | Katies Jeans | Country Road Tee | Louenhide Boston Handbag in Coffee* | Rockport Booties

Woolovers are UK based, but sell internationally (please don’t let that put you off).

They have a dedicated Australian website.

You can read about my first Woolovers experience here – it was truly delightful.

The quality is fan-bloody-tastic and the price, well that is even better.

Also, they are super-duper speedy in making sure you receive your items, toot-sweet.

Would you believe, I receive Woolovers deliveries quicker than most deliveries in and around Australia – how does that even happen eh?

For me personally though, coming from dear old Blighty, means I still can’t help but compare prices.

And that’s Woolovers come into their own.

I’m not going to lie, it has taken me a while to get my head around how much we pay here in Australia for some items, especially fashion and beauty.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t obsess over the price, but sometimes, just sometimes, I can’t seem to help myself.

But for quality, style and price – they are definitely worth a second look.

This cardigan is the perfect winter style – classic, but still makes a statement.

What I love the most though is the colour.

Grey goes with everything.

I’ve purposely added in the camel and leopard, to show you just how flexible the colour is. I think it works a treat.

Winter white and grey are also a match made in heaven, as is denim.

This cardigan would be perfect for a plane journey or travelling. It can easily be layered, the addition of a scarf would offer more warmth around the neck area too.

It smartens up a pair of jeans, but would look equally as fabulous over a dress and ankle boots combo.

IMG_6042 650

My dry sensitive skin can get super irritated at the mere mention of wool.

I’ve opted for the lambswool (100%) this time. I am wearing it over a long sleeve tee, (because it is too cold not to) but it feels comfortable and extremely warm.

As you well know, the window of opportunity for wearing wool here in SE QLD can be limited, but Woolovers also offers beautiful pieces in cotton/cashmere and silk/cashmere (which are simply divine) along with a cashmere/merino blend too.

Oh and one last thing…I hope you’ve all noticed it has POCKETS – winner, I say, WINNER.

Because you all know, #irismaylovespockets right?


I’d love you to enter.

Head over to Instagram to play along.

One lucky winner will win this cardigan (well a brand new one) – we can be twins!

Winner announced on Friday 3rd July 2015

Enter as many times as you like.

Righto, tell me, what type of wool would I find in your wardrobe? Is grey your colour?


This cardigan was gifted to me in accordance with my disclosure policy.


Its’ hump day and I’m hanging out over a Kimbalikes place with the rest of the Wardrobe Wednesday girls.



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  • Grey is totally my colour Bev!! I love, love, love a longline cardi too. Over to Insta I go to enter this comp. Bron x

    • I can see you rocking this one Bron. It truly is a fabulous cardi – just think how much fun you would have styling it to perfection. Good luck! xx

  • I love wool! I have merino, cashmere, angora and lots of blends. Classically gorgeous grey is in my collection, along with all the colours of the rainbow. Colour makes me happy but they need good quality neutrals to work back with!

    • I love seeing your colourful collections worked back with neutrals. Soft snugly wool pieces, add the gorgeous texture that winter style deserves. You nail this with bells on! xx

  • Woolovers have really impressed me with their quality, price point and service Lisa – I think you would be delighted. Also I remember you saying you are like me when it comes to wearing wool, I can truly say their cotton and silk mix is simply divine! Have a great day beautiful xx

  • Grey wool is definitely my number 1 fave. You look gorgeous in the cardi and love the leopard shoes with it. I shall definitely pop over to their website for a looksy. Always on the lookout for soft, well priced wool deliciousness xox

    • Me too Wendy. Me too. Grey is so classic and sharp.I just adore grey and winter white together as well…saving that for next time I wear it! Enter the comp – you never know your luck! xx

  • Sharon

    I love this cardigan. All the comfort of a cardi with all the class of a coat. Looks gorgeous on you…no surprises there. Adore you to the moon and back xx

    • You have hit the nail on the head darling, it does have the class of a coat combined with softness and hugs of a cardi – perfect combo in my books!
      You bring happiness and joy with every comment, thanks so much for the love and support beautiful xx Mwah xx

  • The perfect winter’s knit. Great price too!!
    What a great way to celebrate the lead up to your b’day.

    • Isn’t it Claire? this would look sensational on you!
      I just love receiving presents, so I’m very happy to share the Birthday love around xx

  • I love this cardi on you. When I wear a long long cardis I feel I resemble a bag lady, I need another 10cms on me before I do them justice. Mr A commenting that I look like I’m wearing my dressing gown doesn’t help either. Zoe xx

    • Awww thanks Zoe. I’ve always loved long cardigan – in fact the longer the better! I only just parted with an ankle length one that I’ve had for years – I loved the drama of having it flap wildly in the wind when I walked 😉 😉 😉
      You always look fabulous to me, so I just can’t imagine you ever looking like a bag lady xx

  • looking fabulous gorgeous lady. That cardigan is just perfect. I love grey and black. V x

    • Thanks so much V. This is one I will keep forever…it goes with everything and is as snug as a bug! xx